I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 78 I gave us this year, and I will give you a thousand times today!

A revenge for many years.

It is only a bit hearty meaning until today.

Previously, the mountain pepper semi-founded discovery has been deceived, the look of the anger and fear, is just the former dish of this revenge feast.

A group of rainy hidden people obviously don't experience things, they are even a little laughing from the doubts, after anger.

"What joke!"

"Several people in the district want to attack half-hidden people!"

"Half-hidden adults can be ninja half god, the only ninja in the gods that can be legends in Ninja in decades!"

"Tell a gaming? How much is this group of guys?"

"Half an hour? One hour?"

"Is it a bit short?"

"How long is it? Do you think that they can be like a wooden leaf three tolerance, and half of the half-Tibet?"

Whenever I mention the ninja half-god pepper semi-hidden, it is necessary to prevent him from the Ninja that he has given the woods three tolerance.

As time goes by, the strength of wood leaves is getting stronger.

Even now, the wood leaves have already been divided into Yang, the endurance is still circulating their legend, which also puts up from the side of the mountain pepper half-Tibetan strength in the beginning of the three tolerance.

In fact, it was half-hidden in the peak of life.

Listening to the communication under the surrounding part, the color of the mountain fish is more and more downsful, he can not say so confident without this group of rain.

Half-section is really big.

He has already begun to die.

The mountain pepper is half-tibied, and the surroundings around them, quietly erected their fingers, he wants to leave here quietly.

As long as you return to Yu Yin Village, everything still has hope.

If stayed here, who knows that the red-haired ninja that has a round look will become strong, and there is also the orange juvenile who has already suicide ...

About the most inconspicuous is the woman of the blue hair.

The mountain pepper is half-hidden in his heart. If you have any opportunity, you may hold a small south, and continue to try the routine of the suicide in the year.

Unfortunately, this time I am paying attention to let him down.

"Don't want to run away."

Xiaonan low heads in the mountain pepper and half hidden, and it seems to guess half-hidden mind.

Xiaonan's fingers slowly, and the look was seriously open: "When you ambush your explosion in the ground, you bind to the long-haired legs ... Today, I will give you thousands of times, all the land here is me. Use the explosion and camouflage! "

With her palm movement, the earth is actually cracking in a moment!

A layer of dense Ma Ma is revealed from the crack. It can see this group of rain and pointers. How many open-out is hidden here?

A picture of the opening is floating. When this rainy hidden, the hidden thing is in a horrible thing!

"I used six hundred billion to explode to disguise into the earth!"

Xiaoshan fingers pointed to the ground, and her eyes stared at the mountain pepper half hidden: "Half hide, I can't escape today!"


The mountain pepper is half-hosted to bite his teeth.

Half hood slowly turned, quietly looked at the environment around a circle, and the shadow of the detonatics in the line of sight, and his instant thinks, it is not a general difficult.

Mom, is Xianwi, do you have money?

It's really six reincarnation, the retribution is unhappy.

In that year, the three leaders of the collar of the collar were hidden between the top three leaders, and now they were in the heart of Xiaonan and the long gates.

The long door coughs a few times, manipulating the heaven Penne to half-air, whispered in the mouth: "Small South, first deal with those butter fish."

"it is good."

Xiaonan nodded, her face flashed over a gloomy.

With her palm movement, countless open-explosion, when they suddenly exploded!

"Quick escape!"


"Bet, hurry!"

A group of rain is horrible to escape, but they can't escape the coverage of explosions, can only be posted on one by one ...

One of the rain was desperately looked at the explosion package in his own body, and his face showed a shot: "How can there be so many explosions?"


Shangqi Nairou stood in the air, and silently looked at the rain, the rain was completely overwhelmed, and then turned into a bloody rain.

"Half hidden people, save me!"

"Half hide!"

"Half hide!"

The explosion and call rescue are coming!

The rain hidden in the struggle is rushing to flock to the direction of the mountain pepper half-hidden, because only the detonation at half-hidden feet has not been revealed.

Obviously, Xiaonan and the long gates want to stay halftures in the end.

The mountain pepper semi-Tibet also guessed this matter. He thought of a few seconds and decided to keep his life first. As for his hand, you can only look at their luck.

This ninja halfdened the only thing, but the handset released a large rush: "Water, big burst!"

Huge waves spray from the half-hidden mouth!

Single only is the accusation of the water, Shangyuan Nairou has to admit that the ghost light full moon and the moon ghosts are far away from this ninja half-god, let alone

I saw an elliptical lake appeared on this earth!

Let some of the rain hidden people finally have a hopes of escape, and the residual people rushed to enter the lake in the lake, avoiding the tracking of the explosion.

The mountain pepper semi-located stations in the water, just like standing in the air!

As one of the intensive gathering of the relief of the ribbon, the mountain pepper is also able to live and express freedom and high speed like some people.

Half-Tibet hiding in the water and gained a long door and Xiaonan, Payne, his palm suddenly began to move, and drunk: "The water dragon bomb!"

A huge water dragon out!

Single only on the body type and Chakra, half-hidden water dragons should be the strongest water that Shang Shang has seen!

The long door looked at the dragon who had ponds them, and stood out his palm and whispered: "Hungry ghost."

Huge water dragon chemicals check Kra entered the body!

As the ontology of the round, the long door can release all the stems of the six Petion, and he uses it unused.

After all, since he appeared at the moment, in order to block the information, in addition to Xiaonan and Shangnao, others could not escape any opportunities.

"This is given to you."

The head of the door is in the half-hidden point.

Next, Tiandao Payne suddenly appeared over the ellipse lake, the palm suddenly filed: "Shen Luo Tian!"

Just when the mountain pepper is half-tibia, the pounds are rolling down!

Within a few seconds, the entire lake is destroyed by Shen Luo Tian!

The rain nace that is hidden in the lake is only killed in the moment!

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

A huge mountain pepper is now a half-hidden side!

This mountain pepper is full of brown, which is only different from Xiaonan, this kind of life in the country's unique Tong Bing, the number is much more.

Half-hitting hiped into his own psychic beast, ordering the body of the lant fish withdrawn from the attack, he didn't dare to suffer from being seriously injured when the battle was just started!

Shangyuan Nai can't hurt it frown: "Is the guts too small? Do you damage a powerful battle in order to keep your own life?"

"Because he didn't want to win."

The long door is fortunate to live, and the face is full and disdain: "He gave up his belief. It is no longer the ninja half of the country that can sheltered the rain ... now able to protect this country, only true God! "


The original Nairi is gradually subtle.