I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 68 Don't impulsive, teacher!

After hearing Xiaonan's reminder, the original Nairi returned to the heart, and looked up and looked up to the two teams that appeared in the canyon.

Among them, a team wore a rain-implicit amount, and a red imprint for the head of the ninja face, looked at some kind of fierce, should be the so-called half-Zhai right-hand mountain pepper god.

Another team of ninja is uniformly wearing animal masks, wearing a model, which looks well compared to rainy hidden.

Is that the root of the wood?

The original Nairou quietly opened the destiny skills, wanted to see if there were people he knew in these leaf ninja.

When the fate skill is opened, the God of Shangyuan has changed.

There is a familiar avatar inside the root ninja, it seems to be called the mountain stroke?

But why is this guy also appeared in this?

This guy has a plot ...

Under the bottom of the negotiation area.

Black and gentle sound: "Xiaonan has brought the original little ghost to ambush them, as long as we wait until they have fierce battles, we take this opportunity to hide the intelligence in a ninja ..."

"No problem?"

White is a little hesitially open: "If Xiaonan can't overcome them? Or we accidentally discovered ..."


Don't want to care about it.

Unfortunately, they share a body, even if the half of the body is a mental displacement, the black is still to appease his emotions: "Don't worry, the power of Xiaoshan will not be too weak!"

What's more, I will connect to the original Na, I can go to Tongli Tiandao Pen En. How can Xiao South may not learn how to Tong Ling?

There is a feeling in black and even faintly, and Xiaonan has always been a member of the organization, maybe it can be so guessed that Xiaosan believes that his strength exceeds these people!

According to the black and his own intelligence analysis of Xiaonan, this blue-haired woman is not like the kind of people!

If she thinks her own members who have been able to fight, then she really has that power.

Dark guesses are good.

Xiaonan is indeed confident on his strength.

When Xiaonan saw the appearance of the original Nairi, they gently patted his arm and comforted him: "Shang, what happened? Don't be afraid, everything is there ..."


Shangyuan brood shook his head in his arms.

Why do you think he will be afraid?

Anyway, he also has a little bit of ninja!

His teacher is still thinking that he can retreat from the mission of the hidden village because it is 100 billion out-of-white?

He, Shangyuan Na, now very strong!

However, looked at Xiaonan comfort his movements. The original Nairou is still helpless to the low voice of Xiaonan: "Teacher, first look at their negotiations! I feel this group of ninja is a bit weird ..."


Xiao Southern nodded.

To be honest, Xiaonan is really thought that the Journalists who have been gathered in so much, after all, the enemies they face are different from the past.

These most of the elite ninja were more than those who had the striking ninja, there are some endolers.

Acne, happens to be the most vague concept of this religion.

The wood leaves of the year, the golden flashes, who dares to treat them as ordinary to endure?

A fight seven? One fight ten?

Golden flash can be defeated by 50 people who have no injury!

After the part of the department, Pingchuan went to see the root ninja, holding the tackle in his hand, asked: "Do you don't do it now?"


Shangyuan Needs and Xiaoshan seem to look at the part of Pingchuan.

In fact, Xiaonan should be the most hidden people who have hide-hiding and collectible in all people who have hide-hiding and group hide.

In this way, she can do the past enemy on the past.

The development of things is clear that there is no wish.

Over time, the negotiations of the mountain fish and the mountain stroke in the rainy village, and the negotiations in the mountain stroke of the wooden root force seem to be deadlocked.

After a while, the two were arguing.

The argument of the two people is getting bigger and bigger, the mountains of the mountains and the stroke are each retracted, and the high sound: "All warnings!"


The sound of the knife out of the sheath is endless!

A rain is out of shape, standing above the canyon!

However, opposite the canyon suddenly drilled a group of wooden ninja, glanced at this, and the rain is facing each other!

Both sides have no special trust other party.

The mountain is winding at the mountain pepper, the mountains have been drinking: "Yu Yin Village has lost the letter, you are all sincerely sincere!"

"Dictionary is your wood, ninja, you must push responsibility!"

The mountain pepper god did not show weakness, and loudly accused: "If it is not because the Zhun Village Tibetan and the wooden ninja is escaping, the present is now destroyed!"


The two quickly accusefully blame it.

In fact, this is only the basic routine of the negotiations between the two sides, and wants to take the responsibility of the other party to make the identity of the victim in this negotiation.

The conditions proposed by the roots of the roots are: the mountain pepper semi-Tibet must first support the Zhun Group to become a wooden shadow. At that time, he will send the ninja troops as the original shadow, support the pepperfish semi-Tibetan to destroy the rain.

The conditions proposed by the rainy hidden are: Zhidun Tibetan must send people to support the mountain pepper half-Tibetan , then discuss how to support the group to become a nig.

Everyone has a bit of empty gloves.

The ribbed part of the roots have eaten the last cooperation. Zhidun Tangzang is clearly brought to help, and the result of the mountain pepper half-hibernation is not accompanied by ...

Therefore, the provision of the collaboration is the premise of this cooperation is that the mountain pepper semi-Tibet must first appear to have a platform.

As long as Yu Yin Village and wooden leaves reach a friendly alliance relationship, use an influence of a ninja half-god to try to change the high-level attitude of the wooden leaves ...

Rainy hidden people are naturally not happy.

Who knows when the village group can become a nig?

Just like the last cooperation?

The roots of the woods assisted that Yu Yin Village was destroyed Xiaomi, waiting until the success of eliminating the success of the organization, half-hidden adults will naturally support the group!

The first round of talks between the two sides will definitely not be as simple as it is.

Xiaonan looked at the two sides who accused each other, and the mood was not very wonderful. I asked: "Nair, what is going on? Are they this ... Talking?"


Shangji nodded.

Xiaonan's brows couldn't help but wrinkled, and the face faintly black: "Is the village group hide?"

"Don't come?"

Shangyuan Nair is also a bit confused.

According to his memory, it seems that there seems to be only once in the cooperation of Zhi Village Tibetan and the mountain pepper, until the mountain pepper is half-hidden by Payne, and has not seen the shadow of the group.

"What are you waiting for!"

Xiaoshan's face is sinking, biting his teeth, low voice: "Then let's kill everyone present, charge a little interest!"


Shangyuan Na was a little confused with his own teacher.

However, this does not affect the judgment of the Journey, and the small South is going out. Shangyuan Nai is busy pulling Xiaonan's wrist, pull her back to her side!

"Teacher, don't impulsive!"

Shangqi Nai Lu hurriedly pressed the small south, watching her unexpected eyes, whispered: "Teacher, first observe the situation, maybe we can try another plan."

Don't say anything else, at least you can't take a little interest, let the hidden in the outside, you will succeed!

Although Shangyuan doesn't know what happened ...


As a person who wants to seize the shadow of Xiao and the behind-the-scenes, the plan to chaos the competitors is the most important!