A spatial vortex appeared at the foot of the mountain, the mysterious mask male body showed out. After a moment, a very lovely girl jumped out from the time swirls and appeared around him.

The mysterious mask men read a misty who jumped in the mountain forest, only turned to look at the girls: "Waiting for a while, the little ghost will be seriously injured, you will save him, you will save him. do you understand?"


The girl had a hand, and the light continued: "As long as I let him fall in love with me, you promised to let my hometown, let me see Kakasi ..."

"of course."

The mysterious mask tapped his arm, and the voice was deep: "I never destroy my promise, but it is really impossible to understand, there is still a woman like Kakasi's waste."

"Mr. Kakasi is not a waste!"

The girl's scubbed bite his lips, clearly fear the mask male around him, but also lifted his courage to refute him.

Mysterious mask men screamed, no longer paying attention to her.

The mysterious mask is of course not telling the Bell. The flag-like Kakasi is also in this mountain forest, and is also hired by a group of mist, and this crisis is not as in the past, some people will come to save him in time. ...

Inside the mountain.

The fog hidden chasing troops that the chanmon ghosts have just entered the forest, and they are still tracking his position in the direction of the flag wooden carti.


A card stick is on the tree!

Just as many ninjas are vigilant, when they see the source of cards, another card is flying, this card's goal is the leader of the forces of the troops.

Even if the ghosts hide through the card attack, it is inevitably wiped by cards on the face, and has a narrow wound, and a few drops of blood are slowly.

The card is not reduced, and it is actually cutting a wild tree with a bowl!

The martial martial arts is still very calm, rushing to his own department: "Well? Is there a person's goal on my body? Go to Tell Meghan, I have a little small matter here, you can help Purchase the goal of the beauty. "

"Yes, the captain!"

The fog hidden chasing troops have accepted orders, and their own jumped to the distance, and they didn't worry that their captains were encountered by enemies.

Since the smell of the ghosts in the sorghum, they have become a ghosts, and they have seen the terrible people of foggy. So far, the mortar ghosts lead their tasks, never have any lost hands!

They didn't know that the mortal ghosts became the mysterious mask male behind the spray.

In the mean, the martial arts ghosts received the task of capturing Cardi;

In fact, the mortal ghosts really have to do it, it is to put the original navigation into serious injuries, the more miserable, and then let him save him again by a little girl.

Although there is a mysterious mask man, why is a mysterious mask to give him such a weird task, but as long as it is a mission, he will do it firmly.

"Go out, little ghost!"

The mortinger ghosts showed a full-scale shark to show a smile of horror: "Little ghost, I have not had a fight for a long time. If I can let me trip today, I can pick a comfortable death method for you."


A teenager's figure appeared in front of the ghost, his body floated in half, and the fingertips turned a few cards.

Shangqi Nairo overlooking the martial arts ghosts, soft: "Oh, although we all know the results, the process still wants to go, I will invite you to join a Justice Organization that maintains the peaceful peace, are you interested?"

"of course not."

The macatoin ghost smiled scornful, put down the muscles of the muscles in his hand, cold channel: "Little ghost, I am a ninja like killing!"

"That is really unfortunate, I am a person with peace!"

The eye angle of the Shangyuan slightly, the card in the hand suddenly shot to the ground-to-ground mortar ghost, each card speed is fast, even wipes the air to draw a waves!

Because the rewards of the advanced task 3, the Shangyuan's body has been greatly enhanced, and the card throwing power and speed are far more than before!

Cartry ghosts are faster!

When he saw the card shot, it was shotmed to avoid card attacks, but one of the cards was like a explosion, suddenly exploded!

The chanmon ghosts can't wait, the whole person is blown out, not, the clothes are also destroyed, and there are many wounds in the body, but the role of the muscles give him superiority, very fast The injury is restored.

"Hey, how do you feel?"

Shangyuan Nai went around the air and flying a circle, whispered: "If you die, we have to re-want to find a suitable person!"

"... If you want to kill me, these are not enough!"

The mortar ghosts responded, and one of the sneaks in the hand in the hand, he also thoroughly recognized the tricky of the enemy!

If Shangyuan has been flying into the air, it is undoubtedly a lot of attack difficulties, at least his body skills and 's characteristics are difficult to play.

Then change the terrain!

"Water, big burst!"

Cartry ghosts quickly combat printing, spraying a sandy waves in the mouth, and his feet trampled at almost the height of the original navigation in the air.

Then, the ghosts are not stopped, and they are constantly engaged in the printing, bitten by their fingers: "The water of the water!"

A water shark appeared around the mortal ghost, wrapped his body jumped out of the water, but it was flexible to rush to the sky.

This guy actually came up with this approach, let himself attacked the enemy in the air, as long as he can take the original navigation from the air, you can immediately occupy the advantage in accordance with your own strong body.

When the drunge ghost is close to the original naval, he also saw the Shangyin's face panicked, even one of the handprints is not standard ...

"Hey, little ghost, your psychic handprint is wrong!"

The mortal ghost smiles, the wrist suddenly, and looks at the upper neck, with him to fall on the ground!

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

However, with a low drink, a tall monster appeared in them, the monster throws the iron anchor in his hand, and hit the body of the martial arts, and dragging him. Go down!

The mortar ghosts only felt a hard-resistant giant. His whole person fell from the air and returned to the lake in the lake she produced together with the monster.

After the ghosts reacted, he finally saw that the monster of the little ghost went out of the way ...

A monster that is almost three times he is high, and it is strictly realistic by the iron armor. Only two eyes are in the face, and its hands hold a huge anchor, the chain of the chain at the bottom of the anchor is tight Connect on it.

What makes the chanmon ghosts is that this monster can also do it like him, not only can breathe in the water, but even there is no obstruction.

Shangyuan Nai fell together to his own hands, landed around the lake, laughed and opened: "Mr. Ghost, let me introduce you, this is the battle opponent for you in the water, deep sea Titanoli Si ... "


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