I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 43 He actually didn't go to the target, no interest!

A group of thunder clouds have emerged!

At the end of the natellite, Chakra in his body quickly flowed into the thunderous cloud storm in his hand, the volume of the thunderous cloud storm almost expanded.

"Let me see where you are!"

The sound of Shangyuan Na, the area of ​​the thunderstorm storm has covered huge water polo, and a lightning is in it ...

A lightning quickly broke away from the clouds, and went to a certain position in the water, where there was a face of the ghost light full moon!

The ghost light is only hard to bear this hit, and his head is slow and slow, and there is still some incredible: "Nothing to see any printed gesture ..."

However, the time is not ghost, but the moon is god!

In addition to the thunderous clouds of Wan Lei Tian, ​​a layer of arc lightning is moving out, giving together into an isolated cage, within this cage, lightning is constantly falling!

A connected lightning is on the full moon of the ghost light!

"The power strength of is not big."

The ghost lamp is passively undergled with lightning attacks, and the low should continue to analyze said: "But this surgery is sustainable? And the frequency of attack is very high ..."

In just a few seconds, the ghost lights were forced to exit the hydration state.

This is the deficiencies of ghost lights, once after the lightning is encountered, the body is unable to hydrate, it will be forced to develop.

The huge circular water ball was completely lost to Chakra, the full moon, turned into a water waver into the lake, showing the figure of the original Needs and ghosts full moon.

"Water in the water!"

When the ghost light is full of moon, when the huge waterbel is about to dissipate, it began to quickly print, released his own defense.

The water on the ground quickly poured, and formed a hollow water that was just able to wrap the ghosts full moon, resistant to the lightning falling in the thunderous cloud storm.

A lightning is constantly being smashed on the water!

At the end, I went to the ghost light, and I watched his look at the ghost light. I finally decided to tell the testic opening to persuade: "Do you want to save your brother's life? As long as you surrendened it now, join our organization, I will Let you and your brother. "


The ghost light lifted his head and looked at the radiant thunder cloud storm in the air. His mind was gradually immersed, and he fell into lengthy silence.

If he dies here, now only eight-year-old brother ghosts will definitely be impossible to act in this foggy village that is eating people.

But his body also assumed the wishes of revitalizing their families!

After a while, the ghost light was slowly looked up, and he looked at the original Na. "

"Oh, I know him."

Shang Nai stalls stalls: "I heard that the second-generation water and shadow leading the fog hidden force failed, turning to the country of attacking the earth, the results and the second generation of towers

So, their bodies are buried together.

Later, they were dug up by a tomb thief called the pharmacist.

Shangqi Nai Lu suddenly laughed, whispered: "Is there any relationship with your surrender? Is there anything in Unexpea in the organization? The ghost light is not particularly noble?"

"Not a noble."

The ghost light is full of moon, and there is a little late face: "The ghost light is only left in my water, I also take on the heavy responsibility of revitalizing the family, I can't become a rebellion ..."

Not, but it is even more dare.

Once his brother becomes a rebellion, how should his brother's ghost lights live in the fog hidden village?

Will be killed!

When the ghost light is talking, it is proposed another solution: "If you can, I am willing to reach the relationship between the upper and lower cooperation, and even send the information in some villages."

The ghost light is really worried about his brother, and he can't even violate his own ninja rules and become the spy from the fog hidden village.

Once the ghost light is full of water, it is possible to replace Unexho to become a new scene behind the fog, but the ghost light is in the middle of the moon, but he is in the middle of the village?

And the original Nairies itself will not illusion, what to get to clamp the ghost light full moon?

This guy only has the younger brother and revival family, other things, the full moon is definitely not awkward!

Wait, your brother?

Shangqi Lu suddenly remembered another pair of strange brothers, looked at the ghost lights and smiled: "Do you believe that your brother will become stronger than you? I have a way here, do you want to listen?"

"any solution?"

The ghost light is full of consciousness, as a brother, he certainly believes that his younger brother will be beyond him!

"You think that your brother has become a ninja to you ..."

On the face of Shangyuan, there is a malicious smile: "Do he will become more imagined, becomes a human being a Renaissance Race? Maybe it will become a five-generation water shadows in the future!"


After the ghost light is confused, he shakes his head: "There is only one person left in the blood fog, he can't live it ... There are many people in the village to host the ghost light."

"Then I entrust him to a person who is worthy of believing."

Shangji, I remembered the brown-haired woman who gave him biscuits and whispered: "Now I kill the sailing, the blood fog will soon end! I want to have a way to pay your brother to the fog. That is the Ninja, who is Ming, do you think she will take care of your brother? "

A woman who is not very good as the beauty of the beauty seems to be very much like to take care of the misty village, and the third generation of the second generation of the knife is deeply taken care of.

"Photo of Men's predecessors?"

The ghost light is suddenly bright in front of the moon, but he is a little late: "The predecessor is really taking care of the rear of the village, but she is twenty-three years old this year, she should be married soon."

"Oh, is it twenty-three years old?"

When I arrived at the beauty, I thought of giving him a biscuit. However, this didn't delay the next words: "You can rest assured! Don't say she is only twenty-three years old, even 32 years old, she can't marry! "

Shangyuan Na is in order to increase his persuasiveness, continue to say: "The double blood of the beauty is very poisonous, and there should be no people in the fog hidden village?"

"... You said reasonable."

The ghost light is in full moon, and many of the Ninja Mu Ming, after seeing the combat method of beauty, have given up the pursuit of her.

There is no pursuit in Meills now.

There are some broken men in the village, saying that it is not as good as the beauty, it is better to point to it!

The ghost light is full of moon, but he wanted to think about beauty, he is more concerned about his brother.

The ghost light is solemnly looked at the original, and I ask: "Now please tell me, how can you make the water to become stronger! Now he actually takes no longer go to the predecessor, the eyes are not a bit shallow ..."