Yuxi Bo belt believes that he guessed the mind of Unexpected, the cold ridicule sound: "It's not to cover your own traitor! Betchy, this kind of thing is already used to it!"


Yisizhiso's finger is tightened, and it is cold and looked at Unexpello Tong Road: "Seniors, the victory is not a year, I am not a reasonable behavior."

Even if Yuxi Houhe can't kill the terrestro, he still maintains his rationality and courtesy.

However, this attitude is undoubtedly angered to bring soil!

As a self-righteous person, Yisi Bo belt soil thinks to make everything to make your own palm, how can he want to see Yisizhiso?

After the end of the alleged night, he led the Yuxi Pubo to join!

He gave the Yuxi foot a tolerance!

Yuxi Bo has his own wound, and blood seeps from his fingertips.

Even if there is a high super recovery of the column cells in the body, it is too deadly that the hipster's piercing is too fatal!

The look of Yuxi Board has gradually became glorious, and the cold channel: "Your beloved is the only thing left is the younger brother who is still going to school?"


The face of Yuxi Pub is not shocked. He is more calm than Yuxi Bo belt: "Seniors, you have only lurking in the tissue, there is only a neighborhood, I don't want yourself. Chess pieces were completely removed? "

"Blend ..."

Both people have poked their pains in each other.

The long gate inside the tissue is the most important chess piece of Unexpello.

Although this piece of chess is no longer listening, even if you want to secretly hurt him, but it still does not want to give up, you want to continue to use the long door through other methods.

After all, the most important tail beast has not started ...

"Seniors, let's talk about it!"

Yuxi Posh's written eyes gradually, took the lead in making a reconciliation: "I hope the predecessors can tell me, why do you turn it now, why do you want to replace the name of Yuxi Boss, and your true purpose ...

I have listened to Mr. Kassei mentioned that the seniors were the most kind people, and the only one in the village was the target of Napo. "

"Hey, Kakasi's waste is really a lot!"

Yuxi Bo has a brids, his fingering bones sound, metaphor, the emotions of his anger: " ?"


This answer is not bad.

Yuxi Bo is refused to be repaired by Utilia, plus his handle in his hands, just venting his own anger, do not want to disclose any information.

Includes his own past.

Yisi Hosi listened to a bit worried that the soil was crazy. In the case of the earth, when he did not preparation, he invaded the wooden leaf and killed it, and he did not pay too much.

Yuxi Pub can only still put forward the previous agreement.

Yisi Bo has acknowledged that there will be no invasion of wooden leaves and hurts, Yisizhiso will continue to stay in the tissue, help to bring the soil to collect information and help Xiaoyue to collect the tail beast.

However, two of them are clear, and the relationship between each other will never go back. Maybe it will face it because a guided rose will flush.

At least in the past, Uzhi Hose finally had a handle with soil.

Two people stand above the equality status.

Just as Yuxi Pubie once threatened the harm of the Zhizhi Group, he would leak the wood information;

Once Yuxi Bo is hurt, the Huafa, and Yisiza will disclose all the intelligence of the Tongli Group to Payne and Xiaonan.


Shangyuan Nai was stunned.

Shangyuan couldn't touch his chin.

If he is now become a look of Unecho, go to the wooden leaf to bully Zhi Zhio Sasuke, Yisizhisu is leaked to Xiaoshan leak information?

Isn't that I can go out directly?

This thing, it seems to be a bit!

It's easy to make this kind of thing to come out of the truth, then they can find some people who have a fake Yuxi wave belt.

What should I do if I don't have any people?

Can I get to the Zhumun group?

It seems to be indeed.

"Forget it, if the task is too late, it will inevitably reveal the flaw."

Shang Nai fell in the back of Yuxi, sighed: "It's really, white gave you so much intelligence, even an Yuxi wave can't kill."

In fact, Shangyuan himself is clear, even if Yisizhi is full of war, it may not be able to take seriously injured Unexpea.

But still wants to let Sui Zhi do you try it.

After all, Su Zhi Hoso lost to the future of Unecho, in the case of suicide, it seems to face anyone to have a battle.

I can even force the battle.

Not too bargaining.

Perhaps it is this reason. The enemies who are encountered by Unechebra have a little filing. How did this little guy kill Uzhi Houches?

Shangyuan Nair is going to implement the prunity and annihilating of the mission of the enemy and the ordinary ninja, and I don't know if someone begins to follow him.

It is Justico, which has just been a surface agreement, just a surface agreement.

Yuxi Bo has rushed back to the underground base of the trendy guarded, and wasting a white partner, replacing damaged organs, fixes his injuries.

"How is this going?"

Darkness is somewhat surprised to ask: "With the terrestrial, are you not going to meet with the Unecheon? Have you conflicted there?"


Yischo took the soil and continued to say: "Urshi Pubin is not worth trusting, he threatened me with his own official member, once we conflict, it is possible to tell Xiaojing!"

I can't help it when I am a decision: "Why don't you kill him?"


Yischi Belt is silent for a while, concealing the truth of his own, and whispered: "After all, he is also a rare man."

Recently, because of the identity, it is darkly implied to him.

Now, if he almost didn't hit Yisiza, isn't it to be black and this group of silly white?

Darkness felt that the situation became more and more difficult. He didn't think it was soft now: "A person who may detonate the crisis is very disadvantageous!"

"It's ok."

Yuxi Bo took the soil knocked on the table and put forward his request: "Just re-acquire the trust of the long gates and Xiaonan, recovering the pocket, and the threat of Yuxi foot is worth mentioning."


The black eyes are somewhat strange: "But the long-door and small southern want to be ambush, not really re-draw you."

This is really sympathetic.

I knew that I would not to provoke the little ghost called Shangji, and I will not fall to the situation where I can't touch the direction.

"I heard that Xiaonan has recently loved her little disciple ..."

Yuxi Bo tapped his finger to stop, slowly looked up: "The little guy is a bit arrogant in front of the outside, it looks a no brain, it seems that it is not how much I have done to him. thing?

That little ghost thought I have been embedded by him, and I am defeated in his hand, and I don't dare to enhance the general door, so I should haven't put me in my eyes? "

The black eyes flashed: "What you mean ..."

"If we can use the month of the moon to persuade the original navigate, you should let Xiaonan and the long gates re-accept me join the plan."

Yischo's eyes were gloomy. His face gradually emerged as a proud of the beads: "Those who are ignorant, always like to indulge in some useless feelings, Shangyuan Nai is a new "


Can you let you!

Black and white is a bit speechless.

Didn't think of these words when you say these words?

Every time I get the danger of being discovered by the leaves, the guy who is comforting the tomb is, do you have a little bit?

Courses not to be on my head?


Seeking recommendations, new week!