I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 79, the poison of mountain peppers

The mountain pepper semi-hidden really wants to escape.

In the face of the strangeness of Tiandao Wen and the portfolio of Xiaonan, the ninja half-goddess knew that his winning was low.

Instead of playing a counterattack with the aection of the mountain fish, it is better to avoid yourself, thus maintaining more physical strength and Chakra escape.

Taking the chaos made from Shen Luo Tianzheng, the gods of the mountain pepper semi-hidden movement suddenly disappeared in the same place, and he used object surgery and transients to alternately escape from the distant side!

Just the mountain pepper half a step of escape, the horror is more than one point.

Because every inch of the land he stepped, it is turned from a detonation, how great is the area of ​​this explosion!


As the Tiandao Petin's light drink, half-tibia discovered that his body was uncontrolled, and flew down toward the direction of Tiandao Wesi!

The mountain pepper is half-hitting, and the opening is sprayed out of a huge water wave: "Water, water!"

He wants to use the strength of the water and retreat to Payne, at least to find a way to get rid of this inexplicer gravity.

However, a fat orange man appeared in their middle, and he had a white ray, he just reached a palm of the palm of the water.

It is hungry Ghost Penne.

"Is it invalid?"

The mountain pepper semi-hooded the sickle behind him, and flew in the air through the power of Vientiane!

Tiandao Pethen ignored half-Tibetan sickle, looking at him in his face: "Half hide, I will never forget the pain of Naiko ..."

"... the resurrection of the dead ... How come more?"

The blue pepper half-hidden scorpion flashed, and it was suspected to hold the sickle in his hand to the heaven Peden in front of him!

"He is indeed dead."

The Tiandao Pethen's figure is short, and she borrows half-hidden sickle. The palm of the palm is half-hidden: "Now standing in front of you ... is the real God in this world!"


A black rod has emerged from the palm of Payne!

This yin and yang black rod fiercely pierced half hidden body!

Take the mountain pepper half-hidden Chakra is stagnant, Tiandao Payne flew down a half-hidden head, kicking him!


Four black bats continue to shoot!

The pepper half hides the whole person is nailed to the ground!

The yin and yang black rod not only limits his Chakra, but also limits his movements. He is completely unable to move, and can only be slaughtered.

Tiandao Pedan walked to his face, stepped on the head of the mountain pepper half-hidden: "I thought I would enjoy a hearty revenge, I didn't expect only the boundless disappointment, you are really weak, halftang "

The mountain pepper semi-tibiedly looked at him to insult his heaven Peden, and the mouth was blown out of his mouth. He didn't know if it was injured or heated.

"Kill him directly!"

Xiaonan has a little inadvertently, I have a half-hustle and hidden, raised my palm: "There is no meaning of those who humiliate this!"

The long door was silent for a while, turned to the Shangyuan Na Rou: "Go, Shang Shang, killing this waste of beliefs, he is not worth Wesk."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

What does you mean by this?

Is it not worth Wes, let him shoot?

Every time I can humiliate two people, it is really you, the long door!

Don't say that it is the original navigation, even Xiao Nan feels a little too much.

Shangyuan really understands their mood, this feeling is like Xin Xiqi and presquenishment for a long time to murder a big BOSS, and they threw a hand sword ...

Then BOSS hangs.

As early as the semi-Tibet of the mountain pepper, I was confused by Zhizhun Group. In order to consolidate their power, try to murdered the results of the organization, after being killed, his heart was dead.

Or say, from that, half-therapeutics just want to live.

Can this?

Can only have a mortal village group.

This religion, all the people who have also hidden with Zhun Village, or the people who are brainwashing in the Village of the Village, there is no good end.

The pepperfish is half-hidden, the pharmacist wild iswater, Yuxi Woshi, Yuxi Posh ...

Of course, there are also people specialize in Zhi Village.

That is the three generations of fire, and he re-brainned the people who were almost hidden by the hidden people with a fire.

This has to boast the flag wood Cardi.

The woody white hair touched the dark teenager time, tangled the shackles of the group, have been brainwashing the will of the fire ... until Kakasi hit a yellow ghost No mouth, finally didn't have it.

Shangyuan Na returned to the brain of Tianfei, step by step to the mountain pepper half-collected, and took the heaven Pedo to his black stick.

The pepperfruit half-hidden gas mask took off, and he looked at Shangyuan Na. "Little Ghost, you think I can kill me?"

To be honest, the long door and the small south make him fear.

I have been deceiving his Shangyuan Nair, but it looks evil!

This devil deceared the mountain pepper god, deceived their emotions of Yuyin Village, but also directly to him!

The mountain pepper half hidden since that day, I decided to accept the meeting of Zhun Group, and even got a message that may be concession, and I have a little bit happy, thinking that I can solve my own threats with the strength of the leaves.

Who can think of it, this is a complete scam!

The bastard, also guides him!

"Goodbye, half-hidden."

Shangji is holding the yin and yang black stick, and the mountain pepper is hidden in the ground, and there is a little in the mouth: "If there is any grievance, let's find the village group!"

When I listened to Shangyuan, the brain of the mountain pepper is even more dull.

However, when you live and die, half of the reasons will react!

"You go to die first! Little ghost!"

The mountain pepper semi-hidden mouth slammed a poison gas, which is the poisonous gas of the mountain pepper toxic venom in his body, and even the poor he to bear himself!

Only half-zone her teeth are stealing a small bottle of antibiotics, and the bite can make him temporarily relieve toxins.

This is his real kill.

I was at the end of the end of the gates and Xiao Nan, and I didn't react with Tiandao Pesin. The poison of the mountain fish was emitted!

As long as this group of guys is preliminating, he has a chance to escape!

As long as you can live, everything is possible!



The look of the long door and Xiaonan.

In their sight, the one who has been proud of them and is really a young ninja, but not in the hustle and pepper, holding the yin and yang in the hand, and fiercely stabbed the back of the ridge!

Branch mission: a half of the fall (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skill stars.

Star Perfusion: Consuming 10% of the live energy and Chakra energy for the friendly military supplements the corresponding percentage of life energy and Chakra, cooling time is 6 seconds.

Branch Task: Collect a new type of superpotoxic (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills mushrooms.

Mushroom: Take Chakra generate an invisible high toxic mushroom, can be placed in the target area, providing a small horizontal field within the target area; when there is a target to step on the mushroom, the mushroom will explode, and is poisoning, each The size of the mushroom is related to Chakra value, and the minimum consumption is 100 points Chekra.

Shangqi Nairou stood in the lantfish drama, looked at the two skills of the system reward, and I feel that this time I participated in the hidden mountain pepper half-hide, and he can do medical ninja in the future ...

Just want a way to explain.

It is better to take a time to learn some medical nipplers.

The mountain pepper is venom, and the top is really not in the heart.

He has purification skills, as long as you leave the venom area, you can use purification.

As for how to explain to the long gates and Xiaonan?

This place has such a rainy body of the rain, can't they find an antidote from a rockfish drama?

Shang Nai is very accurate.

Everything should not be expected.

This time he still lost a thing.

Xiao Nan does not care about his safety, and rushed into the poisonous fog of the mountain pepper, and pulled the upper arms and pulled him to escape!

"Small South, you don't have to worry about ..."

Pets, Petion, pushed the wheelchair of the long, appeared in their side: "I can let Payne have entered the toxic fog to save the top."

"Nothing, let's find antidics first."

Xiaonan is tightly holding the original navigation, whispered: "The long door, fast ... I said, to protect the good naver!"


Shangyuan can only hide in her arms.

I am a little bit happy in my heart, I am worried.