I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 56, backhaul, occasional fat sheep

Since the original navigation is to take five people together, it is natural that it is naturally impossible to borrow from the fire country, so it is happily, so they pick a relatively stable route.

After leaving the port.

Shangyuan Na will turn to everyone, allocate the task to them: "The ghost light is full, go to Tang Renmun to order a hot spring hotel; no longer, you will carry the night Jun Ma Lu and white continue to conduct ninja training or depletion Disseminate ... "


The ghost light is full of moon and the peach.

Both of them, one is a genius ninja, and they became a genius housekeeper in Shangji, and a murderer was in the seven people. They were as an enlightenment teacher and babysitter.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and Bai couldn't help but look at Shang Shang, whisper: "Shangyuan Jun, don't you go with us?"

Shangji shook his head, soft: "Hey, I am practicing the printed in the afternoon, in the afternoon, we are in the village ... The most lively place!"

Tang Ren Village is the most famous tourist attraction of the endurance.

Tang Renmu is famous with their unique spa soup, is the most comfortable place to bear, and is also the best to enjoy.

Even the endurance war, rarely spread here.

Shangyou, take the boat, just on the way, just here to take a day.

After waiting until others leave, Shangyuan Na Rou and the mortar ghosts have a single space and began to discuss their plans.

The most concerned about the original Nairo is undoubtedly the last private session of the mortmonic ghosts left the water and the last private session of Yuxi Bo belt: "How? Get the trust of soil?"

"Ha, almost."

The mortal ghost is angry, and I laughed: "I told him that as long as his month's eye plan will continue to execute, after I become a teammate, I will continue to help the monitors, I will pass him. Yisiza's information. "

Before they collectively left the country, Yisi Board was steadped with someone to play with someone, and the performance of ghosts made him once again won the trust of soil.

Or, Yisi Bo has always believed in ghosts.

The mortal ghosts originally prepared a pile of an enchanting information, and if Yisi Bo belt soil did not ask these small things.

After all, since the past few years, the mortar ghosts have been serving the land of the four generations of water, and the relationship between them is not very common.

Moreover, the people of chanmonter are also worth trustworthy ...

As long as the goalpy ghost believes a person, he will pay 100%, including his own life.

"It seems that all plan is all smooth."

Shangyuan Na Ruo did not know that due to the deterioration of the situation, the position of the mortar ghosts rose straight in the heart of Unexhoe, and quickly ghost will become an important source of intelligence.

The original neighborhood is simply appeases his ministry: "After you have become a partner, you can enjoy a leisure day after you become a partner."

The mortal ghost is solarky, and the first: "Ha, it sounds good to the character of the written eye."

"I believe that you can get well with Unecissy."

Shangyuan Na will be very confident, he turned his head and looked at the ghosts: "Right, do you help me prepare a few sets of printed gestures?"

Thirteen sets ... "

The mortal ghosts took a reel, and laughed and handed it to the top: "The printer inside is half-half vacation, most of them are the princess of the water and soil."

"Thank you."

Shangji fell on the shaker, and the end of the end of his endurance package was satisfied.

The Shangyuan release skills are of course not printing. He wants to practice the printed printed to be a fun and confuse your opponent, relax the enemy's vigilance ...

He is also a Ninja who will print.

On the other side of the Nairi, I practiced the printing. On the other side, I said that Su Zhi's work: "Yushuohe is still very easy to get along, as long as you don't violate his bottom line, he will unconditionally tolerate anything you do ..."

"Bottom line?"

"His younger brother Unechebra saves."

Because the two signed the relationship of the contract, Shangyuan Nairou also trusted the martial arts ghost, put Unexpectedly, the intelligence combined: "As long as you don't hurt his brother, Yisi Pub is a ninja that is easy to use. "

"... Is it a father who is a father like a father?"

Can't help but laugh at him, I can't help but laugh: "The melon and the weakness of the ghost lights are exactly the same!"

I was sighing in the air: "It is the fault of this world, my brother's love is always sick."

Who is a person who created this world, is it a brother?

Tang Ren Village.

After Shangyuan Nae, the martial arts ghosts stepped into this rural village, followed the most lively place to find the most lively place, and looked at the wind of the village.

Tang Rengang Today's most lively place is a gaming member.

Why is a gambling!

When I got this news, my look was slightly subtle: "Will n't it be so clever? I always feel that we have passed, I will encounter a person!"

"Shang Shang people think that it is a person who is not a person?"

When the mortal ghost face is awkward, there is a little curious, and the smile is more concentrated: "If it is not particularly dangerous, should we don't go see the big man?"

Shangqi Nairi is difficult to nod: "You said ... also make sense, the danger of the big person is really low."

If you talk about gambling, you will inevitably file a woman.

A woman in a famous finish.

One of the strongest female ninja hands.

Because there is almost no ninja is willing to take the initiative to hurt her.

The apeer is from the most distinguished thousand hand of the wooden leaves. The first proposition will advocate a member of the medical ninja as a regular ninja team, and because she is proficient in all medical treatments, they have also been respected by countless ninjas.

Ninja believes that the agency is the most powerful medical ninja, but they have to mention that they are also very powerful.

Wooden three tolerance, can not stand alone to save people!

Among the entire endurance, except for the leaders of the major none, other ninja is not enough to see in front of the program.

Whether it is a look, the home, strength and the famous, the apeer can be said to be excellent in the dead end, but she has a well-known shortcomings.

Gamble gambling.

Unfortunately, her luck is not very good.

Since the hand left the wooden leaves, starting in the endurance tour, a strange name has also begun to circulate in the endurance.

Legendary fat sheep.

"Is there anything in the legend?"

"It's already started!"

"She has lost their two hundred thousand!"

"Big fat sheep is really different ..."

"She grows very big ..."

Today's gambling is very lively. The ghosts of the whole soul are all gather here, and some men trying to touch the fish, they want to take the opportunity to earn some small money.

Shangyuan Nai Lu defeated the ear, ignored the strange words, and looked at the people around the gambling, looking for their own departments.


A crisp sound called him.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu squeezed the crowd, went to the front of the original Nairi, explained whisper: "Mr. Full Moon, Mr. Full Moon, is already in the hot spring hotel ... they say that it is too dangerous, I am waiting for you here. "

"Shangyuan adult, it is indeed dangerous ..."

The sniostal little eyes of the mortar, his height can see the scene in the gardst, naturally see the blonde woman sitting in the middle of the gambling table.

As a ninja, how can I not know the wood three?

Shangnai Na Rou looked at the white body of the blonde female ninja, and sighed: "But this is interesting, isn't it?"


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