"I will definitely find ways to see the truth of the four-generation rigging couple, collect all the information of the members, now I have a little clue here ..."

Yuxipu frowned and said that the problem of belonging to the earth: "Yusi Bo belt is not the rumored woody ninja in the past.

When he has a kaleidoscope writes the eyes, his strength is different from the past, please don't send innocent people to sacrifice. "


The wooden leaves are nodded in the dark.

Although it seems to be this wooden blade to ask Yisi Pos, there is more information, but in fact, the intelligence that Uzhi Hostel is more.

Perhaps it is this reason, and Yisiza is not particularly suspicious.

However, Yuxi Pubie did not trust the darkness of the eyes.

Or, Unecheo does not trust the high-rise of the wooden leaves.

After all, his brother is still living in the wooden leaves, the truth of being raised, and Yisiza is still very clear.

Therefore, Uzhi Pub did not leak the information about Xiao, but some evil words: "Wait until I collected important information, I will find a chance to return to the wooden leaves, and I personally report to the Nangjun adult."


The dark side of the wooden leaf looked up at him, whispered: "Since I met Uzhi House, my mission has been completed, I have to go back to the leaves right away!"

"Senior treasures."

Yisi Hosi nodded respectfully.

When the wooden blade flying was to leave, suddenly turned his head and looked at Unex, "Yes, the Nang Shadow adults made me finally explained the last time, the results of Unechebo Sasuke or the first place in the Ninja School. "


Yisi Hostel was silent for a while, and his mouth tickled with a smile.

The younger brother who is still in the Woody Ninja School is that he is only soft in this world, but also his last warmth left in this world.

Yisi Hoski smiled and smiled, but his eyes revealed the pain and sadness of the suppression.

The sorrow on his face has turned into an angry.

Yisi Bo hit the bitterness in his hand, and tied to the trunk, the anger on his face no longer hide: "Yu Zhibo belt!"

Yisizhiso and his father Yuxi Bo Fu Yue, Yu Zhishui, in order to solve the contradiction of Uchiwei and the leaves, and even don't hesitate to hide the hidden people with Zhun Group.

As a result, Unexpello is ignored all their sacrifices!

The news that the wood leaf secretly said came from Kakasi, Yuxi Pub, believes in the judgment of the flagmarti.

If the flag, Kakasi can make sure is that Yizhi Bo is doing soil ... that must be tailored!

As a teammate in the dark, Yisi Hoski knows that Kakasi's embarrassment of Unexpello belt, it is impossible to harm your teammates in his reputation.

After a long time.

Yisiza's rationalism gradually recovered, leaning on the tree into a contemplation.

He has just exchanged here with the senior from the dark part of the leaves, wasted too much time, it is time to go with Unexpello!

It's just that Yu Zhi Hosi wants to change.

When Yuxi Hostel is pulled out, it is quietly from the ground, but it is the original navigation.

"I am a genius ..."

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin.

Through known results, then go to the process, Shangyuan feels that he is really a genius, it is simply the best candidate after the scene.

Original wood and Yisi do not know the identity of the mysterious mask, Shangyuan Needle with his own natural illusion skills, leaked Unexhoe with soil to the flag wood Cardi, and leaked the organization through the flagmark Everyone.

Now that the leaves and Yisiza do not know the ability of Unechebra, there is no middle born in Shangyuan Na, and the land of the land is leaked to Yisha.

Moreover, the future of Uzhi Subi will always be under the monitoring of the ghosts, and he is impossible to disclose any confidentiality.

Even if the future Suizi hub wants to find the flag-like Kaki to verify that the Tongzhoe is not killing the four generations of fire, picking the murderer of the mulberry and Unecheyo opposite, and it is impossible to point out this wood he encountered today. Leaf Darkness.

It's so embarrassed that Unexpello is so late.

Or, now Yisi Bo is already shouting.

And the Shangyuan also admire his emergency wit.

If you just have a spell in your mind, he is now playing with Yuxi Pubie!

Now Yishi Hose and Yishebo belt soil must be dedicated to be enemies ...

Shangyuan Na Looks on the Destiny Skills panel, the two of Yisi Bohed and Yisi Bo belt these two avatars in the face showed a non-invasive violent taste.

However, there are some unexpected harvests.

Main line task: Implement the wishes of the bookball boss, become the largest BOSS, 5% progress, the task is not completed, and unknown.

Just leaked a part of the intelligence of the land, it has been the progress of 2%, what is this task judge what the standard is?

"Forget it, let's take a look at the lively."

The body of Shangyuan Na will gradually sink the ground.

If Yishuo is gave him a message, it is not willing to give him a satisfactory result, then he must find a way to take advantage of the wooden leaves.

Two days ago, they killed the mountain stroke and a group of root ninja.

In accordance with the nature of Zhun Village, he must find a number of people to disclose, it is better to pass this opportunity to sneak the intelligence of Unexpello to the wooden leaves.

As for the identity ...

It is just to borrow Yuxi Houki.

Shangyuan Na Rou felt that he had a bit swelling. In addition to the unrealistic ideas of Xiaonan and the long gates, he felt everything in the endurance.

A wild mountain.

Yischi's encounter is in the expectations of the original navigation.

Yuxi Bo took the soil abstracts his mask. Anyway, people who shouldn't know now have known his identity and there is no meaning to continue to hide.

His face is intact, and the other is full of scars.

When Yischi Belt saw that Yishi Hose came, his face squeezed a smile: "I thought you wouldn't want to see me anymore!"

Yuxi Posh's eyes gradually became a scarlet. He stepped to Yishe Band, and asked: "Because I also want to know why the most enthusiasm in the family will become the current look ..."

"There is nothing special reason, just tired of this bless world."

Yuxi Bo has stressed, laughing and opening: "Create a new world, there is no dispute, is there no dispute, is it?"


Yuxi is frowned, and some can't understand the idea of ​​land.

However, this does not hinder his intention, and the eyes of Yiszo's eyes flashed a red man, and a dark flame appeared on the earth!

Kaleidoscope write wheel eye, Tianzhao's inflammation!

No obstacle place, never abuse!

Yuxi Bo is standing in the flame of the sky, looking quietly in the face: "Skin, do you think that I am not a Zhibo sphere, think you can kill me? The ghost is too innocent! "

Yuxi Board is very hard, but the heart is shocked!

Fortunately, he has already been beware, opening the penetration of the Shenwei in advance, otherwise it is not asked by Tianzhu to be contaminated by Tianzhu, even if he hides the Shenwei space is also difficult to get rid of!

"No, I just tried to have no qualifications you continue to cooperate ..."

Yuxi Pubo didn't think about his ridicule, but did not recovery the sky, just quietly looked at Unexhoe with soil, and the heart began to estimate the time of burning.

According to the intelligence provided by the wooden dark elders, the penetration time that Yisi Bo belt soil can support is about 5 minutes to eight minutes.