I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 66 My parents have been killed by wooden ninja!

The rain started again.

The rain is hiding in a base.

Just when they heard the footsteps outside the point, suddenly a voice penetrated rain, incorporated into the ear of rain.

This sound sounds a little guy, there is a little taste in the words: "Do you hide it? If you hide, we will start looking."


When other ninja were surprised, Yu Yin Village just sent a resulted in the armed captain, but suddenly changed.

This endagede is the size of the servant of the rains.

Due to the previous time, the squid was responsible for the care of the columns in the small south, and several Ninja team were also killed by July 788.

Because of this, the principal of the department is considered to be a big mistake, and it will be exported to this small base.

"The outside is Xiaoyu!"

The part of the department smashed his tutor, and when the original nailed the devil appeared here, it means that this stronghold has been finished.

During this time, the news that Xiwiwaving and fly-fired news has been opened in the country of rain.

Although the news of the rain hidden, there is only one woman and a teenager, but their strength is very powerful.

As a prior part of the personnel, his feelings are more intuitive.

Single only that boy, it is not what they can overcome!

The part of the service is in the middle of his part, Shen Sheng: "Let's take a few separately, at night in the canyon in the east!"

"But will this be broken?"

One of the rain is suggested: "The service department is long, it is better to stay here, as long as we can stick to one day, half-hidden, the right hand will come soon, it will destroy this group of guys at that time!"


The department is flattened. "If we are stationed here, how long does it take to support, don't think so much, return!"


Several rain is unable to accept orders from the ministry.

Just after these few, after you just left the base, a root bone suddenly flew, and injected their chest and abdomen, blood flowers flew!

Several rains have no sound.

Only the internal part of the department has held the talents in his hand, barely block the impact of a bone bomb, even if he is also hurt by the shock of the bone.

The department is flattering and looks at it. I saw a blue-haired woman wearing a red cloud in black robes. She is three little ghosts around, one of why white hair is pointed to him with his finger.

Obviously, this finger sneak attack destroyed this rain fingered team!

"Leave him a life, Jun Ma Lu!"

Shangyuan Na Run waved the movement of Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, jumping with it, looked at the part of the service and smiled. "Ha, this is an old friend!"


Hui Night Jun Ma Lu returned his finger, and he fell by himself. It was he used ten fingers to kill several rain.

Xiaonan wrinkled frowned, looked at the rain in the rain, and asked softly: "Nair, have you seen him?"

"Well, we met last time ..."

The original Nairou opened a few sentences.

Last time, when he kills the mountain pepper, he and Xiao Nan, just met the Ninja troops led by the department, and they were easily defeated by the original.

This is an endure of the raining stab, with a pleasant paradise, from the top of the top, changed himself and two endure.

"Is this a person gave you the novel that is currently?"

Xiao Nan's scorpion flashed, she worked hard to arrange a bright future for the original, I didn't want to see what stains on the disciples!


Shangyuan Nai can't stand up and looked at Xiaonan. I wanted to open a word to remind her, it is your teacher written!

Xiaonan, a full face, obviously ignored this problem, looked down at them whispered: "Kill him, Nai!"


Shangyuan Needan helplessly sighed, kneeling, looking at the department's flat way: "Sorry, my teacher is here, this time your luck is afraid ..."

The part of the department interrupted the end of the original Needle, the small voice: "I have a set of intra-amenities here, there are two books!"

The atmosphere suddenly strange.

This rainy village's accepted advice wants to use a set of intimate heaven, in exchange for the original navigation.

Unfortunately, his grass rate!

If it is just the original navigation, there is no overall situation, and the original Needle will really spare him, let him go back to continue to intimidate half-hit.

But this time ...

There is also Xiaonan staring on the cliff!

The mood of the original naval is not very good: "What do you mean? Do you think I am?"


The mining department has given the original navigation of a concealed look, "the intimate heaven" series is the treasure of the ninja, understand!

When Shangyuan suddenly fell into the branch task of the "Kind Heaven" series, there must be several two volumes, but it is necessary to set up two volumes.

If you kill the size of the service, the book will definitely be confiscated by Xiaonan ...

Shangqi Nai Lu has deeply seen a flat-eyed, whispered: "If you want to spare you, this price is not enough, if you have a hull of the butterfly ..."

"I must never betrayal half-hidden people ..."

The part of the department is full of confirmation to the Upper, just the next moment, he seems to think about what, hanging down the head: "If you are willing to do something, I can tell you that half of the Handan Hands of the Handan Pioni intelligence…"

"We are not interested in small shrimps."

Shangji fell to the swing, and the rainy village is half-hidden in the mountains. The other ninja is not enough, and it is just some small fish squid.

The department is silent for a while, whispered: "If this is related to your organization's survival?"


When Shangji was laughed out: "Relationship with the departure of the dawn? You think too much, you have the ability to cover you, you are still in the ninja school!"


The principal of the department did not understand the meaning of the original Needle, after all, in accordance with the constant executive, I don't all say that those who can cover you are not born.

It's just that the mining department has not thought about it. He just opened his head: "If I said, half-hidden people want to jointly hide the village group of the United Wood?"


The eyes of Shangyuan Nair tight, he slowly looked at the eyes of the squad, the cold channel: "I am very interested in my teacher ... but I want to know, why do you disclose this intelligence to me? ? "

So far, the rainy nafe to Shangyuan Na, all of them are very loyal to their leadership, and even if they pay life.

Regarding the re-colluding information of Zhi Village Tibetan and live pepper semi-collaboration, should it be a top secret in Yuyin Village?

The department is flat-eyed, bitter, bitter, biting his teeth: "Because in the role of the Battle, my parents have been killed by the wooden ninja! Obvious half of the people can easily kill you, but they want to collude with the wooden leaves!"


Shangyuan Nairou automatically ignored the latter half sentences, sighed a picture: "But I want to know what evidence you have, can you prove this?"