I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 25, the human eye of the Water country is very poor

The vessel arrived in the country of water.

On this way, the peach will never try to go to the original navigation many times, and I don't dare to determine the name of the mortar ghosts he said in his mouth. It is true if it is true.

If it is not a martial art, is it a full moon?

But the guy in the full moon is a non-critical genius, and it is also a person who is the most promising the fifth-generation water shadow in the village. Is he willing to risk and assassinate the four-generation water shadow?

The current three tips in the village of the village are seven people, and the peach is no longer believed that only he wants to assassinate the four generations of water shadows, the ghost lights full moon and the moon ghosts, these two people look very loyal. In case, it is said that he leaks his mouth and hinders his plan.

After they stepped on the land of the country, the peach did not take the request to ask for a request: "I can only help you provide a mortgage action route, will not take you to see him; and if I bring You go see him, don't you believe me? "

"Well, the reputation of Mr. I didn't worry."

The original Nair wrinkled his eyebrow, nodded, and didn't have a peach. I didn't even have a simple and ugly face. The light continued: "Then we will settle the time for the next time! Time is scheduled for three days, and it is still Here! "


I don't think about his proposal.

The peach is no longer willing to promise to help, not to die, because he also saw the strength of Shanghao, I want to take the opportunity to use the original navigation.

Cartry is the most loyal part of the four-generation water shadows in the entire mist. It is stronger than him. If the original na will be able to delay the martial arts, the peach can no longer launch the action.

The whole misty village, only the mortal ghosts are willing to protect the sauce, the other fog, who dares to be close to him?

A rare opportunity.

"Then I wish us a happy cooperation."

At the last navigation, I watched the peach and never smashed it, reached out your palm.

The peach will not have a look at him, and didn't have a hand and say, but it is a cold voice: "We are not cooperative, I just give you a message."

"That is really regrettable ..."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, and the look was faintly opened: "Before you, I want to remind you, although I like to lie, but I don't like others to lie to me."

"…I know."

The peach is no longer in the mouth, and the heart is secretly jealous. This little ghost is not old, the shelf is not small!

Shangyuan Nairi is really not very worried about the peach and no more deceived him, even if the guy has a group of foggy to encircle him, Shang Shang also has enough confidence, just give himself the invincible, followed by It's okay to sneak into the ground.

Now there is still three days from the peach, since there is still three days, since there is no reason to fall in the country, there is no reason to air into the Tao Mountain.

In the map of the country, the highest popularity of the popularity, namely the beauty and white, Shangyuan Nairou did not expect future five generations of water, he wanted to find a white bloody white.

Now white should be wandering in the streets of the country, carefully hide the identity of their ice blood repeated descendants.

His activity is a bit big.

Shangyuan Needers looked at the simple tasks of the system panel and white correlation, insisting on the dirty, most chaotic, worst place in the country, and finally did not find white traces.

Shangyuan Nai Lu Ruran once, if you got away from the garbage dump, I decided to give up looking for white. When I went to the peach, I didn't think about the intelligence, and a haired hair appeared within his sight.

The teenager slowly looked up, and saw a glorious brown long-haired young woman, she looked at the original, like a magic, suddenly spread out of their palms, palm is A bag of biscuits.

The woman bent down, and the biscuits in the hands stretched forward: "Little guy, hurry, this is given you!"


Shangyuan Na is listening to the question mark.

This brown long-haired young woman is the future five generations of water shadows, and the Shangyuan did not think that it would be at this time.

The problem is what is the meaning of beauty to send his biscuits?

Shangyuan Na was squatted, looked at the two ninja after the beauty, one of the ninja faces, looking at the female ninja, full of worship: "Ah, ah ... it is a beautiful man, gentle, it is true to let People are moving! "

Another ninja's face is very difficult: "If it is not like a beautiful style, there will be many people in the village to love her!"

The air suddenly sat quiet.

"Shut up, noisy!"

The original gentle water was heard in the ear offered one of them, and his face was infurious. He turned and turned to kick people!

Looking at the nasherence of the United States and coldly, I have a ninja that has become sweating. I screamed. I allocated my long hair. I turned my head to look at the original naval, and her face recovered again. The gentleness of the man.

Her shivelight is fast, it is really pleasing!

The brown-haired woman seems to feel that he has just moved some unhearer, tall with a tall body model to go to the original naval, pulled up the upper arms, put the biscuits in his hand, and knead him. Brain.

"Little brother, don't be afraid, my sister is a good person!"

Illuminate a warm smile, kneeling down: "Hungry for a long time? These are giving you, hurry!"


Shangyuan Na was listening to her urging, mourtily stuffed into a biscuit in his mouth, a blank in the brain, is it because he is very handsome, causing attention to beauty?

I saw the biscuit in the teenager, I nodded, and I loudly said: "Little guy, do you now ... Is there a home?"


Shangyuan Na will be shook his head, and immediately he nodded again. It seems that the organization is also his home? Whether it is Xiaonan or Payne, it is very good to him.

"I know."

According to the beauty, I didn't know what the brain didn't know. I sighed a good shape: "If you have difficulty in the future, you can go to the fog, you can't eat food in the garbage, I Is it a beautiful mortal in the village, remember? "


Shangji is a biscuit, and the face is gradually not very good.

How did this woman see that he is in the garbage dump, he is a big rich in a body!

"That's good."

Take a little satisfied with the beauty, turn around and leave here: "Okay, let's go."

One of the ninja praised: "I have never seen it when I am so gentle as the beauty! If you don't have the gentleness, no, no one in the village, there will be one in the village. Many people are willing to ask for love! "

"Hey, there is no good man in the village!"

According to Meiti, she gradually wandered. Her voice gradually went away. It can also be incompetent in the ear of the original Nairi: "Don't you think that little guy is very interesting? Obviously a wanderey in the garbage market, The clothes on the body are so rough but keep it very clean, even if it is still in the heart ... "



Shangji was returned to the palm of his hand, suddenly played the biscuit in his hand into a piece of broken block, the woman's eyes were so bad, how did you find a four-generation shadows in the epidemic, how is it in the future? Is it?


When I was depressed in my heart, I suddenly slammed a figure in front of him, grabbed the broken biscuits in his hand, flew away!


Shangyuan Nai was rushing, and looked at the wolf of the wolf from the wolf from him, he couldn't help but smoke.

Are there people in the country of Water?

Some people dare to grab his things!