I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 59 She is provoking me!

Shangyuan Nai rossed on the opposite side.

I lost a few million in one night, and I couldn't sleep anyone.

Obviously, he just wants to complete the two branch mission by the way, the result is lighted, and the face is lost, and the more shame is the object of losing money or a hand.

This is said to have a person who creates him.

In the future, he became a big BOSS after the end of the end of the 21st, and the prime was known to the mouth. Then the original navigation did not lose a few million children on the gambling table?

This ... Is there an image?

"Forget it, people have not finished."

"The killer is still a brain damage. Yuxi Bao is also prostatitis. This little thing is not a matter of itching, and there are still a few strange branch mission on the program, and the task reward is not very low. There is still a little bit. Feminine…"

In the middle of the night, I got a few more words, I'm a few words, I'm inexplicably dreaming of Xiaoshan, who is wearing Hongyun black robe.

Dreaming of sleep.

Xiaonan's face is no longer gentle, but it is a cold, black face, and it is obedient: "Needel, do you learn to gamble?"

Benen behind Xiaonan: "" The teacher teaches teachers, we must never stay together with people who gamble. "

"And this kind of little ghost is still gambled with a program, he is not the beautiful appearance of the agency, that is, if you want to fly the money ... Is it not curious, why do you be so beautiful or single? Just because she is a Gamble! "

Talking is a tall man behind Wen, Shang Shangcheng can't see his face, and can only be judged according to his voice and contour, it should be a comeback.


The end of this dream is to attack with the paper of God, the original star and the fairy law, and finally the upland big devil is still supported by the agency, defeating Xiaonan, Payne and Just combination.

Take a dream!

It is still a messy dream, and it is full of nightmare, dreams and spring dreams.

Morning time.

The original Nairou climbed up from the bed, and he was still unfailed to wipe his mouth and wipe the cold sweat on his forehead.

"Shang Shang people."

Some people knocked on the door, the voice of the mortar ghosts came from the door: "Today we continue to hurry, or stay in Tang Renmang again? I will help you prepare five million ..."

"... Today, speed up the road!"

Shangji opened the door, looked at the ghosts in the face: "Yesterday I lost to the program, no one knows?"

"... I know it."

Cartry ghosts smashed, standing next to oneself, ghosts full moon, peach and glow night Jun Ma Lu Hecheng.

White shockedly covered his mouth.


Shangji was returns his fist, and the people who were present were in the event: "Tang Renmang happened, can not let others know, understand?"


The mortar ghost smile and nodded. Others should each should come down. I didn't understand what is wrong.

Original Naida must not tell them.

He must play a perfect disciple in front of Xiaonan, and his body can't have any stains that make Xiaonan's unsatisfactory stains. This is likely to be a formal member.

The village of Tang Ren Village.

The original Nairou row team just came over, just encountered a master, mute and their pet small powders.

The eyes of the agency were slightly smashed, and they looked at a group of people who were long after the past. Suddenly showed Yan Xiao: "Early, little ghost! Do you want to leave Tang Renni?"


Shangji, I watched an eye on the hand, some cool clothes, turned around from the program, and did not pay attention to the blonde.

After other people followed the Shangyuan, the battle was overwroughtous.

"Hey, little ghost!"

Some of the programs wanted to call Shang Shangyuan. Seeing that he didn't respond, laughed: "When I was with me last night, I was like a cat, how did I go to face it now? ? "


Silent face is red and waved to stop the word of the tiger wolf: "Don't say that these misunderstandings! The little guy is still inseparable!"

"alright, alright…"

The program took the silent shoulders and pushed her to the side. It was only a little dignified: "I didn't see the wrong thing just now, with the people behind the little ghost, there are several people in the foggy village. ? "


Mute is some indisal.

The planner took her head, confident and smiled: "The identity of the little ghost looks very simple, maybe we can win him again, as a trip!"

"If we lose?"

"The little ghost is a bull, how can I lose?"

"Don't say this! And this is too dangerous, the master is not saying that he is with the hidden village of the fog in the village? If they turn the face ..."

"Don't worry, I have absolute grasp."

The apeer has begun from the gambling, in addition to winning a thousand-handed column, and has never encountered a person who can make her win money, how can you easily let go?

Anyway, she has to leave the soup in the village today, do not win, do not win!

And there is still a sentence that there is still a sentence, she can feel that the little ghost that gamble and she is very interesting, not like a normal ghost!

That feeling and her own style is very like ...

The little guy is actually very wanting to win, as long as you win, no matter how many times you lose!

The average took a banknote and continued to go toward the original navigation: "Hello, the little ghost, need to give you a few hundred two when it is?"


The face of Shangyuan Nae is difficult to look at it.

The stem of the stem of the mortar is grasped to the shank of the muscles, and the top is waving his movements: "Don't care about her."

"Little Ghost!"

With a hand, a piece of paper is raised by a banknote in the direction of the original Needle, and he is easily clamped with your fingers!

Shangyuan Needs and finally couldn't help but turn over, and he looked at the blonde woman who stood in Tang Renmun.

The prime fist is holding his chin, looking at the original Needle and laugh: "Is today? Is there any money to play with me? I don't mind hitting the bar!"

After that, the aperator licked his mouth.

The woman's style is moving in the hand, making people look at her is not so embarrassed.

What is this woman!

He is just a twelve-year-old child!

"You wait for me for a while ..."

Shangyuan Na will finally endure, he is not a practical ninja, he only wants the system's branch task reward.

"Shangyuan adult!"

The whole person is not good, there is a big doubt in the small eyes!

However, I saw the palm of the original naval, and the mortal ghost or put a sealing reel in the hands of the upper.

Shangyuan is a little suspected of cheating!

According to the common sense, it is the easiest way to win the program, how can I feel that it is still difficult now?

The ghost light is full of the moon, hesitating the opening: "Adults, the master is the legendary three endure, whether it is her identity or strength, not suitable for her conflict ..."

Ninja is very respectful.

In a sense, the aperator promotes the establishment of a full-time medical ninja, which greatly reduces the injury and death of Ninja, she has surpassed the narrow identity of the wood rubber.

"But she is challenging me!"

Shangji was returned to hold the reel in his hand, looked at the distant actions in cold and coldly: "Jun Ma Lu left, you will go first, can't let this woman is too proud, I am not a money boy!"