I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 53, is good at telling the story

"I will go back to the base."

After Pethen and Shang Na, he said, the cold voice said: "Shangyuan, you also return to the base of Xiao, don't let your teacher worry."

After that, Payne was dissolved in the smoke.

Since Tiandao Payne is too far away, Chakra in Tiandao Wes is released after two pupils, in fact, it has been depleted.

If you can't get the long-door Chakra transmission, Tiandao Payne will not play too much, there is no significance to stay here.

It is better to go back as soon as possible, explore the information from the Yishekou.

Shangyuan Nair is not resorted, he won the spirit out Pethen, just let the Unexpello hidden in the dark, the identity of his actor has been peeled off.

Now Yishibo belt soil should have recognized the facts?

The only unfortunately, the big snake pill secretly left.

Since the matter has ended, Shangji returned to the ghosts, the ghost lamp full moon and the white and others left the country of the water, and set foot on the way home.

Everyone left.

Shadow in the mountain forest.

The mysterious mask has a movie, and he muttered his own words: "The little ghost actually psyllium Pedne ..."

The identity is completely exposed!

However, mysterious mask men have done the worst plan.

If the long gates want to kick him, start collecting the beast alone, it is impossible, because only the intelligence of Qiwei beast is only absolutely.

This time Identity exposure is just affecting his status and image, and does not hinder him to continue the moon.

Mysterious mask is not worthless.

He doubizes that the big snake pill has aware of his identity and leaked it to Kakasi. Who will let the big snake pill do not appear in the country of water?

What is the most likely candidate in love, the big snake pill.

"Forget it, you can only give up the blockade message ..."

The mysterious mask's rays flew, a spatial vortex appeared behind him, pulling him into the whirlpool.

The country of rain.

Know the base.

Payn lifted the topography of Shangyuan, just returned here, seeing the look worried about the look.

Xiaoshan and corners, Ji Zhi Hou launched the flying segment, and returned to the base in these two days.

"Long door, is your body there?"

"No, it is Shang Shang."

Pene shakes his head, and the look is overwoated: "Maybe we can find the truth of 12 years ago, first go to the Unexpected Hubics, definitely can't let him escape!"

"what happened?"

"The man who claims to be a Zhiwei, is a ninja called the soil. He is likely to be a wooden spy who wants to take advantage of our!"

Pethen's face is ugly, the son sounds continue to say: "Shangyuan found his real identity and was encountering his chasing!"

"I will save the original!"

The paper wings behind the small south are open, and they will leave here.

Tiandao Payn stopped her, whispered: "Don't worry, I have encountered a big snake pill there, I have helped him solve; he has three tangle seven people's protection, there should be no problem ..."

"That first goes to see Yizhi Pub!"

Xiaoshan body origami film floated, the voice is cold: "From the mouth, ask the information!"

Since the Shangyuan has not returned, Yuxi Pubie has no new teammates, so he can't go out to perform the task, just sitting on the base outside the base to think about life.

A group of paper butterflies suddenly fell in front of him, gathered into a blue-haired woman standing above the lake, swinging a circle.

Xiaonan looked at him, looked down with his brows: "Do you have any troubles?"

"Somanti, is there something?"

The mood of Uzhi Pubie is a bit depression. He just wants to sit quietly for a while, don't want to talk to the woman in front of him.

Xiao Nan did not care about his mood, just asked the cold voice: "Yuxi Pub, you are a wooden leaf, have you heard of the name of the land when you have?"

"Belt soil?"

Yuxi Pubie remembered a funeral that he had taken before, and lifted his head and added the full name in the small southern exit: "Yuxi Bo belt?"

Xiaonan's brow is slightly wrinkled, carefully observing the expression of Unexpected, and seeing he did not show any abnormalities. He is a little surprised.

Yisizhiso, I don't know the identity of the mask man?

Xiao Nan Shen continued asked: "You are all symposium, should you know the people named Yisi Bo?"


Yuxi hub low, just looked at the lake and loud answer: "Yu Zhiwei has already killed in the third endurance battle, because he could not find his body, he is also the only one without burial. Hero. "


Xiaonan is interested in nod: "Continue to say!"

Single only is judged from Yuxi Pos, the mysterious mask is the probability of Yisi Bo belt at least eight or nine.

However, from the expression of Uzhi, he doesn't seem to know the true identity of mysterious mask men?

If you think about it, Yisizhiso may not be a wooden spy. After all, he kills the entire Unecheyo.


Yisizhubo looked at Xiaonan, and Yu Zhibo belled his earth, and did he continue to say?

What else is there!

Do you talk about the life of the soil?

Why do you have to die in the world?

Yisizhiso carefully observed the sound color of Xiaonan, and continued to say softly: "It is said that the results of Yuxi Bo belt are not very good, perhaps because of this reason, the land is arranged and the most The genius of ninja flag, Kakasi is divided into a team, became the disciple of four generations ... "

The story of a crane tail is from the Yishekou.

Yisi Hostel has heard the news from his family's other population, plus his own understanding and moistening processing, and shaped a fashionable growth story of a crane ultimately become a hero of the leaf hero.

When I heard of Xiaonan, I couldn't help but have some eyes. She didn't expect Yis Zhi Houchi, and the guys didn't have a story.

The ninja story of Unechebus is much more beautiful than the coming.

Then, the "strong perseverance" is what the "strong perseverance", can't see it, it is really not as good as Yishe's story.

"In the end, Unecho has become the hero of the wooden leaf, sleeping in an exotic country, and carries the genius ninja flag of comrades' will, and the written eye of the old friends will be written in the Words Cardi. Honor. "

This story does not disclose an intelligence, many of which are well known, and is a story of a will of communication.

Yuxi Houli finished this story, he even touched the land of the story, he slowly turned his head and looked at the tuition of the female niece, and there was still a bit wonderful ...

Is his story not listening?

Is the will of Fire spread to Xiaonan?

"After the end?"

Xiaonan's brow wrinkled, or she knew that her mysterious mask is Yuxi Bo belt, saying that I have admired him.


The expression of Uzhi Pub is not very good. I feel that this woman is not a good help: "How can you be interested in Unexpear?"

Xiaoshan did not answer his words, just open the paper wings behind him, cold channel: "Come with me, Payne wants you!"


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