I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 30 Beginning Today, you are a martial martial arts ghost.

The mortinger ghosts have never seen a weird spirit of deep sea Tethan. He can only be careful to stare at the huge boat anchor, so as not to hit by an anchor.

After the attack of an anchor, the mortar ghosts have experienced how terrible strength came over! As a mortmon, the body of ghost is also super common, but it is far from the deep sea Titan.

"Speed ​​is very cumbersome ..."

Cartry ghosts scratched the muscle knife, glanced at the deep sea Titan who waved the anchor, and the shark eyes flashed a bright: "Good chance!"

I saw that the mortal ghosts in the water were like a string of the arrow, which generally rushed to the Shangyuan's psychicine, and the smear swords were boomed. The shank suddenly prolongeded into a chain and wrapped into the neck of deep sea Titan!

"There is no amount of sea!"

A dull voice came out from the water!

Justice is still a few surprises, his eyes saw this deep sea Tettan raised his feet, the iron nails above were clear, and the huge feet stepped on the water. .

The mortal ghosts feel the tremor in the water, seems to be an earthquake, and the water waves are turned into the power of the shake, and he took him with a knife and shocked out!

After Shang Nai, he looked at the martial artimatimmon, and looked at him: "Hello, Ghost Mr., is it happy? If you want to understand, you can tell me the answer, so you can live it!" "

"Hey, the sky is a little ghost!"

The mortal ghost is stubborn, and his face becomes unbeatable.

The hit of the deep sea Titan is not good, so that his inspir is also damaged.

Originally, he thought that this mission was just a teach. After that, he did not think of the truly enemy, he had been seriously injured!

Cartry ghosts never dare to leave their hands, quickly combat the print, the palm suddenly slammed on the water: "Water, five food!"

Five-havepass sharks quickly generated in the water, swim in the direction of deep sea Thai, and torn the armor on it!

It's just that their teeth are not sharp enough, but they are smashed by the anchor into the water.

Whenever a salad is smashed, a new shark will appear around the mortar ghosts, flocking around the deep Haitai!

Three start.

A renewable water shark is constantly killed.

The face of the martillamon ghosts is getting better and less, and there is no unfavorable tolerance seems to have encountered a knock.

This trick is originally in order to save Chakra torture enemies, but now it is wasting his own Chakra in white!

" , is it going!"

The macaron ghosts took the mildew and rushed to the deep sea Tetan. The cockpins on the muscles were drilled out in an instant, revealing its full picture.

This is a tattoolery that is growing.

In the lake, the steel monster is not afraid, and the anchor in his hand suddenly points to the mortal ghost, and a shock wave is blown into the ground. The lake water in the bottom is like a volcanic eruption, and a thick water waver is out!

This shock of the deep sea is not escaped!

Whether it is the surrounding water shark or a martial tunity, all the water waves brought by shock waves!

Cartry ghosts and even the reaction was hit by the lake, and the whole people were squatting on the ground!

Shark face youth, spurting a blood, it is difficult to suppress pain, but he just bite his teeth and endured.

There is no rest, just look at the anchor flying in his direction. If you resist this hit, you may lose your life!

"I can try it with that trick!"

Cartry ghost flying quickly, and he glanced over the top of the tree in a tree, he glanced at the top of the tree. "Little ghost, pray that you can find a stronger spirit beast! · Big bomb! "

A huge shark is generated by his side. After a week around the ghost, the whole shark gradually became incapacitated, which is even greater than the bodies of deep sea Titan. This giant shark is full of blood dishes, Tour in the direction of deep sea Titan.

In order to enable the shark to swallow the deep sea Tettan, the chanmonic ghosts do not hesitate to support their Chakra, let it grow to a large enough body!

I saw that the water shark bites deep sea Tetan, swallowing it into the belly, but the whole water shark suddenly exploded, stirring up a waves!

A smoke spread in water.

Shangyuan Nairong came out to the high deep sea Tetan, disappeared without a trace, just to have the limit, although it is very cappected in the routine battle, but will be the strongest of ghosts Whenevalment.

The water of the water is an almost the enemy of Chakra, which can restrain any Chakra enemies.

Despite the goal of the ghosts defeated the spirit of Shangyuan Na, his own image is not very good.

In order to destroy a Tong Ling beast, the ghost Chakra almost exhausted, and the body was also hit hard, and he did not know how much bones.

" , come over!"

The mortar ghosts slammed the shank of the muscles, gaining the only one of Chakra in the muscles, and tried to restore his injuries, but this point Chakra is not enough!

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

Cartry ghosts quickly handle the print, psychic a shark, ordered the muscles to swallow a shark, used to supplement Chakra and restore the wound.

At the beginning of the battle, the ghosts also want to kill the spirit of the original Nairi, give this deeper a profound lesson. I didn't expect that he actually relied on the shark to engage in him to restore the body and Chakra.

Shangyuan Needo did not block, but there was an interested place to look at the movement of mortar ghosts, and even some kind of enthusiasm: "Mr. Ghost, need help? I can help you roast shark, I am from my teacher. I learned the good barbecue skills ... "


Cartry ghosts did not pay attention to his humiliation, just clenched the muscles, slowly stood up, as the shark group was swallowed, the wound on his body was gradually healed.

At least he can support him again.

The battle has not ended yet!

"Water, thousands of food!"

The mortal ghost's palm is quickly printed, and the palm is taken on the water. Thousands of water sharks have jumped out of the water and rushed in the direction of the original Na.

"It's a pity, I am not good at fire."

The juvenile ninja is still smiling. He is just a few detonatics, slowly erected his fingers, whispered: "Take the Law · Mutual explosion!"

A string explosion sounds in the air!

Each detonator is equivalent to endurance level of fire, thousands of detonatics are connected to detonated, and the burning waves have evaporated into water vapor!

Carton ghosts are not swallowed with autonomous swallowing water: "..."

This guy is not a lot of money.

Tens of thousands of detons, in the foggy village, this scarce place, but can sell hundreds of millions of money.

Smoke and water vapor have not been exhausted, and the mortar ghosts feel that the shoulders are painful, and a card penetrates smoke, inserting his body!

"Little ghost, do you think you can escape my line of sight!"

The macaron ghost wavars waved in the hands of the milder, and slashed into the strangeness in the smoke. He could judge that someone exists in that position!


The muscle big knife is like a hammer on a steel plate!

The tiger mouth of the chanmonter is shocked, and the muscle is also called!

A young voice came from the smoke: "Mr. Ghost, still don't be too embarrassed in front of me?"


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