I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 87 Luo Sand and I Ai Luo

It is a sandy harness.

Sand is deeply in their high-level spirit, and surrender is always so fast.

Looking at the high-rise of the dramatic shadow and sandy village, the opportunity to grasp the benefits will launch a war, but they will quickly surrender.

Shangji was a message he wanted, and he was satisfied with them: "I will pass the news to your style adult, and I will withdraw your man as soon as possible."

After that, the Shangyuan Na will open again: "Otherwise, when we eat the rush of the rain, it will take all the other ninja that is still active in the country!"


Several sand is looking at it.

Soon, they looked at the original navigation, step by step, slowly retreat, wait until their distance is getting farther away, flying quickly and fled.

Shangyuan Nair is not cared for their escape.

The land of the next door does not know what ghosts. In addition to the ordinary ninja, the original ninja, there are a large number of darkness lurking in the country of rain.

He is still busy!

The next time, the original Nairi is very hardworking.

A small river side.

A sandy secretly reached a palm of his hand, and the eagle dropped from the sky, carefully removed a volume from the eagle.

When this dark department sees the content on the information, I can't help my face: "The wind shadow adult came to order, let us immediately leave the country."

"Jun to joke?"

His companion suddenly faced a face: "The vegeter can't always change, we will end the country in the past few days!"


Another sand is also dissatisfied: "The village always calls on the war of rain, each time is always halfway ..."

"This is also something that there is no way!"

The sand has sighted a sigh of relief, and the son is explained: "Maybe it is a ghost that the village of the wooden leaves, these years, whenever we have a move to the country of rain, the wooden leaves will Delay our pace. "

After that, this dark captain slammed on the tree next to: "Wooden bulls, , !!"

Since Saji Village is defeated in the third endurance battle, it has reached the alliance treaty with the leaves. It is true that the hooded allies.

Every generation of wind shadow rulers have almost all the vassal allies of wood, because they are always defeated in the war.

It is impossible to let the wind shadows will be willing to accept failure is impossible.

Especially the four generations of wind shadows, it is also a leader of a hero's inexpensive, and the magnetians have mastered the real rights in the village.

The news of the Unecruiting Woody Yubo, who has been sent out, is equivalent to a lot of strength, which is the most weak.

The four generations of wind shadows, I want to take this opportunity, and take a rich land that can bring interests in Sandy Village.

Of course, let Luo Sand take the initiative to attack the land of the wood, rob that the land of the fire, he is definitely not doing this, in case the leaf anti-hand is a slap in the palm of them?

Luo Sa is staring at the country of rain.

Although the day is not very satisfied, it is certainly not good to express the opinions. After all, the big country and the big country can have a general formation, don't you rely on the benefits of selling small countries?

However, Luo Sand has a few times of movement of the country, not because of the power of half-hidden in Yuyin Village, because of the boycotch of Zhun Village, has to give up.

Nowadays, Luo Sand is not easy to take advantage of the chance of hurt in the wood, intend to rush to the country of rain, and the attitude of Yuyin Village seems to be more tough than they!

"Yu Yin Village sent a powerful little ghost, is expelling the ordinary ninja of our sandy village, perhaps he is at all, the ministry, the eleven dark squad, only to contact only The next three are ... "

The country of the country and the country of the rain.

The frontier command position of Saha Yin Village, Luo Sand's affinity Maski is in diligent, and reports his hand, and reports his way of handling: "I have sent people to order other dark squads all temporarily withdraw ... "

"A little ghost?"

Luo Sand listened to Maji's report, he himself did not laugh: "The strength of the ninja in the village has dropped to this extent? I didn't reduce your financial support!"

"Made in the wind!"

The horse is very low, and I don't dare to look at Luo Sand.

The ninja cultivation of sandy villages is to take elite education. As a result, they now have a grunge answer.

A few arms of the country entered the country's implementation of the task were killed, and the ordinary ninja was expelled to leave; the eleven sneaked secret team, now there may be only three ...

"A group of waste ..."

After Luo Sand, I sighed a little: "Forget it, then take them to take them! I personally take a look, Yu Yin Village, what is the talented ninja!"

"The wind body, this is not a particularly reasonable behavior."

Ma Ji frowned, Shen Sheng persuaded: "Your security is more important than any action in the village, I don't recommend the hairdress of the wind to take the initiative ..."

"What is the danger of a small ghost in the district?"

Luo Sum put his hand, he was so knowing that his own honesty, since the rushing battle, he was hurt by the wooden leaves, and he couldn't pick up the powerful ninja.

It is because of this reason, in order to encourage the ninja in the village, Luo Sand dropped a few consecutive promotion standards. He almost always supported some special endurance training funds.

Luo Sand looked at the horse, suddenly opened: "Help me bring me love, just I want to see if our ultimate weapon is qualified ..."


After Masaki silently took a second, the face was frightened and uneasy. He deeply looked at Luo Sand, and he nodded at him.

I love Luo is a tail of sandy village.

For a long time, since my love is not too stable, the sandy village often causes casualties because of the outbreak, leading to the attitude of the people in the village, more disgust.

It is because of this reason, I Love this child should enter the ninja school, and now I can only teach himself from Luo Sand.

Last year, I loved the emotion of love, killed the middle and fingertips of his taking care of him, and he actually began to control one.

However, the Malan is aware of some of the truth.

At least Maski, I know that I assassinate my love, the night-concate pills, and the subsequent sand, the dark, all of which were Luo Zi.

Now Sandy Village's tail column has finally become completely bloody, violent, and cruel, just like a beast that may be in hunting.

Even Marti saw that I loved my love, I couldn't believe that it was an eight-year-old child.

I love to kill people at any time.

And he doesn't seem to care about what people who have killed themselves.

In these incidents of these cultivating honens, the most happiness is not a power, but the relationship between Iron and Luo Same.

Both two people are father and son.

"I love Luo, the style of the wind wants to see you ..."

Maski endured to a simple training ground, looked at the red-haired little boy who sat alone in the training ground, which made some soft.

However, I love to sympathize.

"I know."

I stood slowly, and Huangsha on the ground gradually started gathering, and formed a sand gourd behind him.

The yellow sand on the ground gradually dispersed, but it drifted out a bloody smell.

Masaki looked at a scarlet blood in the training ground, and couldn't help but ask: "Is there anyone to assassinate you? Are you not hurt?"

"Do you worry about the monster after I am injured?"

I love Luo slowly raised his head, smiled and smiled. "Hahahaha ... in this village, how can someone hurt me!"