I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 37, another talented knife, seven people appeared!

Four generations of water shadow can't understand the meaning of Shanghao, but he can see the upper hand palm in the printing, and there are some points in front of the teenager in front of the youth.

After all, the printed printing of the original navigation is seven-eight, and even some hand stamp is not in place ...

But the expression in his printed is very serious.

The martial arti to stand on the side is an extremely persistent ninja for the printed print. He can't help but take the printed printed in Shangyuan Na, and the opening is correct. If it is invalid ... "

"shut up!"

Shangyuan Na Luo's face is red, and the sound is reversed: "What is the use of printing in the print? Can you release it?"

After that, the Shangyuan Na was in order to verify his own words, and he raised his palm in the sky, and he said: "Thunder, Wan Leizhen!"

Thunder cloud storm instantly covered the sky!

A lightning shouted in the Thunder cloud storm, one of the lightning suddenly slammed out, fell toward the four generations of water and shadow!

The thick tail behind the stream blocked the flash attack. He looked at a somewhat focused tail, and he was slightly confused.

This ... how to release it out of thunder?

The savist has not yet I want to understand, why is Shangyuan, who is in front of him, is inexplicably released from thunder, and a lightning shot down, and smashed on his tail!


The savist is coming, and the Lei Yun storm has come out of lightning, his face finally became dignified: "This episode one second time, will it attack twice?"

This time space is too short!

Don't say that it is not enough to let the sauce release a rushing, even if it is rushing to the original navigation, it is not too enough to interrupt him.

"Little ghost, no wonder you dare to assassinate me ..."

The orange is holding his palm, and a scarlet Chakra has taken it out of his body, and the group of Chakra has evil and violent, and there is almost turning between his body. Is the three tail of Chakra!

"But this strength is far less!"

In the raw roar of the stream, the red Chakra covered his face, at this moment, the stream has formed a layer of tail, with an uneasy atmosphere.

On the side of the martial artifacts, there was a dignifier on the face. His hand has gripped the muscles knife who wants to jump out of his palms.

This is the power of the tail beast!

Since the millennium, the power of nine tail beasts symbolizes the destruction and violent, and can make the people of the tail beast, each can easily become a strong intention of the shadow level.

Next moment, the land under the warehouse is broken!

Half-tailed, the savist is almost ignored, and it has become a red monster. He has rushed over the original Nairi, and his speed is too soon, and the Shangyuan can't see his movements!

In the next second, the sauce has already rushed to the top of the top, and the fist wrapped in the tail beast is about to be on the chest!

Command · Shock Wave. "

A magic couple appeared in the hands of the top, the magic couple suddenly opened, the surrounding space was quickly pulled with the distortion of the naked eye!

The sauce is twisted by the space to scrapped into a group!

The eyes of Shangyuan Nairi indifferently in the streak, a purple energy ray shot from his eyes, and the Chakra outside the stream is burned in an instant!

"Ah, ah, ah, ah ..."

The severe pain and the pain of the body surface disappeared let the sauna can't rest, his body slowly emerged, using the three-tailed force attempt to resist the invasion of energy rays.

Finally, a big master is now born!

The three-soy-soylass care of the whole body appeared in front of the original Na, but its body is extremely miserable, and the body is the wound in the pit.


Life formal tattrangi is still going on!

Even if it is three times, it is also difficult to endure the pain of the erosion of the soul. It has a heavenly water wave, and it is turned to the direction of the original Na.

The energy rays in the upper anterior eye have not stopped, but they only reach out the palm, summoned a huge wind wall: "Wind, the wind of the wind!"

Chakra, which appeared in the wind wall, turned over the three-tailed water, the water wave rolled down, and the three tails were played!


When I was still a calm, my martial arts ghosts were still, and when I looked at this scene, my face was completely collapsed: "The release of the sterilization does not have a printing. It is necessary." Shangyuan adult, actually can release two different times in the same time. Attribute tolerance? "

Shark face is scratching and can't think of this is what is the principle!

The only martial artifact can be determined that if the three tails are in the attack of purple energy rays, its death is just a matter of time.

The purple energy released in the upper eye is too overbearing!

However, a water in the tail feet suddenly turned into a huge aquatic person, flew it, saved it from the energetic attack!

The huge aquatic turned head with a finger in the direction of the upper, a crisp sound, and the voice of everyone: "The water of the water and the water"! "

A sprayed radio shot to the original navigation!

Shangyuan Nairou was hit by a water tether, the body flew out, the purple energy rays were uncontrolled sweeping everything around, and the berths of the trees were weak. The weak creatures were empty!

"When is this guy come?"

The face of the martillamon ghosts changed, and the hand of the mildew in his hand was stunned. The eyes slowly wanted to go to the huge aquatic.

The huge aater is slowly polymerized, which has become a young ninja appeared in their eyes.

"Senior, what is going on?"

Youth Ninja looked at the helmetry ghosts, and he looked at the other side of Shangyuan Na.


Cartry ghosts hurriedly took the talents in his hand, looked at the young ninja in front of him and laughed: "Do you have anything to do with no longer, do you come to assassinate the spoken? The words can be not very good ... Ghost lights full moon. "

It is now able to show the squeezance of hydration and ghosts, and have such a strong strength. It can only be the other born knife and seven people full of ghosts.

He is also the most young in the fog hidden village, and is also known as one of the most powerful trous seven people.

The seven people have always selected members with strength and the bid of the troire, but the ghost lights have always been able to get the seven tangle care.

In addition, the ghost light is also equipped with an extraordinary sickness and ghostless family's giants, and it has always been manned by ordinary fog to think that people can guide the fog.

The ghost light did not answer the stem of the moon, just frowning, watching the wounds covered by the mortal ghost, asked: "Senior, please answer me first, why do you appear here? Otherwise, I will put You are listed together as the enemy that needs to be cleared. "


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