I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 58 is a big fat sheep ...

"Hey, little ghost!"

The apeer suddenly opened the window, and looked at Shangyuan Na, he looked at the Shangyuan Nai, and I almost asked. Which village of the village is? What is the name! "


It is difficult to look at the face.

Do you still want to catch his wool?

On the window, the chest is somewhat deformed on the window, and she smiled in the hands of the smile: "I am just a ribue, and will not hinder your execution task ..."

Shangyuan Na will finally raise his head, looked at the prime: "The legendary three-in-one master is also a wandering ninja ... that the three generations of the wood leaves have not been a little bites?"

The board is not angry, but it is quite agreeing to nod: "Yes, the old man is old, he is not only good, the brain is not good!"

The agency has no respect for the three generations of rigid shadows.

If the three generations of fire shadows are in front of the board, she can say a few more difficult words.

"So, will the wooden leaves will have new rigs?"

Shangqi, bowed his head, showing a mysterious smile: "It's better to gamble, I am very good to see the priority of the planner will become the next Nirie of the wooden leaves!"


The prime hand came out of a sip of hot, looking down on the original navigation, and laughed: "Little ghost, at least you have to guess a reliable candidate, how can I interested in the tits?" And Do you have money? "


Shang Nai's face is full of confident smiles, and if there is no money in his hand, it can't speak hard!

"Lifting to you is the choice of fate."

Shangqi sighed a sigh of relief, looked up at the face of the spring breeze: "When the fate is coming, no one can resist its will."

Of course, in addition to mastering the upland of fate.

After the words were finished, the original navigation waved goodbye to the planner, and his figure disappeared in the night.

The championship on the window is depressed, she just looked at the night outside the window, and the body slipped on the ground.

"... Delivery?"

The eyes of the agency accumulated tears, lie hard with their chest, her face, some Dang and sorrow: "Silent, pack up things, let us leave here tomorrow."

"Hey? Adults?"

Silently came over and saw the ape of the gossip on the ground. Before going to help her: "Do you have a master, do you have anything?"


The master reached his palm and stroked the silent cheek and whispered: "I am worried that there will be bad things happened, and I can pack something!"

After learning gambling, the apeer has been changing, even if it is a ghost that is like the thousand handles, her luck is also amazing.

She will occasionally win.

Whenever she wins, there will be bad things happening.

However, in the gambling bodies just now, the agency is almost a successful game, winning the original navigation.

Who knows what happened to her continued to stay in Tang Renma?

Shangyuan did not know that his sentence successfully made a good mood of the program, he only knows that fate is a very magical skill.

After he opened the fate, a small face is in his brain, and the position of all people in all the people in the square is controlled.

I quickly found the position of the moon and the ghosts and ghosts and the full moon, one of the cards appeared at his feet ...

Destiny delivery function, start!

The most luxurious spa in Tang Ren Village.

Cartry ghosts are sitting in the hotel to repair the muscles, and look at the companion in the hot spring bath from time to time, and his ear suddenly came to cut the phone.

Cartry ghosts grabbed the muscles and turned, just saw a scene that made his little eyes were sighed!

A card with a card in the floor of the room, each card alternately overlaps the round area of ​​a half-meter.

In the next second, Shangyuan Na Luo appeared on the card.

This is the transfer function attached to the new skill fate of Shang Shang, as long as the chanmonter is within the scope of the destiny, he can transfer it directly.

When the chanmon ghost suddenly slammed a sigh of relief, there were more curiosity on his face. Like a laugh: "Actors, this is a time and space style?"


Shangyuan Nairies did not deny that the hand handed a martial artimatimmon ghost and a banknote. It was a promise to give him a poor to give him: "This is the money you give me."

"... only 500?"

The mortal ghost is very exciting.

Even if the ghosts have not deliberately calculate the commission of the task, there is a rough number, but there are millions of money!

Cartry can't help but don't help but say: "The Shang Shangren lost a few million two today? It sounded more like a legendary fat sheep ..."

"To shut up!"

I heard the title belonging to the apeer, the face of Shangyuan Na, a black, mood and a little gloomy, asked: "Which is my room?"

"The biggest part of the next door."

Cartry sniosity quickly skewers with their own money, laughing and opening: "Shang Shang people, don't go to the hot spring to stay in a while? This is the most luxurious hot spring hotel in Tang Ren Village, not willful Easy to come here to consume! "

"Can't, the mood is not good."

The body of Shangyuan Nae is like a dive, and it is generally sinked into the wall.

After the surprise of the ghosts, Shang Shang has long used

The magic of the fate is transmitted and the , simply subverting the cognition of snorkeling, and adding aware of the awe of his heart.

However, the mortal ghosts thought of the original naval, depressed expression and lost a few million, and couldn't help but speak from the voice: "Ha, it seems that our new boss is not so perfect!"

The citilla ghosts did not be angry because they came to the original navigation, and they were angry, but they didn't think that there were a little bit of life. When they were originally got, they were a little fear. Mo near the mystery.

A spray splashing into the room, the ghost lights looked at the full moon, and the smile was confused: "I just heard someone talking, adults come back?"

"Well, just went to rest."


The ghost light is not so frowning, and the face is not very beautiful: "Adults have been resting so early, is it unsatisfactory for the hotel I booked?"

"No, just a simple mood is not good."

The mortal ghost is stressed, watching the ghost light, full moon, smiling: "After all, no matter who, lose a few million two thousand, don't you go?"

Ghost light full moon: "..."

Finally, the martial artifacts and ghosts full moon paired each other, and their own laughter and showed a high-profile smile.

Mom, really still want to laugh!

I thought that everything in the endurance is in the upper context ...

I didn't expect that I was still a big fat sheep!