I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 44, a person with a power and ambition

The ghost light is full of the most dissatisfied place for his brother's ghost light, which is the ghost light, the moon actually does not go to the peach.

The ghost light is full of moon, as long as the ghost light is inherited, the strength should be more than the peach.

This goal is simply shaped.

Although this is a truth, it is not suitable at this occasion.

Because the other parties in the full moon mouth are still on the spot.

The peach is no longer relying on the foggy and the mortal ghost, and after hearing the ghost lights, it is finally can't stand it: "Hey, the ghost light is full of moon, what do you mean!"

"caught you!"

I still respond to the ghost light, the role of the mortar, the smelvet of the sneaky knife, and the handle of the smear flying in the fog: " · !"


The peach is no longer a big knife, and I can only be cut out from the fog from the fog. I fell on the ground, spurting a blood!

There are many breathles in the air.

At the full moon, the ghost light looked at this scene, helplessly spread the stadium: "Sorry, I don't want to break the predecessor, but your strength does have some difference."


The peach is no longer in the past, and he also looked at the head of the slice of the slope on the ground. The cold voice: "It's not your little ghost to borrow my dagger!"

The ghost light is open. "" Even if the seniors have the big knife, can defeat the ghost predecessors, do not exceed 30%? "


"I am just elaborating facts."

"Do you think I can't kill you!"

"Even if I don't have it, I don't have the predecessor to overcome my chance!"

A few words of the kung fu, the ghost light full moon and the peach, the fragile alliance, the friendship is broken, and the two people are jealous.

"stop fighting!"

Shangyuan Needs to interrupted them, got a circle of everyone in the field, and the eyes stopped in the full moon and never sure: "You have two already lost, and it is chosen to join me, or let I buried your body in my hometown ... "

The people in the scene understand that the peach will no longer choose the power of the full moon, and the only thing they can choose is to surrender.

The peach is no longer scratching the blood of the mouth, snorting with a saying: "My purpose is to kill the sauce to end the blood fog, anyway, now the purpose has been reached, then you will go to the organization that is called Xiao. See it! "

This is true.

The ghost light is not as well as the peach. He directly puts forward his request: "If you can do what you said, let the water can revitalize the ghost light, no matter what you let me do, I will promise. you!"


The laughter of the original Nairo corner is almost constant. He has no big bag. It is just the opening: "If your brother is really a waste that is unforgettable ..."

"The talent of the water is stronger than me."

The ghost light is full of confidence, and it is full of saying: "As long as you can guide him, the water will definitely beyond the first generation, become the strongest ninja in the ghost lights in the past!"

I don't say this.

As soon as it comes, the top is somewhat.

Because Shangyuan Xin knows that there is no powerful blood in the body, the endure is precisely a world of high bloodline ... Except for the liver emperor of the wood.

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, looked at the ghost lights and full moon: "Then you can try my way, then watch the fate ... At least you can set a farther goal for your brother, let him go Chasing your brother! "

"…I know."

The ghost light is full of teeth, and it seems to be determined.

This year, his brother's ghost light is eight years old, and it is very good in the ninja school in the fog hidden village, and can even apply for graduation early.

The ghost light is full of worries. If you can't guide the water, it is estimated that he will always don't think about it, go to the peach.

This is now can't say, otherwise it is afraid to have a trouble.

Shangyuan Nai Lu turned over and sat on a tree: "Since you are sincerely surrendered to me, then I accept it in a compassion!"

When I heard the Shangyuan, the naked naked naked naked naked in the peach and the ghost light, and the guys they have to vote will be strong and fearful ... IQ is also a fear!

At this moment, the face of Shangyuan Nae is not very good. He is a bit helplessly watching a full moon, because he got the worst award in history.

Branch mission: Beat the ghost light full moon (11), reward 100 gold coins.

Mingming Ghost Lights is a strong ninja. Shangyuan believes that others want to defeat the ghost lights. The full moon is even more difficult than defeating the four generations of water shadows!

Perhaps because the ghost light is full of moonlight, it is too small to play in the argument of the endurance, so that there is not much person concerned with him, the system has directly issued the minimum task reward.

Is this really truly sending meals?

However, the harvest of defeating the ghost lamp is not only one hundred gold coins, because the original navigation sees the completion of another task.

Branch mission: defeat the knife and seven people (67), reward unknown.

Shangyuan did not expect that defeating the task of the seven people in the system panel, because the ghost lights held four hands in the hands of the moon, and they actually countd four people.

The last tie of the knife, which needs to be defeated, should be the black margin that the martial artifacts say in the ghosts, the first generation of the first generation of the thunderous knife and deck escaped.

When I saw another task, I couldn't help but shake it, and my look was not very beautiful.

Branch Task: Have three parts (23), reward unknown.

Nowadays, the three hidden villages in the village are all famous in the superior, and the martillamon ghost is the first to choose to be loyal to his ninja. So what?

No, you should say that the peach in front of you will not be a full moon, who is not really trying to gain him?

Shangyuan Nairi is not particularly concerned that the second is who is really surrendered to him. He truly cares about who is not willing to be at the end of the person ...

This is actually easy to find.

The last task was seen because the last task was seen.

Branch task: With the part of the two shadow Chakra power, the task has been completed, reward 1000 gold coins.

This task also proves directly, the second choice to the Shangyuan Nair, is a ninja with video-level Chakra.

Do you still think more?

Who is the weaker in the scene!

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai have swept the ghost light full moon, and the heart couldn't help but admire it. It is worthy of the people who can't watch through the mortal ghosts ...

Thirteen years old has a full moon full of movies in Chakra!

No wonder he will die so early, because it is sure to be too big to play!

The eyes of Shangyuan Na will slow down on the body of the peach, and the hungry will never have a job with his own ambition.

He also has the strength that does not match his ambition.

The original