I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 73 Avosting Half Tibetan Plan

Xiao Nan shouted his chin from the original Nairi's shoulders, she gained some doubts and puzzles, and didn't understand their disciples' brain.

Her eyes seem to ask for the original:

What should I be said now, is it an umbrella?

Shangyuan Na Rouked up the palm of the palm in Xiaonan's head, covering her raindrops in the air: "Teacher, the rain is too big, let's find a place to hide?"

"…it is good."

Xiaonan only nodded.

There is a very amazing in the endurance.

If a ninja appears in the wild, find the chance to find the cave is very high, especially in the country where the country is often experienced.

Hui Night Jun Ma Lu, white and clothing department Pingchuan and others hide in the cave, Shangyuan Naolou and Xiaonan sit in the hole roast fish, chatting the story of the first generation of organizations.

Xiaonan first, I said the truth of the year.

"... When the organization is the most prosperous, the number of people even more than one hundred ninja. We just wanted to use the power of the country and even the war of the whole tolerance, let people understand peace.

However, this power is too weak for the entire endurance, and we are all silent ninja, very little people will be willing to listen to our persuasion.

At that time, there was a person worked hard to eliminate the war of the five major countries, in order to spread the belief, we decided to join him. "

When Xiao Nan said here, there is a flame in her eyes, which makes people unclear the reflection of the fire or the reflections.

On the small south, the fire before gathering, "His name is half a pepper, and the most prestigious Ninja at the time."

"The name of the ninja is really amazing."

Shangji nodded, whispered to Xiaonan: "If I didn't encounter Means and Xiaonan teacher, I will also join Yuyin Village?"

"We don't want you to be deceived by his illusion, so we will force you to join Xiao."

Xiaonan shakes his head, and whispered the story of the past: "Just starting our negotiations in the mountains and pepper, the tibia of the mountains is very smooth, the ninja half is defeated, and we believe in him without retaining.

Until the negotiation, when I was patrolling with others in the border, I met a premeditious ambush, others in order to protect all of them ...

Among them, you also include your father. "

Xiaonan slowly turned his head, looking at the eyes of the original Nair, flashed a touch and distressed.

Shangyuan Na Run turned down to the palm of the grilled fish, directly looking at Xiaonan's eyes: "So Xiaonan teacher does not want me to take risks to save you?"


Xiao Southern nodded and continued: "But the battle is only starting ... The first generation of the beginning of the organization."

Xiaonan did not conceal the next thing.

It is precisely because Xiaonan himself is caught by the mountain pepper, and it has led to the people's talks in the tissue and mountain pepper semi-hidden talks.

Baiko was forced to commit suicide on the spot in order to rescue Xianshan.

In order to rescue Xiaonan, the power used the power of the outer road, and he is almost squeezed that the vitality and Chakra, and the legs are more designed by the pepperfish half-hidden detonation.

"The person who should die there is me ..."

Xiaonan's finger hit the wooden stick in his hand, the wood fragmented voice integrated into the flames when the flame burned.

"No one should die."

Shangji shook his head, slowly reached out to grasp the palm of Xiaonan, whispered: "The evil of sin is committed, not the reason why we are embarrassed here."


Xiaonan silently hangs down.

Obviously her spirit will not be improved because of the comfort of the Shang.

Shangyuan Na was calm, knead his forehead, whispered: "If you are willing, if you are willing, we may try it ... Let the mountain pepper semi-tibia experience the despair of being deceived?"


Xiao Nan looked up and looked at the original navigation. She didn't understand what her disciples did not understand what it means.

Shangqi Nai Lu continued to explain: "Yu Yin Village and mountain pepper half hide do not know that Zhun Group is unable to leave the wooden leaves, it can be changed ... Then we can become a wooden ninja, the name of the Zhizhun Tibetan meet?"

After saying, Shangyuan Na will raise a form of hand: "If you have this major event with Zhidun Group, you should come to you? We will take this opportunity, kill the mountain pepper half-hidden!"

"How is this possible ..."

Xiaonan shakes his head, very unrecognizes the plan: "The mountain pepper is very suspicious, he will not be easy to appear, he found a flaw ..."

"We have no loss in anyway."

Shang Nai was settled in the booth, and he watched his teacher without saying: "If he doesn't come, we just wast a little time."

Xiaonan also put forward another question: "Wanyi Mountain Pioni is half-hitting this opportunity, or order the ninja in the rainy village to siejen?"


Shangyuan Nairi is a bit a bit crash. He is still a strong spiritual explanation: "We have arranged hundreds of millions of detonates in the negotiations, and destroying a group of enemies still have no problem?"

Xiaonan's eyes suddenly flashed a shine, she thought for a little bit of nodded: "In order to deal with Yuxi Bo, I used two hundred billion out-of-the-month and four hundred billion to explode. Double gods. Paper surgery ... "


The eyes of Shangyuan Needs were sluggish for a second.

Xiaonan's expression gradually became a bit very serious: "This time I just use them to experiment with six hundred billion tootion of the papers, determine how long it can explode, how long it can explode."

At the end of the original Nahai, I look at Xiaonan, watching six hundreds of billion in anime and seeing it in real freeware.

Especially when he saw Xiaonan used a million detonatics, it took a mountain.

Shang Nai was swallowed with saliva, and the voice was somewhat open: "Teacher ... will so many explosions will be too wasteful?"

"Will you waste."

Xiaonan touched the head of the original Nairi, soft: "This six hundred billion explosive experiment is to deal with Unexhoe, etc. After I determine the experimental results, I can find a way to fight the guy."


Shang Nai was sighed in the heart, in the original history, six hundreds of billion explosions did not kill Unexpello.

"Needel, I am your teacher."

Xiaoshan reached out his palm and stroked the cheeks of the original Needle: "So, I will not allow anyone to hurt you."

"Xiaonan teacher ..."

Shangqi Nai, grabbed Xiaonan's palm, whispered: "Those who hurt teachers, I will not let them!"

I heard a twelve-year-old teenager spoke, Xiao Nan can't help but laughed: "Well, we may not be able to catch the mountain pepper half-hidden ..."

"It can also scare him, let the teacher are exported!"

Shangyuan Na will be indignant, he is obvious that it is talking about it.