I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 54 is nothing, ghosts are willing to be my spy!

Among the caves.

Western Western Paraminated is overlooking the Yuxi Pubie, Shen Sheng: "Yuxi Pub, you are a member of Af, you should know the true identity of A Fei?"

Payne did not hide Uz Chiso, or he is not in the idea of ​​Meishi, because in front of the real strength, no need to play.

The look of Yuxi Pub, but he has already turned over the sky and the sky, combined with the conversation with Xiaonan, he has guessed the things you want to say.

The mysterious mask has always claimed that Yushibo spheres, but Pethen and Xiaonan now seem to have found any evidence, find the mask male is Yisi Bo belt!

"He deceived me, claiming to be Yuxi Bao."

Payne looked at Yishe Pub, and the son continued: "In fact, his real identity is Yuxi wave belt soil, is the spy of the Zhidun Tibetan, the wooden leaf ..."


Yuxi hubo heard into silence.

In the past, all kinds of pests were in front of Yuxi Hou, and he began to analyze the true identity of Uzhibo belt with Pethen.

When he first saw the mysterious mask, the mask men killed his teammates and induced him to open the eyes;

Later, after Yishuo was greedy, the mask men were willing to cooperate with him to kill the entire Unexpea family, guiding him to join.

The mysterious mask man knows that he is the spy of the three generations, still telling him his plan, and willing to continue working with him.

Whether it is Yisziso to see each step of mysterious mask male action, you can see a rich dark style, which is just a single truncation group!

In addition to the Zhizhun Tibetan, who will want to overcome the Yishusai?

After Utiliary Box rebounded, I couldn't help but panic in my heart!

If they can really determine that mysterious masters are not Yuxi Boss, and it is really Yisi Bo belt, then he is almost 100% of the Tibetan section!

Because Yuxi Board is very good in the woods of the wood, there is no other loved ones in a grandmother, and there is not particularly high;

Belt soil is impossible to do so many dark things in subjective sense, can only be controlled by the group!

This is also reasonable.

There are not many ninja in the Unexpello family, and Yishe Water, Yisi Pub is allocated under the hand of the group, and there is also a ninja named Yu Zhiwei with Hidden Hand. It is simply normal.

Yuxi is slightly frowned. I didn't expect that every step of his now, under the arrangement of Zhun Village, the group hiding this guy is really a soul.

"Yuxi Bo belt is the spy of the group."

Petin's hand floated a yellow yin, watching the youth man: "Yu Zhi Houki, your true identity? Kill you all of the Yuxi Waves of the wooden leaves, will not be a spy? "

Yuxi hub looked up Wes, gently shakes his head: "I just want to find a place to live, he claims to be Yuxi Boss, and also blinds me ...

Since I now know that he is a wooden party to monitor my spies, I will kill him next time. "

Yisizhubo did not say that he worked with Unecissileo to cover the truth of Unechebra.

Once he said, it is possible to wash the suspicion of the tights, and it is more likely to drag himself down.

Now Yisi Hoski does not want to be used by the group, do not want to be in danger!

As for the soilo belt, wait until they come next time, Yuxi Poske will definitely want to handle it, he can't stand the group and still monitor him!


Payne nodded, looked at the small South Road next to: "Small South, next is from the mouth, try to find its true identity, once there is a problem, immediately kill it!"

Needly the information of Xiao Xiao.

Because I have been providing a lot of intelligence, Payne doesn't want to kill directly, but I want to try to explore the identity of it, check that it is a person who is deceived by Urcho.

When you get a message, whether it is black or white, it is a half-face, they don't understand how the belt is noticed.

And why do you want to bring soils?

Who made that Yuxi Bo took the prior to contact Niko, and the results of Niko have just refused them. Then, the Niko is hidden by Zhu Village, and the mountain pepper is half-hidden ...

Whether it is from time, it is really reasonable.

After Xiaonan and Payne simply reasoning, if you know the truth, they may have believed it!

The emotional emotions are somewhat: "Although it is only the guesses of the long and Xiaonan, it sounds, it is also costly, we will definitely, will also attract a suspicion of the long door ..."


The black mentality is good, it is still thinking about remedies: "In short, steady the long gates and Xiao Nan, to ensure that they don't doubt the plan to collect the tail beast."

"Then let's see the territorial countermeasures?"

White is slightly opened: "I just brought the soil back to our secret base, let a white branch to help him re-transplanted a three hook jade written eye ..."

"what happened?"

Darkness asked some doubts: "Does he use Yi Evil? Does anyone can force the land of the time to use Evil?"

"It is the original navigation."

Some of the white faces on the face have a bit difficult to understand: "The interpretation of the soil is too much attention, and it has been used as an explosion in the original Na.


Dark mood is not good.

Is Yuxi Bo belt not to say to the original navigation? The result is on the twelve old little ghost?

Sure enough, in addition to Uzhi Boss, other Unechebra is a waste!

A secret base.

This place was once a place of Hidden in Yuxi Bao, and also perched on a few white guards.

Yuxi Bo has transplanted a three hook jade with a three-hook jade with the help of a white branch, he has taken the mask on his face.

From today, he does not have the need to rook and swindled.

A absolute figure floats the ground.

He looked at him in the dark: "Belt soil, because you refuse to hear from our suggestion, the long door has already determined that you are the spy of the group."

White slogan: "And this matter is also implicated to us, in order to let the long gates re-trust us, we have to help him collect the intelligence of the mountain pepper half-hidden."

"Is there a way to save?"

Yisi Bo's brow frown, this news is a bit bad to him, can't control the actions in real time, some are somewhat unfavorable to him.

"There is at least no way now."

Black shook his head, Shen Sheng: "Now the long door has already identified your identity, only waiting until his anger dissipates, then slowly washing your suspect."

White slogans put forward their own suggestions: "We must find a way as soon as possible in the new people in Xiaoli, avoiding the actions to lose control ... and monitoring just joined Unexuso."

"This is no problem."

Yischo's brow stretched, smiled: "Take the original little ghost, I am sneaking, and he also believes in the merits of the month, will continue to act as the spy, help I am inserted. I monitors Uzhi Pub. "