I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 80 is thinking of half, you don't let me play? (Ask for recommendations!)

The original nephew sneaked, he was a little detention in the arms of Xiaonan: "Teacher, don't make such an inexpensive thing in the future."

Xiaonan said calmly, the cheeks were close to the forehead of Naidu: "Don't talk, save physical strength."

"…it is good."

Shangqi Nai's face is red.

I feel that Xiaonan's arms are hot.

After a while, the long gate pushed the wheelchair and walked over, and the Tiandao Peshen stood around him and reached the palm, and put a pharmacy.

"Small south, this should be the antibodies of the pepperfish drama, but only one."

This release is still on the god of the mountain.

Even if Tiandao Payne selies all the bodies of all rain hidden people, they have not been found to look like an antidote that can relieve the pepperfish toxin.

"Quickly take it!"

Xiaoshan's face is happy, but the mouth can't help but cough a few times, the body suddenly dissembled.

Obviously her impulsive also made her body contaminated the venison of the mountain pepper.

Now poisoning is two people, but there is only one dehydrate.

Shangyuan Nai's eyes flashed a shine, he looked at the medicine to shake his head: "The long-door adult, leaving this dedication to Xiaonan teacher!"

"Needel, listen to it!"


Shang Nai lost his dissatisfaction Xiaonan, earnestly opened: "Teacher, as long as I am still alive, I will not let Xiaonan teacher suffer ... If Xiaonan teacher encounters unfortunate, I can't accept my own life! "

"I'm your teacher…"

Give and die, Xiaonan naturally will not listen to him.

The woman gently held up the Shang Shang's face, softly persuaded: "Needel, my dream is already achieved, and you still have a long way to go ..."

"Xiaonan teacher!"

The original neighborhood broke the words of Xiaonan, and I wanted to explode once.

He intends to get into the governing of the landsli fish.

In this way, you can better hide yourself.

Shangyuan and even think of the time and method of returning to the organization.

However, a sentence of Tiandao Wen interrupted all of his discs: "I suggest you don't use it, wait for the red sand to check that this agent is not a real antiplatics, there is a one in his hand. True antidote. "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Xiaonan: "..."

Tiandao Payne turned the ring in his hand, continued to say: "Yu Zhipu, mortar ghosts and scorpion recruiting Didara success, turning towards the country, I have let them speed up. "

"That's good."

Xiaonan heard the name of the scorpion, a breath: "After the big snake will leave, the is the most good at detoxification, he has studied the release of the pepperfish drama in the organization."


Shangnai is a bit low in my heart.

If it is not lying on the legs lying in Xiaonan, he may concealed the loss of his heart.

When the Millennium of the Saimi Village was fighting with the mountain pepper, it has been studying the dehydration of the lobby toxin.

Red Sands, the division of the Red Sand, is, whether it is a phlegant or a poisonous, all over the blue and blue, studying it is generous.

The long door slides the wheelchair, Shen Sheng: "Tiandao Payne left you, my body first left here, wait until your body's toxin is released, with half-hidden body to receive Yuyin Village."

"it is good."

Xiao Southern nodded.

After the long gate was finished, in addition to the Tiandao Payne, the other Penne had fallen around the long door, and he left here.

Didn't have a while.

A white big bird falls on the ground.

A arrogant voice passed into the ear: "Ah, hahaha ... how can there be poisoned rookie in this Treatment! Is it a waste?"

Shangyuan Needs and Xiaonan's face also black a few points.

Both of them have guess it. This strange voice is to understand the newly recruiting people.

"To shut up!"

The red sand is held by the crim to flow anecle from the big bird. After the snoring, I scutened a Didara, and I moved it step by step.

Throws a soliter, cold channel: "The pepperfish drama anticipants, I just have a branch here, it is to prevent the hometown of the mountain pepper half-hidden people ..."

As a member of the child, often in the country of rain, Red Sands are more worried that they will encounter the mountain pepper semi-hidden.

The name of the ninja half-god, still has a certain power.

Tiandao Payne took the medicine, and handed over the hand of the hand to the red sand, the cold voice opening: "There is no need to prepare this dehydrate in the future."


Red sand scorpion looked at Xiaonan and Shang Na, who had hugged together, curiously looked at a body that was not far from them and a lot of rain.

The Tiandao Penne has no expression: "From today, Yu Yin Village and the country of rain belong to us."

"Could it be that…"

The red sand is suddenly widened, looking at the half-hidden body to show a greedy: "Is that the bodies of the ninja half a pepper half-hidden?"

"The leader killed the legendary ninja half?"

A slightly surprised voice came over, I saw two people on the white big bird, and it was before the assistance of the Sui Zhi and the martial martillamon.

Yisiza's eyes became a scarlet. He gaked his half-hidden body, and his eyes flashed a shot, and he was quietly concealed.

Who doesn't know the ninja half a pepper half?

I didn't expect to have a half-hidden body!

"Don't disclose this thing."

Tiandao Petion glanced at all people in the field, Shen Sheng told: "The mountain pepper is half-tibia is a waste, but his reputation can also be used to paralyze other big country to fortune, and to complete the goal for us to fight for enough time. "


Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

In the face of a leader who can kill the ninja, obeying his order seems to be not over, even Didara has also shortly converges his own mad.

Living in the country of the earth, the Ninja of the country of the country and the country of the fire, there is almost no name that is not hidden by the mountains of the mountain!

Now half of the bodies are lying in the near future!

The drinting of the martial artifacts turned, looking at Shangyuan Na, who was full of bitter clothes, and loudly laughed: "Ha, it seems that our interns seem to be hidden in the murder of the mountain pepper. One effort! "

This sounds this sounds a bit mocking.

Shangyuan Nairou can't help but hate the number one spy from his hand.

Since the ghosts of the mortar, how do you feel more and more? He don't know if you don't want to sin your own boss!

Even if it is a play, there is no such thing!

It's just that the mortal ghost finger is light, giving the original navigation, and he has important intelligence to report to the original navigation.

At the last navigation, this is reluctant to rectify the thoughts of ghosts.

Tiandao Payne glanced at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "The last person has established a hidden plan of the hidden plan and kills the mountain pepper half-hidden."


The martial artifacts flashed on the face of the martial arts: "I didn't expect the disciples of Xiaonan seniors to become more and more stronger!"

The martial martial arts is not unexpected.

It's just that he is curious about how many strengths have been exposed this time.

"Hey, I know that I will make my partner."

The words of Red Sands heard the words of Payne, and some disadvantaged Didala next to it: "This little ghost is too quarrel!"

Didara is dissatisfied: "Hello, Shu Dan, no matter how this sentence is too rude! I have a very respectful you on the road!"

"Don't waste useless time here."

Tiandao Payn is soothing: "Go back to pack up, and move the base to the village of Yuyin Village tomorrow."

After that, Tiandao Pedan turned to see a hint of Xiaonan and Shangnao: "Small South, Shanghao, bringing half-section corpses, let us take over rainy village."