I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 33, Let me not believe I am smashing the muscles! (Seeking the recommendation!)


The mysterious mask is ignored the pain brought by the explosion. It looked at the Shangyuan Na. It slowly closed his fingers: "You must use Yi Evil ... A ® ® !"

The mysterious mask is a bit in a heart, he and Yis Zhi Pubie have been involved in the alivement action, collecting enough three hooks and jade from the Yishabo family, so that he has enough consumables using Yi Evone.

As long as I use Yi Evil, you can convert all the damage you have received into dreams, and he is itself a minimum of Yizhiying, and the duration of the evils will maximize.

"Waiting for your 100 million detonation, it is your death, little ghost!"

The fire and sound of the explosion of the explosion, causing attention to other people in the mountains, such as girls, such as hunting Carti's mist.

After I saw the flag-like Kakasi, I took out the jungle, and the heavy-hooded flag-like Kakasi fled quickly from the scene.

Shangyuan Nairi looked at a strange girl who went a long time. He took the mortar ghost's neck and flew up and left the shark face.

The explosion is roaring.

The mask on the mysterious mask is completely detached, revealing his true face, he is not hurting the explosion, just staring at the shadow of the air, the hoarse voice: "Little ghost, you can't escape ... "


After the troubles of the fog hidden village rushed out, he looked at the man who was still bombed in the ground.

This man is a role!

But now I can't catch the traces of the flag-like Carti, and I have not saved the ghost captain. The forces decided to leave. After waiting until the bombing of the explosion, take away the Yuxi Belt Soil Back to the Village torture .

After the end of the explosion of the explosion, Yisi Board's left eye was thoroughly gray.

Even if there is a guidance of the explosion, hundreds of millions of detonated characters are too short, and I evil is relaxed to easily transform all the injuries treated in this time in this time.

It is taking into account this, and the original Nairi disappeared in front of Yuxi Bo, and he has not absolutely enlarged this guy.

Yischi Board glanced at the mist of the scene, in the eyes of these ninja, his body gradually dissipated in the same place ... Just when the fog, the heart is doubtful, a hoarse drunk awakens them!

"Wooden, cutting!"

The figure of Unechyo has suddenly appeared behind a mist, holding a wooden thorn inserted into the heart of the mist.

A wooden stab has grown from the foggy body, piercing his body!

Yuxi Bo has pushed the body of the foggy, and there is another fog, and a wooden thorn has taken out from his palm ... this group of guys, just let him temporarily vent your heart!

Yischo's belt feels that he seems to return to the past, and returned to the night of the wilderness of Linlin. He just as anger now, killing blood into the river!

The scream is in the ear ...

When the last forced force of the troops were trewed, Unexpello had gradually recovered calm and revisited his next plan.

First of all, the crisis of identity is because of the flagmark, if ä is Kakasi coma, I can't know that he is Yishio belt before the Kakasi coma.

So where is the flag-like Kakasi knew that he is with soil?

This problem must be found.

With the land, it is not trust to reveal his intelligence to the flag wood Carti, as this is not a half point for their plans.

This is more horrible.

If someone else has long, he has already insid his identity, isn't it always in the dark, all the programs? This is the greatest trouble.

Second, the crisis of identity exposure must be resolved as soon as possible.

All the people who have just learned him, the bumble and Shangyuan Nairies are on the list of killing, but before killing the original navigation, you must know from his mouth, why is those detonators to keep psychic from his side? Come out, is that the syndrome is a killing of him?

As for how to crack the detonation of those infinitely psychic, Unexpello has a discovery, as long as it is not attached to the body to lock the body, there should be no longer there will be the kind of death.

In addition to the upland and wrapping, there is a martial artifact.

However, ghosts have always thought that he is Yuxi Bao, and it can be slightly tested. If the martillamon ghost is also loyal to his words, it can stay.

As for the badge of the flag-like Kakasi definitely can't kill, because it is necessary to ask from his mouth, who tells him the news ...

The last question, if his identity is completely exposed, Xiaonan and the long gates have known that he is not as Zhizhi Bao, what should I do to re-acquire their trust?

A Sui Zhi's heir?

No, as long as it is a powerful Unexpected Bo!

Anyway, I don't want to be the embarrassment of Yuxi Boss soon, and the old man will die!

Yuxi Bo is tightened his fist. This endurance is still strong, and the powerful ninja can have the right to speak.

If the long gate can't crack his skills, you can only continue to perform according to his plan.

As long as he also has the genital handle of the kaleidoscope, it is still able to control everything in the darkness.

"Now I will find the flag-like Kaki, take this opportunity to come out of the most important intelligence from his mouth, ask why it is behind me!"

Yisi Bo took the soil grabbed a mist of the headscarf, and wiped the blood on the hand and threw the bloody head towel on the corpse of the mist.

Immediately, he stepped into the body, stepped on the plasma on the ground, and a spatial vortex appeared in his side, and he incorporated him within the Shenwei space, leaving only the horrible mist of the earth.

When Yishiwa belt flutter, Shangyuan Nairou has flew to a secluded ridiculous mountain, and he lost the shark face on the ground.

Cartry ghosts do not mind, look at the teenagers standing in their faces, but also smile and open: "Ha, I thought you would kill me ..."

"That is too wasteful."

At the last naval, I watched my eyes and walked to the ghosts, and the light continued: "I advise you to give up the idea that I want to resist, tell me about the mysterious mask male information."

"Do you want to ask an information from my mouth?"

The mortar ghost throws away the shank of the muscles, and smiled and asked the original Na.

Shangyuan Na will be silent, look at the little eyes of the ghosts on the ground, suddenly laugh at the face: "Mr. Ghost, when do you like nonsense?"

In the next second, the Shangyuan smile instantly converges, and the open mouth of the indifference: "Okay, don't waste our time, the mortar ghosts, do you think that you can see, is the truth of the endurance?"

The martial artifact seems to be used to see life and death. He asked softly: "Do you think what is the truth? You are just an ignorant person, I want to get some unknown information from me!"

When he said, he actually took advantage of Shangyuan, and his fingers did not know, and wanted to secretly print.

Up, Nairi kicked his palm, staring at the eyes of ghosts, Shen Sheng: "Cotmoti ghost, don't engage in these small movements in front of me ... let me find it once, I will put you. The muscles are minced and feeding! "


The mortal ghosts heard the consciousness released the handle, and the muscles moved to move his body and hid to another side.