I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 50 Your leaves are also the baby in our village?

The hesitation of the Yokkasi's eyes of the flag, first, the first is to persuade: "Don't do something wrong! You want to get the soil information, because fear, the land want to kill you, right?"


Shangyuan Needs to discolore.

The flag-like Kaki saw the expression of the original Naqi, and the emotions gradually became calm. Put a good attitude: "Then I advise you to put a bump, because now I can help you!"

After that, the flagmarks in order to ensure their own talk quality, and even started to actively praise their old friends: "With the soil is the most talented ninja in the history of the wood, if there is no help, you must escape However, the chasing of land! "


Shang Nai's face was collapsed again. He looked at the flag wood Catsumy is very difficult: "Mr. Kakasi, do you look like a fool?"

"Do not impulse!"

Flagkarcasy saw the Shangda's fingers, for fear that he was impulsive to kill the watery bell, loudly and said: "You let go of the bump first, we can slowly discuss ..."


Shangyuan Needle hesitated, but he was tightly pinching the neck of the watery, and asked: "If the Safe predecessors are the soil of your wood, he is the spy of the wood, is this? "


The flag-like Kakasi shook his head, Shen Sheng: "Not the case, with soil is now the village ... rebellion, he left the village twelve years ago."

"I do not believe you."

Shang Nai was biting his teeth, continued: "But no matter whether he is the spy of the wooden leaves, the wooden leaves are all, the leaves must bring him back!"

"This is what I am doing."

The flagmarks immediately agreed, and asked: "But you always tell me, what is his recent place?"

Shangji shook his head, confusedly, said: "I don't know ... The former of the land is just hope that I will implement a mission, which is a non-cultivation of the ninja in the village. I suspect that he may always be active in the country of water."

Flagkarcari follows the truly attuded the land exploration information: "Why do you want you to take a foggy to rebellion? Is it because he hate fog hidden village? Why do you let you come? What is your relationship?"

And it is clear to let you attract a fog, but you seem to have lure three tips and seven rebels!

"I am a ... people in small villages."

Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, and smashed a few cards, whispered his story: "Because I want to be a very difficult person in the village, you must complete a difficult task."


Flagkarcasi heart is a little bit, listening to Shangyuan, he probably guess the identity of Shanghao, is it estimated which small threshold of the village?

There was no vulnerability in his own words, and continued: "A Fei predecessor recommended me to make this mission to the leader of the village, my teacher, the elders in a village don't want me to fall in danger, but the leader agreed…"

"I understand."

The flagmark is nodded, and the light continues: "Why will the leaders in your village agree to bring so dangerous comments?"

Shang Nai was biting his teeth, showing a sad anger: "Maybe because the leader in the village does not want me to get that position ... and the relationship between A Fei predecessor and the leader is very good, his words, the first sentence is listening, we once suspected The leader was controlled by illusion, but but did not see anything. "

Shangji slow down, the look is hurt: "Before I, only A Fei predecessors can get that position, but later I ..."

This is very concealed.

In a sense, this is not wrong.

After all, there are only two interns with the original naval and Yisi Bo with soil in the organization, and they want to become a formal member of XI Xiao.

And even if the flagmarks will find Yizhi Bo, will it take the initiative to disclose the intelligence?

"I have roughly understand what you mean."

The flagmarks sighed in the heart of the heart, in the original naval, and the

More than ten years ago, there was no battle in the bridge, and Yishibo belt did not die. I don't know how to escape the dilemma; then I took the dying in my eyes, I was hired in my hands, and I mugged. I have always been revenge.

Later, with soil joined a small rivole in order to hide, and the leadership of the rivotto was controlled by illusion.

This is not trouble.

If the genital write wheel is increased, it is not difficult to control the leader of Xiao Renaigi, and even the tail beast can control!

The flagmarks thought of him after the first time I saw the sole of the soil, and the priest admitted to kill the waves of the waves ...

Perhaps, that is true.

Since Uzhi Porsche can kill his parents and the whole, why can't Yisi Bo be able to kill their own teachers?

Qikkasi is thinking that it has been analyzed and wanted to get the last message: "So, whose ... Is it ninja in the village?"

Since the original naval has been hidden in their own identity, the flag-like Kaki is still not willing, he added from the side: "If I want to take him to leave the riva of the you, this matter also needs you to help."

"Mr. Kakasi."

Shangji Nai Lu slowly stood up and looked at the flag wood Caassi cold channel: "Don't ask me again, I can tell you so much is the limit ... Even if you see me again, I will not see me again. Acknowledging that there is something to leak a forever. "

When I said this, the face of Shangyuan Na Lu flashed a contempt: "IMHO, this is still letting the three generations of the sputum of the leaves to deal with others, with the power of Mr. Kakasi, there is no bit difference ... "


The eyes of the flagmarti flashed.

The three-generations of the wood leaves also didn't know what Yishibo belt. At least Kaki didn't want to tell the flying day; and once he knew the day, he would only choose a blockade message, send A person who is good at dealing with dark trouble came out.

For example, the head of the roots of the roots Zhizhi Tibet.

Not long ago, the leader of the roots were inexplicably confined, and now if they leaked the land of the earth, is it a re-head?

"You go."

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, turned to the battlefield of the big snake pills and chanmon ghosts, ghost lights and other people: "Just here, I have encountered the big snake pills of the treasure of our village, I have to take the treasure from him."

"and many more…"

Flagkartahi read a big snake pill, suddenly opening: "You, the big snake pill is our wooden rebellion ..."

"Flag Mikati!"

Shangji retorted his head, looks at the flag wood Carti, and a murderous gas is emitted from his body: "Wooden ninja still wants us to rush to the village? Roll! Don't force me to kill What you! "