I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 35 We go to the shadow?

At this moment.

The martial artifacts are also very shocked.

He clearly signed a contract, actually got a lot of Chakra and physical energy from the energy of the dust!

Therefore, the first question raised by the mortal ghost is about his new strength: "I want to know what kind of surgery, I can improve my strength and Chakra ..."

The first question raised by the mortal ghosts will make the original necklace.

The young ninja face has been awkward, and he is busy with the swing. "This is the gift of the dark spear to your gift, we still talk about the moon eye plan for the liar of Unexpello!" "

The roof of the martial artimat martial arts is seriously opened: "This is also my most want to know, the merits of the moon can not achieve peace of the role ..."


Shang Nai was shot and shook his head, and the sound of sinking: "Yue's eye plan is a huge conspiry, behind it is many conspiracy home with this plan, black and use this plan to cheat Yisi Bo spots. Yuxi Bang took advantage of this plan to deceive Unechyo belt, Unexpello belt is using this plan to deceive my teacher ... "


Cartry is just a probably, I feel that some scalp is numb. This month's eye plan is not a set of sets of clothes?

Listening is a bit like pyramid scheme ...

That lindered him, Zhiwei, is also a cheated object!

The martillant ghost has grown his eyes, whispered: "What do you will lead to what results will be caused?"


Shangji stared in the boat, full of face: "Probably will resurrect a lot of people, have two sons, but still have a little lovely old woman!"


The ghost is completely unaffected. He finally realized a problem. In fact, he should not ask so much, because there are too many things he can't understand.

The so-called righteous truth is too complicated, nor is it at the original navigation and he can be clear between it.

Ghosts opened their brains to think about it, asked: "What can I do some? Kill the Unexpello belt, stop this plan?"

"Do not."

Shangji shook his head and whispered: "What you have to do is joining the tissue, lurking down, pretending to become an espionage of Udissile Belt, when I need it, I will ask you to ask Yishe The intelligence of soil and Utiliary. "


The martial artificial ghost has been in a while, I want to understand the meaning of Shangyuan Na, laughing and opening: "In fact, I am a spy you sent, but it is necessary to become a spierome that Yizhi Board that liar monitors the mood of the altruistry. ? "

"You are very wise."

Shangyuan Nai Lu praised a martial martial arts, and he added: "Wait until we go back to Xiao, don't be too polite, because some are, I am now just an interns in the organization."

"How many interns are there?"

The mortal ghost is a little speechless looks at the original navigation: "The previous guy called the land found me, ordered me when I was seriously injured, I also told me that he is now just a habit of taught."

"I am different from him."

Shangji was soaring, whispered: "Yuxi wave belt is only hidden by the name of the intern, secretly monitoring the organization's one fell, and I am a true interns, root a seedlings. "

The martillamon shook his head.

Of course, he can't tell his new boss. This boss is much more hidden than Yuxi Bo.

I don't know why this is a spine that has so many different feelings or conspiracy, actually until now has not been dissolved ...

It's really a vitality that is tissue like a miracle!

Shangyuan Na was in the dark, except for the things of the peach, there was no other thing in the country of Water, I thought here, I was asked with ghosts: "You have in the Water country. What should I do? "

"No, is we outside the country?"

The mortal ghost shook his head, he was there as no hanging.

After a while, the mortal ghost seems to be what I thought, smiled and opened: "I heard that I didn't want to assassinate the four generations of water. Before we left, send Yu Zhibo with a gift ... kill How is the generic adult that was controlled by him? "


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, I remembered the nature of the macrower of the mortar, I can't help but said: "The fog homage is your hometown ..."

"So I am helping them over the blood fog before the rebellion!"

The macaroni is on the back of the milder, whispered: "As a ninja killed many villages, I really understand the pain of killing the companions ... The four generations of water shadows issued so much to kill the companions, truly He didn't want to be born early? "

Who can endure the pain of killing the companion?

Even if you have numbered mortar ghosts, you have also felt this pain. When he was in the most lonely, he met a friendly female nintee who was friendly, but he killed the tieter because of the order of the boss. .

If the four-generation sputum is relieved, I know that the foggy village has always been self-conflict, because of his order, will this watergroup will be saddened?

Shangnai, I looked at the exciting mortar ghost, I feel that I can't fight the enthusiasm of the Ministry: "OK, how do you want to do it!"

After killing the four-generation sputum, secretly controlling the sauce of Yischo belt soil, it is estimated that the heart is to vomit, this is actually very good.

However, the martial tartle is swaying, showing his full shark to teeth, laughing: "No, this can't be done by me ... Because I have to latency to the camp of Unexpello, if I kill Falling the ginema, will cause him to doubt. "


At the time of the original Na Run, I understood the meaning of the martillamon ghost. This is the opportunity to borrow his hand, reject the peach and kill the shadows, and make some contributions to their hometown.

If you don't have something to say, there is a little truth, and the original Needar is not too easy to distinguish between him and the martillamon. Who is a boss ...

Shang Nai was frowning: "I want to assassinate the four generations of water shadows. Especially in his body, there is still a tail beast. Let's go to explore his intelligence ..."

"Reassure, I know the whereabouts of the spoys."

The martial artifacts shook their heads and shook their heads, providing information to their new boss: "Since the sauce was seriously injured by Yuxi Pub, he has lived in his original accommodation, that is the ban on the fog, Only his mentally close ninja can be close. "


Shangyuan Nai married a breath.

Anyway, he went to assassinate the four generations of water. In addition to adding the guy of Utcho, it can also complete several branch tasks.

The reward of the assassination of the water, maybe it will be a little bit?


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