I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 39 wants to hide the secrets of secrets

"But this guy wants more."

The expression on the martial artifacts gradually became a little dignified, and then suddenly stretched: "Unless the ghost light is going to defeck, otherwise, he is definitely wanting to put our two insists!"

"A person can't do two things at the same time ... Tong, there is a helper."

Shangji nodded, a card was active in his fingertips, his body flew up with the dance air, and suspended in the air to observe the surroundings.

"It seems that you guessed it!"

The ghost light is full of the full moon, and the four generations of water shadows are flying, and they expose their sharp teeth and smile: "No matter who, they can't escape!"

The nature of the ghost light is always kilometers. If the ghost light is a mild ninja, how to get the sharp teeth!

Since I guess the natellite and the mortal ghosts, the ghost light did not think about concealing, just whispered: "Go out, no longer have a senior!"


When the air suddenly turned over a silence.

The expression of Shangyuan Nae is slightly quirky, and even a little laughter.

If he didn't listen to the wrong, the name of the ghost light shouted out, it sounded like a little familiar!

The neck of Shangyuan Na, twisted the twisted, looking to the mortal ghost: "Do you have the ninja in the village, do you have such a grassroots? Why will he think that the peach is not awkward, can we stop us?"


The mortal ghost shook his head and said that he didn't know, but he won't look small.

The ghosts low: "If you don't score the fog, you do have the ability to stop my, but I don't think he can better than the Shangyuan."

"Unable to understand."

The original Nai fell as the full moon of the four-generation water shadow, frowning: "You don't want to inquire before you find the helper. Do you don't want the guy again ..."

"Hey, little ghost, don't look at it!"

A people's shadow suddenly slammed out, after horing a sentence, he borrowed a half-air, waving the big knife in his hand got to the original navigation, is being looked down and not.

Shangyuan does not panic, he is much more flexible in the air, just a slight lower, avoiding the big knife, the wrist is in the chest, and the chest is sudden!


The peach will not fall from the air from the air!

At the last navigation, I watched and I didn't want to sighed: "I don't want to be, I don't see it." Your strength is getting weaker! "


I don't want to vomit a bloody, although there is also the reason why you have a serious injury before, but you will never feel clearly, the power of Shangyuan Na will become strong.

How long does it take to see them again, and the strength of this little ghost is like a doubling, what is going on?

The ghost light is full of moon can't help but look at the peach and don't, whispered: "Don't you know the seniors, do you know?"


The peach is no longer silent.

He was defeated in the hands of the original Needle, not a glorious thing.

Shang Nai fell to the side of the never, it seems to understand that I don't want to think about it, and laugh: "I don't want to have a lot of people. I don't have to avoid the relationship between us ... After all, there are many people under my hand, but I can let me let me go There are very few people. "


The ghost lights heard this sentence, his look couldn't help but show a shot, and now the situation seems to be a bit out of his control!

Six hours ago.

The timing of the peach is no longer at the time of assassination, and quietly came to the residence of the sauce.

Unexpectedly, his strength is far less than an enemy, and it has been fled by the streak, and the news also leaked out.

Responsible for the ghost light of the village defense, and took the lead to get the news that the spoaches were never assassinated. He didn't choose to send a support directly, but it killed the Huadian guard of returning to the village, and the first time blockped the news.

The ghost light is found to find the peach and don't go. After you get the savist information from his mouth, I will plan to find an opportunity to find a chance.

If the flag is still a full state, the ghost light is full of the moon or the seven people who are faithful to the spoachet; if the saga is seriously injured, the ghost light does not mind to send him, and their ghost lights can never have any peaceism. Idea!

However, when the ghost light arrived here, he didn't know that as long as it was given to the original navigation, he could kill the sauce directly.

The ghost light is only noticed to the heavy injury.

Therefore, the current teenager family of this ghost light is long, and immediately decided to shoot all the sauce and Shangji.

It's just a situation in the current situation, obviously from the control.

"Okay, let us come to clarify the current situation!"

Shang Nai fell to the hands, referring to the maintenance of the heavy injury, whispered: "It seems that our purpose is to coincide, everyone wants to kill this four-generation shadow, this should have no objection. ? "


The three tangle seven people looked at each other, and the peach will never snorted, and the ghost light is nodded.

It's a sadness of the times ...

The strongest ninja team in the fog hidden village, the second generation of trous knives, only three people now, they have to kill their head boss.

The eyes of the four generations of sputum have changed, and everyone who is present is actually smile, and I didn't expect you to ... "

"Sorry, I almost forgot, the House of Shadow is still alive!"

Shangnai is not turned around, and still looks at the peach and no ghost lights. He is just playing in the direction of the stream!

When everyone is still a little surprised, I saw that the land of the four watches suddenly slammed a strange shark, and Zhang was swallowed!

After a while, the shark added another slap in the ground, leaving only the four generations of sputum, the corpse lying on the ground ...

The giant sharpe strucks this weird skill. If you can sneak success, the effect is unexpected!

Shangqi Nairi just played a sound refer, summoning a weird shark killed the four generations of water shadows, this scene saw the peach and the ghost light, the two men's face was flashing!

The mortal ghost is a little laughing: "Sure enough, what is the most good at the original?"

Whenever someone seen the original navigo, I always feel why, because when he will commit a little mistake from time to time.

I think of it now, those who are just the disguise of arrivals?

As an outstanding junction ninja and loyal part, the chanmon ghosts are very good to speak, "If the Shangyuan is willing, I can help you combine some beautiful printed gestures."

Cotmoti ghosts can be good at printing.

Shangyuan Na was a little bit, and shook his head: "Forget it, after learning and printing, let's talk about it ... Let's deal with things in front of you! Kill the four-generation spoacha, I don't want someone. I know that ghosts participate in! "

"Then our idea is really clever."

The ghost light is slowly grabbed the reel on himself, whispered: "In addition to no longer want to kill more people, I don't want to kill the market."