I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 36 Don't open it in front of me (seeking tickets)

"Is this a place where the four generations of water is?"

Shangyuan Needle and Cartill Ghost Rapped to the lakeside of the four-generation water, only saw a bunch of caffened bodies in seven-zero falling on the shore, the clear lake water was also a scarlet.

The roof ghosts nodded and looked at the four-week environment. He was admired: "If you don't want the guy to kill so many water care guards, it looks that he is ready for time!"

According to the battle marks and blood temperature judgments, the peach is no longer hidden in the past, and maybe it is still hidden in this.

As for the result of fighting between them, whether it is the original navigation or a mortar ghost, it is not very good to see the peach, can kill the vector (the three tail column "can be solved by those assassins.

A lot of waves suddenly set off on the water!

An ugly behemade slammed out, the thorns on the back flowed with water drops, three like steel-like tails were returned to their body, and a two-pointed eyes stared at the two people on the shore.


The martial artificial face is not afraid of the fear of the behemoth, and the face reveals a smile: "It can force the tail of the glower. If you don't want the strength of the guy, you can't be a small! "

This giant beast is the Sanchen Quying in the foggy village.

Next moment, this is like a huge behemoth with a turtle, and its body shape is dissipated within the line of sight of the two.

In the smoke, I suddenly walked out of a ninja that had long appearance. His face had a stitching scar, but it didn't look horrible, but some cute.

It is the four generations of water shadows, and his eyes have a little cold road: "Hey, no one is just a bile ghost, do not need me to use the power of the sympathetic, I just let the Jiji out breath ..."

The mortal ghost stall opened his palm, looked at the original navigation, laughing and opening: "When you have to face the Shangyuan adult, please ask the water and shadow, don't use the power of the Sanjo, otherwise it is very It's hard to let Shangyuan adults! "

"Is this?"

The orange is a position to lose his eyes, and it is a serious place to nod: "I know, I will not leave."

"Hey, don't listen to ghosts, Hu,"

Shangyuan Nai glanced at his new part, turned to the southern warehouse: "After all, if you use the three-dimwate, you will die very painful ... It's better to make me kill you, It is more convenient to everyone. "


On the last sentence, let the color of the oranges have become difficult to look, how is this little ghost?

This four-generation water shadows don't look at him, but it is to look at the shark face ninja: "Ghosts, what do you want to assassinate me? This little ghost is the helper you find?"

"No, the ginema is not misunderstood."

The mortal ghost shook his head and denied the accusation of the savist. He laughed and continued: "I won't intervene in this battle, because now I am just a innocent person who has been sturdy and assassinated! "

According to his and Shangyuan Nair, he will not participate in this battle.

Because he also wants to see the original power.

Beat or kill the five-shaded figure, is also a standard for measuring strength.

"Then I will wait for me to kill him, then to dispose of you!"

Savage is looking at the original navigation, his palm suddenly turned, behind the green flower iron stick weapon fell into his hand, actually got an attack on the original navigation!

At the end of the original Needle, he grabbed his weapon. Since his life energy has increased to 3,000 points, whether it is power or speed, it has been greatly enhanced. If you want to block the attack, you will be easy!

"Lower, it is not bad."

Shangyuan Nair is sighing, and I don't know if I am boasting it, but he said, there is no doubt that the four generations in front of it.

The HVO's palm suddenly became a blood red, and he slammed his chest, and a coal rapidly solidified the upper body!

This is the ability to come from Sanjo, Coral!

Only people who can borrow the three tail strength can use the coral pallets. Once they are hit, the body will grow rapidly.

As the portal of the perfect person, all parts of his body can enter the semi-tailed toast, borrowed to the three-santisticrapy ability, this surgery is almost unfained, so many Ninja is inexplicably planted in this ninjection. on.

This four generations of water shadows did not have a good life. He promised not to pay, immediately, directly to the original navigation!

"It's still trouble ..."

Shangji Looking at the growing coral on the body, almost instantly covered his whole body, whispered: "Just playing, use this power?"

Trice moment!

The golden mask exudes from the upper body, instantly scattered the coral palm on the body, and a handle of Kraaka waves with the upper palm of the Shang, all stabbed the sailing!

The TV rod is flipped, and a stream has dropped from his green flowers, and it is turned into a mirror. Suddenly in front of them!

"Water, water mirror!"

The mirror drilled a ninja with the original navigation, and Chakra scream swords were almost turned into the top of another water incarnation.

The sauna turned over to avoid the attack on the Shangyuan, frowning, and his face did not say: "Is the copy of the water mirror no success?"

Water mirroring will have an exproprant ninja with the enemy, and even the enemy's tolerance, the copy is clearly failed.

Shangqi Nairi is in the scent of the squatting, putting his entire man flying out, this is twisted his wrist: "Hey, the reason can not be copied, maybe because this world can only accommodate one ? "

"Little ghost, it is really a big saying!"

The sauna was in the ground, and he slammed up and started to join the printing: "Water Shundong ...!"

Up to the ground, on the ground, gravel splash!

The speed of the Shangyuan is too fast, forcing the savist can only give up the print, who is not surprised by this four generations of spots, just a thick tail from his back!

That is the tail!

Savage suddenly smashed the tail behind, and smashed the Shang Shang, and flew him out, this guy was induced by the original attack!

In the distance of the Shangyuan Na, he took the mud on the distance, stood up again. He saw that his life energy fell directly to more than a thousand points, which means that the power of the sauce is big, enough Easily kill a normal tolerance ...

On the battle, the martial martial arts shook his head, looked at the original navigation: "Obviously there are more ways to interrupt the printing, but biased the most dangerous approach, but it is hard to hardly hard work, no wonder so confident ... "

"Originally wants to fight with you with ordinary ninja, but you can use the strength of the beast ..."

Shangji raised his finger, calmly started to join hands, looked at the sound: "The four generations of water shadows, I forgot to tell you, I hate others to open it in front of me ..."