If there is only the flag-like cardi yours here, he will definitely want to mix and don't say any treasure.

However, now he has saved his wrought.

After the arrival of the original Nairou, he put it out of the protection of the protection of the village, and resolutely refused to make the wooden ninja.

The flag-like Kakas has frowned, picked up the bump on the ground, leaving this place in step, it looks like the treasure in the mouth of the original navigation is not interested.

Undoubtedly, after the Kaka Xi'an is good, he will not easily give up the exploration of Shangyuan and Big Snake Intelligence.

Shangyuan Nairi also thought of this, when he saw the flag-like cardi's figure disappeared, he immediately wanted to solve the big snake pill.

"what happened?"

Shangqi, flying to the nearest ghost light, and asked: "Do you have the power of you, can you fight the big snake pill?"


The ghost lights can't help but go to the original navigation, this new mission is too high, this is much more about the wood three tolerance!

Big snake pills are not so easy to solve!

At the end of the third endurance battle, the big snake pills and wave wind gates led the foggy, like a foggy, who had rushed their foggy, and the country ...

Can this boss ask to ask the mortal ghosts next to it?

That guy is the experience of the year.

Even if they have three positive strength to rise, they want to defeat the big snake pill. Is it so short?

I don't know how to win ...

The ghost light is full of moon sighing, but only can explain: "Adults, the strength of the Wood leaves exceeds our foresight, the melting of the big snake pill is very stunning, and we have not tried cooperation Fight ... "

The first generation of the misty village, the seven people are all groups, and they will be hired by a network; the second generation of these second generations of the second generation of the second generation is basically alone, never cooperate with the enemy.

To be honest, the combat power is not the effect of 1 + 1 + 1 = 3, but it may not be as good as a single battle!

Especially the ghost light is faintly feeling that the driva is pulling water, and the other peach is no longer very selling, but his strength is like that ...

Shangqi Nairou looked at the ghost light full of moon: "He is the big snake pill, you actually solve it?"

The big snake pill has always been very strong in the civil war in the woods three, but when the war is, it is always a strong background plan for others ...

The expression of the ghost light is better than him, even somewhat not to confuse: "Adults believe that we should easily defeat the big snake pill?"

The ghost light is full of eyes, I have seen the power of the original Needle, and he kills the four generations of water, but the big snake pill is not as good as the sauce!

To tell the truth, the ghost light is full of the moon, not thinking that the savist can defeat the big snake pill ...

Moreover, the four generations of water shadows, the big snake pills for them, it is really famous for a long time.

"Shang Shangren ..."

Cartry ghosts saw them to discuss, Joho guess some things, he took the opportunity to retreat, whispered around: "Nearby hidden enemies ... maybe him."

With a perceived scrubber, the moblim ghosts have the existence of other enemies near this battlefield. The most likely is Yisi Bo belt ...

The original brother is over.

It is no wonder that someone is going to water!

However, just a few seconds in the fighting field, the big snake pill released a group of snake groups of the squats!

"Wan Snake Rope!"

It's still in the war, and you will not be scared by a grass. This guy is really a hard iron waste!

The martillamon ghost is not good, and rushed to stop and stopped the messenger. But because there is a peeking of outsiders, he is still in the old man.

Snown people, it is very likely that Yuxi Bo belt soil.

Moreover, the martial artificial heart is clear, and it is the most important thing to insert a spy around Unexpello.

Shangyuan Na was able to hear the ghosts, wrinkled, glanced at everything around, and he is now not confident that it can defeat the soil.

Of course, the original one is able to easily escape, as long as the engrave of the Holy Steam, use the .

However, he was seven people who came to the country of Water, and he also came to Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white. How can I let Shangyuan easily abandon?

Shangyuan Nairi turned, looked at the big snake pills in the battlefield center, showing a smile on his face: ", big snake pill, this time you are lucky ..."

Battlefield Center.

The big snake pill is bored to cope with this group of seven people. His endurance and illusion may not be too good, but consciously respond to the three troirers and seven people.

Just as the big snake pill is intended to break the martial arts and others in front of him. Suddenly, he suddenly became uneasy. He immediately heard a shout: "The senior of the snake pill, as long as you put the Affei predecessor's intelligence and empty to give me, I don't mind letting you ... "

"If you rely on you?"

The big snake pills smiled, and I saw the original navigation, I saw a ghosts and other people who glanced. I suddenly spit into a rushing sword with a hundred meters, swept everything around. !

Although the big snake pill does not know what happens to the original Needle, the feelings of the shackles have made him decided to solve the Shang Shang and others, leaving the country, so as not to encounter something.

Snake, has always been very sensitive to the crisis.

"You have a few back!"

Shangyuan Nai fell up, grabbed the grass sword on the handle on the handle, cold channel: "I will talk to the seniors of the big snake."

"Yes, adults."

The ghost light is full of moon and the martial arts ghosts, and the peach will never take the wound on the body, and the three are returned to the war group.


The snake of the big snake pill is solidified for a second, looking at the Shangyuan Na Rou, with the sharpness of the grass sword, but also not to the little ghost!

Sure enough, there is no ordinary ninja!

Even if the last naval is just one of the interns.

"The seniors of the big snake, don't be so impulsive ..."

Shangyuan Na was near the big snake pill, looked up at the cold snake, and smiled and said: "Don't think that I am a child, I will see me, as long as you tell me about Yuxi Boi , Hand over the empty ring, I don't mind leave your life! "

The big snake pills looked at the original, and the cold snorted: "Hey, if you want to threaten me, it is called Payne!"

A member of the whole organization has a calculation.

In addition to Payne and Yishe Hoste, Dashan Pill does not put any other members in the eyes, because he has eaten a big loss in the hands of the two people.

"Listen to the proposal of the seniors of the big snake!"

Shangqi Needs and laughed, the big snake pills were engaged in his heart.

The Shangyuan's fingertip suddenly appeared a black bar, he fiercely stabbed his arm with a black stick, and his face was compiled with pain: "Take the law, Tongling!"

A psychedelic spent is formed below his palm!

After the Chakra black has entered the body, let the original feel in a moment of Chakra entered his body and explored his position!

Make a six-way Chakra sensor, extremely overbearing!

With the abnormal Chakra gradually dissipated, the smoke of the psychic surgery, a human figure appeared in front of everyone!

It is Tiandao Payne!

Petin's turn slowly lifted, the cold voice fell into the ear of everyone: "Upo, is it troublesome?"