According to Mei Ming, I have a big biscuit in the United States. It is still nothing more about when the original heart is depressed; but this bag is robbed in his hand, the Shang Shang is a worse.

Shangyuan Na Luo went to the stray of the biscuit, perhaps because he was hungry, chewing three or two, hurried.


Shang Nai wrinkled frowned, I want to say something, I don't know how to open, after all, he is not short of biscuits, how to say it is a big rich.

"I finished eating."

The wanders hurriedly stuffed the biscuits into the mouth, and she turned into a group, and she looked up at the Shang Shang: "Sorry, I am hungry for three days, biscuits If you want to play or want to kill me, just let you! "


At the last navigation, I saw that there were some difficulty faces on the face, and the four words of the beauty embryo were found in the upset.

Is the value of the endurance? Is it so high?

Even the stray of a roadside is so cute?

At the last time, I saw that the wanders were low, and I decided to choose to forgive her. He stood in her side. "Hey, what is your name, is it hungry now?"

"My name is white."

The wanders shook their heads and hugged their own knees. Maybe this little guy is really afraid of beating?


The original nice is looking forward to the sky.

What is your luck today!

He found three days in the country of Water, did not find white traces, just encountered a biscuit in the beauty of the beauty, led to hunger white.

In fact, the white has been hiding here, but fear of ninja discovers him until he saw that after leaving the beauty and two ninja, he dared to take his head.

Shangji Looking at the wanderer before the eyes, I still want to confirm again: "Hey, do you have ice blood? Is it possible to become ice?"


The white body trembled, and the whole person climbed a few steps, and quickly went in in the alley in the town.

Because he knows that people who have bloody people are evil, Shangyuan Nairou may be a person who advocates clearance.

"Hey, don't run!"

Shangnai has been determined in the heart, and hurriedly chased it, and slammed the white collar, frowning low voice: "Do you just want to escape this guy?"

The white low and smashed it for a while, whispered: "That ... if I can get it tomorrow, can you give it to you? Maybe you want to eat after tomorrow, you can get it, I can be around for about three days. I have to eat ... "

"I don't want to eat!"

The face of Shangyuan Needs is not very good.

Looked at him in a small heart, said: "But I secretly saw you also found a day near the garbage dump ..."

"I am not coming to the garbage market to find food."

Shangyuan Nai Luo Some helplessness, looked at the dirty white, Shen Sheng: "I am coming to you, I need your ice, I'm sour ... It is the ability of you to condense ice and snow."

Bai Yiqi hit his head, smashed his own brow, and asked softly: "But I don't know, what can I do?"

"Let me think about it."

Shangyuan Na was touched his own chin for a while, put forward his suggestion: "Well, you can help me do ice juice in summer."


The white eyes flashed a bright, and I took the Shang Shangye, whispered: "Is there a food in the garbage dump in the land?"

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Mom, this is the food with the garbage dump?

Shang Nai was stuck in the heart, and took a white shoulder. I sighed a little: "We don't go to the garbage dump to find food ... No, we don't need to go to the garbage market, you will follow me later, package you Eat incense! "


I nodded in white, and pulled it on the original clothes, the small channel: "That ... where are we going to find food now?"

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his cheeks, put a mild face: "In short ... I will walk with me, less nonsense!"


In the white consciousness, he lickled his lips.

Although two people are the same age people, the original Needs or I feel that the exchange between him and the white is a bit, it may be because of the biscuits that have been taken as the beauty, causing the white to think that Shangyuan and ourselves are a similar.

White saw the rocks in the sea, the hand held the homemade new fishing rod, and when he was fishing, the white eyes flameded, and he said: "Do you actually fish? ! "

"... Basic skills, no boast."

The expression of Shangyuan Needle, the heart is slightly wonderful, and he is not awkward with the current white to see the peach, it feels a bit weird.

The fish line suddenly shakes!

White looked at the Shangyou Shangyou, gently pushing the original shoulders, and rumored: "Shang, hook on the fish!"

"Lower, wait a while."

Shangyuan Nair and shake his head and shake his head. It is necessary to talk about the poor fishing knowledge you have learned from the small southern exit.


A hand shed in the sword shot into the fish line, and even Yu Wei was not reduced, deeply embedded on the rock next to it!

The appearance of the hand shank made a chaos of the white heart, nervously wanted to return, but it was still in the worried little partners, tightly grabbed the Shangyuan's sleeves, whispered: "Shangyuan, the Ninja in the foggy village , Let's go! "

"No, he is looking for me."

When I arrived in the white arm, I said that after he was quiet, I watched the fissed fish line, and the mouth was soft: "I don't want to go, but I will run the fish, but I have to pay for it!"


Behind a rock, someone dilutes, and throws a reel in the position of the original Na.

Shangyuan Na was in the hands and swept his eyes after opening, and the map of the water is drawn, and the scribbled painted a red line. It is a road to the route, the end of the route, the opening of a red circle, it should be this route ultimately Arrival destination.

The peach is no longer coming out of a rock, looking at the original naval, the cold voice: "This is the information you want ... Tomorrow, the person you are looking for will lead a batch of towers to depart, go to the water Northern deposit point. "

Shang Nai was nodded and put forward his own questions: "Is this their travel route? Can you determine?"

The peach is not satisfied with the face. "Here is the land of our water, the forces will definitely choose the fastest route."

This is the basic common sense of the endurance.

A ninja in the country, even if you even select the safest route, then this rim is too excited too?

After seeing the reel, the peach will not look at the white, cold voice. Worried that she will leak? "