I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 60 I am from the ninja, the most, is peace!

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu and white are somewhat.

The ghost can't help but laugh, it sounds on the top of the top!

Only have some additions to be aware of the full moon.

Shangyuan actually even glow night Jun Ma Lu, who had not yet formed a combat power, is heavily ill, do you have to treat him?

The Ninja, who came into the country of these water, came to be cold, and Jun Ma Lu had a serious illness only ...

Four generations of water shadows must not die!

However, the ghost lights remembered a rumor. He had to fight the original Needle, and he looked: "But I heard that the master of the most powerful medical ninja has retired, since after the end of the war, no longer Show people ... "


Shangji nodded, looking at the cheerful blonde woman in the distance, sighed a good air: "Maybe because her own psychology is there!"

The woman is suffering from probularity!

Who thinks that a medical ninja will have probularity, and she is still a confirmed medical ninja.

Shangyuan Na Ruyi's other members continued to hurry, they took Hui Na Ma Lu to the agency and mute.

When the program walked in their direction, the body stopped at the top of the Shang, bent down in his shoulders, vomiting the blue, and smashed the head: "How, the little ghost? Or forget me, we are now looking for Place ... "


Silently tense next to the hand's shoulder: "Pay attention to your image! Don't tease him, this is a child!"

The apeer did not pay attention to it quietly listened to the superior heartbeat.

Shangyuan Nairou helplessly reached out to the hand, sighed, sighed: "... Figure I said straight, don't use this? Expectant."

"Cut, do not tease the little ghost!"

"I have 5 million people here ..."

Shangyuan Na will raise the reel in his hand, whisper: "I can bet with you, but I have a request."

When the compendiam is coming, it is only low, just looks down at the original navigation. "What is the requirements?"

"Help give him a body."

Shangji fell to the glow night Jun Ma Lu, whispered: "He is the last glow night, the promenade should hear it?"

"Hui Night" of Water Country? "

The agency did not hear the name of the brilliant night, and I have heard some secrets of this Ibracia: "I didn't remember the wrong, even the peaceful age, Hui Night race also never had longevity Ninja, their character Will be violent by bloody ... "

The apeer does not pay much attention to the things of Hui Ning Jun Ma Lu, she is more interested in the original Needle, and I will transfer the topic to the top of the top.

"Little Ghost."

The hand of the program picked the reel in the original hand, and the mouth cheeper: "I am going to gamble, but let me help to rule the disease?"

Shangyuan Na Lu heard the dissatisfaction in her words, helping the forehead of helping her: "If you like, there will be someone will give you money ... but on the gaming table, you should haven't won money?"


On the forehead of the program, it could collapse a crossbar, because the original navigation is indeed true.

The anger on the program is scattered, and the light is told: "Silent, you go to check the little ghost of the brilliant night, I will play a few people with this little guy!"

"Yes, the master!"

Silent in my heart, I nodded respectfully.

After the ahead and the original Na, he followed them behind them, looking for a seating area with a seat, and the hand took out the dice from the pocket, and Shangyuan Na, unlocked the reel seal, took out a piece of money.

While checking your body.

Opened the gambling.

... ...




"I won."

When the hand of the program, the face was flying, reached out and took away the money in the top of Shang Shang, asked: "Little ghost, what is your name?"

"Shangyuan Needs."

The teenager is silent for a while, there is no homogeneous name.

The agency picked the eyebrows and continued to shake the squat: "I seem to haven't heard of the hidden village's Ninja or big person ..."

"Very normal."

Shangji shook his head and sighed: "" How can I have this kind of ninja? "Mr. God of fog hide? Mr. God is just helping me complete the task ..."

This is not wrong with it.

It is just the task of the Shang Shangyuan, which is to pull the martial artifacts into the organization.


The ahead suddenly pressed the , looked up and looked at the original navigation, and her face flashed on a smell: "I said this kind of words in the mouth, but I can't say it, the five major people are not Your little ghost is in your eyes ... "

"The promenade."

Shangyuan Na will not give her weak land: "I heard that the three-generation eyes of the leaves are very old. I can go back to the place of the fire, but I still travel outside ... The most powerful village is not careless. Is your most proud person? "

But the apeer does have proud capital!

Whether it is her home world, appearance, strength and ability, every item in her body appears in any other woman, will make people proud.


The eyes flashed in the eyes.

The two no longer speak, continue to start their gamble.

The luck of Shangyuan Needle on the gambling table seems to be more worse than the ahead.

No matter what he guess, there will never guess it, the gambling won on the system panel looks far away ...

Forget it, just when the task does not exist.

Shangji is so comfortable to self-comfort, according to the second fans of the fans, the award of the gamble, the reward of the gambling will be unrelenting!

The ahead picked up a piece of money in front of Shanghao, whispered: "Little ghost, I have not won a few times in this life, every time I won, there will be bad things happened, these two days have always been win you. Money ... "


Shangyuan Nae knows this curse.

He also a little curious now has won him so many times, and there will be no earthquake in the village of Wiley ...

Or, the big snake will encounter danger?

Shangyuan Nairi thought of his identity.

Maybe is a missed the agency's curse?

As a dawn interns, as the last set of waves behind the role of the role, perhaps the current prime hand encountered him and did not remove him this threat ...

In fact, it is her biggest unfortunate and regret!

Of course, the current ahead wants to kill him, and it is not too likely ...

Even if it is a master, you won't think that the teenager sitting in her, there is a power of the shadow level in the body.

The brain's brain is more active, suddenly laughing: "Hey, the little ghost, what will you become a member of the evil organization? It seems that your identity doesn't seem to simple ..."

"How can it be?"

The original Nairou seven denied the accounts of the agency, whispering: "Ninja, like me, is better than anyone wants to be peaceful ... this put me guess!"

"Then I guess double!"

The championed look was confused, and she took a dollar from the top of the top: "Peace is more precious than money and life ..."


The muffled hand wears a white glove, and she appeared in front of them, she ended the condition of Huama Ma Lu.

Silently saw the Jun Ma Lu standing around him, his face was full of apologies and exhausted: "Sorry, his condition is very complicated, I am inadmissible ..."