I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 47 Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, do you want to go to the garbage together!

The killing of the hidden village disappeared.

Flagkarcasi has never been able to search for the trail of Yuxi Bo, because he and the bump have encountered another blockman.

After the flag, Mikasi took the bumper, she held her own troirers, and walked to stop their way to go to the road: "Big Snake Pills ..."

"It's really clever, Kasijun!"

The big snake's mouth couldn't help but laugh. Since he completed his own non-corpse, then after the talents, he began to search for the right container in the endurance.

Therefore, he used the Zhizhun Group to re-emptive the pharmacist to leave the wooden leaves, so that the pharmacist is looking for some young genius ninja through the end of the Chinese.

In addition, the big snake pills also came to the country of Water, and I want to find some teenagers who have bloody limits.

Today, the foggy village is lively, and the big snake pill will naturally miss.

Just a big snake pill has also encountered a boy that is suitable for the reincarnation container, because the eyes of the teenager make people like it, and his body has a bone blood.

If this born with a corpse, you can kill from the misty village. If you live back, the big snake pill intends to bring him back his own base as an alternative container.

As a result, the big snake pill was waiting for it, and it was actually seen the head of the headed flag of Kakasi near the misty village.

This is trouble ...

Going out, it is rare to see a ninja from the hometown. The big snake pill does not speak and say it. It seems that you can't say it!

Big snake pills gave birth to the flag-like Carti and his bumns behind him, remembered Kakasi saved the big and his eyes in front of him, and his eyes flashed a smile: "Oh, Kasijun, this is rescued Has people? "

Flagkarcasi didn't pay attention to him, flowing on the face, asked nervous: "Big snake pills ... Why do this guy now appear in the country of water!"

"What should I ask me to ask Cartijun?"

The big snake pill is booth, and the model is talked about: "Here is the country of water, should not be the place where the wood, ninja should appear!"

Flagkartai stared at his movements, heart sank, reached out to push your own ninja: "No matter which country is here, I have encountered the most dangerous rebellion in the village, I can't put it again. After you! "

This man is just his heart!

Since the Big Snap Pills Since the rebellion

"Ha, the most dangerous rebellion in the village should not be a junjun?"

The big snake pill smiled and looked out, watching the flag-like Kakasi said: "We will fight here, but will bring fog, I don't care, but the little girl behind Kakasijun will be difficult. Live? "


Flagkasi is silent.

Because of the reasons for the bump, he definitely impossible to throw a burner regardless of all the battles, can only passively motivate the patterns.

Now in order to build a bell, Kasi must find a way to escape.

Big Snake Pills seem to be aware of Kakasi's mind and smiles: "Don't worry, I will not have to do it here, before I want the container, it is better to accompany me!"

Flagkarta: "..."

Big snake fell, still that neuropathy!

They are a wooden and ninja, one is a wooden leaf, how can I chat in the cavity of such dangerous places near the village?

The big snake pill glanced at Kasi, and continued to look at the misty village that he gradually became a quiet, and the teenage he wanted to take away did not come back.

The big snake pill didn't know that the container of his heart was here.

Shangyuan Needle and the martial artifact first received a white, and he met outside the fog village and did not hit the peach and the full moon, but they also met another white hair who had a chaotic foggy village.

This teenager is tightly holding a spurs, and the look is tightly looked at the number of people in this group.

On the eyebrows of Shangyuan, I wrinkled, looking at the young boy from the past, whispered: "Is it a glow night?"


The peach is no longer docked, and the white hair is looked at the white hair: "This little ghost is a fishing net fish of Hui Night. Let me kill him!"


The white hair teenager heard the words of the peach, his face was boiled, but he held the bones in his hand and rushed up!

It's just a lot of power to defeat the peach, let alone he has just killed from the misty village, and the physical strength and Chakra are far less.

The peach is no longer very fast, and the big knife is cut off with the bones of the white hair, and the hands must be headed!

"and many more…"

Shangqi Nairou stopped the peach and never, went to the white hair, asked: "What is your name?"

"Hui Night ... Jun Ma Lu."

The white hair teenager seems to speak very little, and there is still some slow.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai Lu are bright. I didn't expect that when I was planning to leave the country, I met Hui Night Jun Ma Lu. He thought that Jun Ma Lu was taken away by the big snake pill!

Shangji is looking at the white hair teenager, whispered: "Now your people have died in the fog hidden village, where are you going?"


Hui Night Jun Ma Lu lowered his head, he hesitated for a while, he replied: "I don't know, I am nowhereous."

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu originally alone in his own family, and the people were imprisoned as a weapon, but Jun Ma Lu has always thought that his cage of imprisonment is his home, responsible to guarding his ethnic people is also his family.

Nowadays, the Hui Nightren is dead in the fog hidden village, and Hui Na Ma is free, but I lost everything, even the meaning of living.

Shangji Nai, I remembered a short life of Hui Ma Lu, a short life, and the bloody sickness on him, and I didn't have anything. Is there any disease? "

This is open, and the Shangyuan Na will regret it.

If everyone heard the original navigation, everyone gave a doubtful look at the original, what is this devil?

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and their reaction are different, actually looking at the original navigation: "You ... how do you know?"

"That one…"

The look of Shangyuan Needar is slightly embarrassed.

Fortunately, I pulled his arms around the white army, and I was afraid that he said nothing.

As the laminar of the country, the white is a little understanding of Hui Night Jun Ma Lu. He looked at Hui Night Jun Ma Lu Yudou invited: "Jun Ma Lu, then you can go with me, we can go together to garbage If you eat, you can make money together ... "

The confusedness in the eyes of Hui Ni Ma Lu gradually resolved, looking at the white eyes gradually ambitious: "I can ... Is it together with you?"

It's a very cute white, it is really a bit affinity.

At least Jun Ma Lu seeing the long phase of the white, will give him a sense of trust.

"of course…"

I just want to answer the white stop, turned to look at the original navigation: "Shang, let's leave here, can you bring Jun Ma Lu?"

Fortunately, he also knows who this team is doing the Lord.

Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, and sigh. "Of course, you will not say that we are in the garbage dump."


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