I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 88 Shang Shangjun's skill equipment is summarized! (Second, seek recommendation!)

Shangyuan Na Rou did not know that his movements have attracted the attention of Sandy Village, and I don't know if the four-generation winds actually want to take him to test my love.

If this thing is known by the long door and Xiao Nan ...

Probably they think is a home delivery to the door.

Now Shangyuan Na, self-confidence has expanded to the extreme, because his advanced task has completed again.

Advanced Task 4: Kill Ten official endurance (1010), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy 3000 points, rewarding Chakra energy 3000 points, rewarding gold coins 3000, rewarding life energy recovery) 100%, reward Chakra energy Restore 100%, reward passive skills are gods.

Shangyuan Nai Lu observed a look at his own system panel. It was the task of killing five shadows. Perhaps it is the last advancement task. It doesn't have to be done in a short time.

Just look at more than 4,000 gold coins on the system panel, Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, and then try to buy the second blazing angel.

Grass, can buy.

This is no restrictions?

No, it is still restricted to buy.

Next, I saw the red angel's bodies directly, it seems that the same equipment can only buy two pieces.

However, this is also normal.

According to the attribute of the blazing angel, reduce Chakra consume 25%, reduce the cooling and reduction of 20%, if you buy a lot of money to buy it five or six, don't you use a skill every time, the skill has to be owed to Chakra ?

However, after the purchase, the brow of Shangyuan Na will be slightly wrinkled, and the feeling is not simple, because more than 4,000 gold coins on the panel are free.

More than 4,800 gold coins, only twenty gold coins left.

The face of Shangyuan Needle is a bit bad, because the store is clearly written in the store, the price of the blazing angel is 3,200 gold coins.

Garbage system, sooner or later.

It is worthy of the bibli owner's goods gift, others are half price, and the second piece of equipment is half price here.

Advanced tasks have reached the limit, and the hard coins that have worked hard have also been spent, and it is impossible to improve in a short time.

For such a long time, you can also check it out to get something you get.

Name: Shangyuan Nair

Sex: Male

Birthday: Woody Calendar 444 April 4th

ID number: (mosaic)

Life energy: 6601 (standard shadow level 3000 ~ 10000)

Chakra energy: 8415 (standard shadow level 3000 ~ 10000)

Life recovery: 9 seconds.

Chakra recovery: 4.5 seconds.

Skill cooling reduction: 50%

Surplus gold coins: 20

Can use skills:

[Dance Strike]: Can fly with Chakra in the air, consume Chakra 3 points per second, no cooling.

[Instruction shock wave]: By release a Chakra magic, release a time space gravity, gather the enemy around the polar toward the direction of the witch, minimum consumption of 100 chacula, cooling time 55 seconds.

[The wall of the wind]: By releasing the wind, Kra, form a wall of airflow, block the enemy's attack, minimize 50 charts, and the cooling time is 13 seconds.

[Wan Lei Tianzhan]: Form a round lightning storm by releasing the thunder, and the minimum consumption of 75 charts, cooling time is 60 seconds.

[Card trick]: Can use a strong card throwing, whenever the fourth card is thrown, the card will explode, no cooling.

[Life Form Wattrans]: Releases a strong ray through its eyes, analyzes the enemy's life characteristics, tattoo the enemy's body, lasting for 2.5 seconds, minimum consumption of 100 chart, Cooling time 65 seconds.

[Tree Tree]: Increase the invincible shield for yourself or other companion, lasting for 3 seconds; people around the invincible state will appear in Chakra purification, purifying the surroundings, minimum Ticla 100 points, cooling time is 80 seconds.

[Multi-explosion "]: Use a detonator unlimited to the countless detonation, the target is fixed, consumes 400 points of Chakra, cool.

[Birthplace]: It can be disguised to become a creature until it is damaged or used by skills, consumes 100 challess, cooling time 1 second.

[]: Integrate himself with the land of the earth, so that there is high speed between the underground grass, and all the breath is disconnected during the mortuary, consume 3 chartes.

[I am like!: Release a smoke area, turn into invisible state in the smoke and reply 40% Chakra, invisible status will not be directed by the enemy, lasting 5 seconds, attack or use skills, no Consumption, cooling time is 10 seconds.

[Sweet Shark ": Remote summoned a void giant shark attacking the target area from the ground, the shark will jump out from the ground, the soul of all enemies in the region, Chakra consumes 100 points, and the skill is 50 seconds.

[Call of fate]: If the Dark spear contract object is near his own, the contractor can pull the contractor to the side, the contractor is invincible and cannot be selected, lasting for 4 seconds; after the skill, the contractor can throw the contractor to arbitrarily Direction, minimum consumption of 100 points Chekla, cooling time 75 seconds.

[Purification]: Remove all of your own negative effects, cooling time is 105 seconds, consumes no.

[Scunction Defense]: You enter the defense posture, double life energy, during this period, by the enemy's body, will rebound to half of the enemy, lasting 6 seconds, minimum consumption Chakra 40 points, cooling time 3 second.

[ ]: Summon a waves from the foot, sweep all the enemies in front, the minimum consumption of 100 points Chek, cooling time is 60 seconds.

[Torque Space]: After 0.5 seconds of delay, you can release a twisted space that maintains 3 seconds in the target area, and the area will be isolated from the outside, and those who try to cross the space will be dizzy. Detained by time space, minimum consumption of Chakra 100, cooling time 9 seconds.

[Destiny]: You can spririne the position of everyone within 100 km of 100 km, including the use of hidden tattoo, change, hysterer, lasting for 6 seconds; The side of the square is 50 kilometers, the minimum consumption of Chakra 100 points, the skill cools for 90 seconds.

[Silent fear]: Use Chakra to make a dream into the brain of the enemy, let an enemy experience the most fearful nightmare among life within 2 seconds, consume 60 challess, cooling time of 7.5 seconds.

[!! Twilight]: Summoned a chakra soul blade, and can manipulate it to attack, consume Chakra 2 points per second.

[!! Soul blessing]: Activate a defensive knot through the soul edge, the teammates in the defensive rinse in 2 seconds are not injured, consume 40% Chakra, cooling time 9 seconds.

[!! Sharpen]: In a direction, it is unpaped to sprint, consume Chakra 150, cooling time 9 seconds.

[Secretary! Compassion Soul]: After providing his teammates, it can resist the deadly shield, ignore the distance between time, transfer to the side of the teammates, Chakra consumes 100 points, cooling time is 100 seconds.

[Star Perfusion]: Consumption of 10% of life energy and Chakra energy to supplement the percentage of life energy and Chakra energy, cooling time 4 seconds.

[Mushroom]: Use Chakra to generate a stealthly poisonous mushroom, can be placed in the target area, providing a small vision of the target area; when there is a target to step on the mushroom, the mushroom will explode, and is poisoning, each A mushroom consumption is 100 points Chekla.

[ ]: Passive skills, if there is no harm within 6 seconds, 5% of life energy is replied per second.

[Matter God]: Passive skills, whenever you kill a hostile unit, restore your maximum life energy and 20% of Chakra energy.


Blazing Angel (two):

Chakra energy +1400 points, the skill cooling reduction + 20%, Chakra consumes 25%.

Armor armor:

Life energy +800

Basic life reply + 200%

Skill cooling reduction + 10%

Passive skill: When the life energy reaches 3000 points, the effect of automatically activates the heart of the madness.

Tongling Contract:

Justice Dragon, Tongling consumes 3000 points of Chakra.

Deep sea Titannorus, Tongling consumes Chakra 2000.