I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 38, the knife, seven people, which does not want to kill the water?

"So where is you standing?"

The mortal ghost is looking at the ghost light full moon, and the muscles are resistant to their shoulders: "The little guy of the ghost lights, I remember that you have never been allowed to stay here? You came to the spoachet's home, Do you want to rescue a sponsors, or want to kill the shadow and the assassin? "


The ghost light is in the full moon.

The martial artifacts have broken the peace illusion of the ghost light full moon.

The ghosts in the village is a luxury in the village. The most prosperous period is no doubt. When the ghost light is a second-generation spray, it has also laid the ghost light in the foggy village.

However, from that, the ghost lights are almost unable to fit, their status is too super.

These can use hydration of the ghostless ninja talented talents, and have been holding a seven tangle, serving as the leader of the seven people, responsible for managing this powerful ninja team that is not uncomfortable to the water.

The ninja squad is a ninja team that is not very good for the spitz, but is very friendly to the ghost light, because the ghost light is free to pass the seven tangle.

Isn't this madness in the edge of death?

The status of the ghost light is extremely similar to the Yishabo family of wood leaves.

No, the status of the ghost light is much stronger than that of the Yuxi Bo family, at least their ethnic people have elected a split, but the Ethnic group of the Yishabo family can not even have a wooden high-level position.

Regardless of how to say, the relationship between the ghost light family and the knife is destined to get along with the high-rise ninja that they don't have to be headed by the water.

After many years of war, the people of the ghost lights losses over the battlefield, and talents were gradually witnessed.

Coincidentally, the Yuxi Bian family of the wood is now only in the left and his younger brother Yuxi Bocho, the foggy village's ghost life is now only the ghost light full moon and his brother ghost lights.

Looking at the silent ghost light full moon, the chanmon ghosts smiled and continued: "If you kill the shadows here, even if you are 13 years old, it is still likely to be elected as the village. Five-generation water shadow ... "


The ghost light is shaken, but she holds his talents behind him, and lifts his head and looks at the martial artmon. "Then I will only let the ghost predecessors are disappointed, I will not betray the village, not to see Kill the generous people. "

"Then what you still say here!"

The voice of Shangyuan Nair came out, and the body is a group of black shadows appeared in front of the ghost light.

The splash of water is rejoiced, and it has turned into a head of the ghost lamp. The hydration of the ghost lights, which can be immunized.

At the end of the ghost light, the head of the ghost light is hit, but it seems that it is not worthless, can't help but surprise: "Hey, hydration surgery? It is a magical ..."

"You are more fearful."

The face of the full moon gradually became more dignified, reached out to hold the tackle behind himself, whispered: "Positive to withstand a shot of a shot of the iron gun, no injury ... Even I have never seen it. "

"Hey, now you have seen it."

Shangyuan Na Ruo is fortunate to buy a mad armor early, and the recovery of life energy is far more, just the time of ghosts full moon and moon ghosts, his life energy has resumed seven or eight eight.

Just when they confront.

The three tails in the lake are suddenly dissipated to smoke, and the four generations of water shadows will be strengthened up, and they are tightly covering their arms, and bloodshed his fingers.

As the three-tail column, the resilience of the savatabase is also very strong, but the wounds left by the purple energy released by the original navar are surprisingly strange, and the beast can't fix his wound.

The eyes of all the eyes are moving, slowly looked at the four-generation water shadows of the seriously injured, and the people who are in the scene are in the scene. Zhang Dou told: "The ghost light is full, I ordered you, kill this devil and mortar ghost! "

The ghost light is full of eyes, and the people present, and smashed the double knife behind him, and the sound should be said: "I know ... Water Shadow!"


Shangqi fell quickly, his fingers were rapid, just when he wanted to meet the ghost lights, the mortar ghost suddenly waved his muscles to stop him.

Just as the original horror, the martillamon ghost and smiled: "Shang Shang people, don't worry ... The situation in the fog can be more complicated than you have seen, in this village, the so-called companion is just the soul of the slaughter "

Cartry ghosts look at the ghost lights and slowly moved the talents in the hands, and the smile on the face is getting more and more strong: "A seriously injured spray, for each ninja who wants to kill the water, is one Huge temptation ... "

With the sound of the ghosts, the ghost light is full of moon, and turned around and turned to the back of the streak!

Shang Nai was frowned, and he looked at another talented knife and seven people betrayed the saga. I couldn't help but ask: "What is this?"

"If it is a full-strength shadow adult, there is no one dare to do it, and only the mad guys will take the initiative to attack ..."

The mortal ghosts grinned and looked at the fierce battle to become a ghost light full moon and sacks, and laughed and continued: "But if it is a heavy injury, it is necessary to do it. ... After all, every foggy There is a hero dream that changed blood fog!

Our four-generation shadow people, never pay more attention to their own departments, he just rely on the strength of the three-tail column, but also reluctantly to take the ninja in the village.

What's more, the fog's hidden door ghost light family is not falling, standing in the four generations of water and shadows in front of us, it is not unable to me! "

Since the fog hidden village became a blood fog, the four-generation water shadows have long lost their hearts in the fog hidden level, let alone the rules that he makes it, so that the foggy people have already lost their respect.

Moreover, the gradual demise of the ghost lights in the fog hidden village is really unprecedented in and does not turn off the relationship with the four-generation watergings that execute the blood mist policy.

Shangji is looking at the ghost light full of moon, there is a little confused: "If his purpose is to kill the four generations of water, why just stop me from killing the saving?"

"Because he wants to revenge!"

The martial artifacts are clearly explained: "The relationship between the ghosts and the four generations of waterings is like a water fire. Since I joined the secret, I saw a lot of tasks that cleared the ghosts!"

"Hey, that is Yuxi wave belt ..."

Shangyuan Nai Lu just wants to speak, is there all black pots in the fog hidden village? Is it on the head of Unexpello?

Thus, think about it, the ghost light is really nothing to know.

The martial artifacts shook their heads, whispered: "Shangyuan adults, the ninja in the pasture of the seeds in the fog in the village has already become a practice, but the person who manipulates the four generations of water in the scene, completely excorganized the contradiction."


The original point is nod, if you think.

Do you have such a bad thing?

Excessive hatred, hate so much, the ghost light is in full moon, it seems that it is not surprising!

The Yuxi, Fu Yue family who was only dead soon, if there is a heavy injury to the Zhizhun Tibetan Tibetan Tibetan and Its Flying Day, I am afraid that I want to help them with the ashes?