Shangyuan Needo looked at my love.

Because I love to enter a status state.

Under this state, half of the body is my love, the other half of the body is a tail guard, which is equivalent to half-tailed of other tail beasts.

I was slowly looked up, watching the direction of the original Needle, and he fiercely raised the paws of the other half of the body!


Under a ruth, the Shangyuan feels a shadow covering behind him.

A group of Huangsha gathered in the air, forming an extremely large paw, suddenly putting the original navigation in it!

This is the attack of the sand.

Its surgery range is greater than sand.

"Don't just angry you can't afford people ..."

I love Luo and Guard's sound mixed out, his claws tightened, Shen Shengxi: "Sand Waterfall!"

Huangsha rapidly started squeezing in his manipulation!

I love the favorite of IV is the burial of sand.

Under the pressure of Huangsha, the ninja that is bound is shred at an instant, turned into a bloody rain into Huangsha, turning the sand of my love to the blood.

I finally felt that my victory was in the grip, my face revealed a sick smile: "Ah, hahaha ... death! Breast!"

At this time, a golden light suddenly shines!

The sky is limited to the original Nairu, the yellow sand is scattered, and the ocean sprinkles from the sky, and the gorgeous golden light shakes.

Shangyuan Nair's figure is like a hero, and his whispered a few hands in a few hands, and looked at it!

"Your sand is too tit ..."

Shangyuan Na's finger is moved, and a golden sword suddenly flew down from his side, and it wo the defense of the shield of the sand.


The golden sword suddenly shotded in my love of my love!

The golden light sword around the original surrounded flew out later, and the body of my love was brought to the body.

"Blend ..."

I looked at the original navigation in love, half of his face was the face of the abdomen.

I love to hurt myself, I have a hard point, and I have a little bit in my own chest: "If the fake is in the style!"

When I said the last two words, it seems to be squeezed from the throat. His voice has become a sound of the guard.

Huangsha wrapped my love!

Next, a huge monster appeared in a huge monster!

A tail guard!

Masaki watched his appearance, Shen Sheng: "The wind body, this is not a country, if one is through this opportunity to escape ..."

"It can't escape."

Luo Sa's face looked quietly, his eyes stopped in front of the head of the crane, wrinkled his own brows: "I love Luo ... until now I can't use it directly Is the power? "

He is still a little bit to abandon my Ai Luo's progress.

Because the last generation of sandy villages, the column is a perfect column, and it is possible to complete the strength of the crane, and even press the end of the runaway.

People have died, and the goods have been thrown.

Luo Sand will give up my love, the guard is also disappointing sandy village.

No matter what the tailed crane that has just been in, he shakes his tail to the position of Luo Sand. It is an enemy in its eyes!


When Luo's face suddenly angered, a group of sand gold wrapped in Huangsha quickly hit the body of the guard: "Is it unclear now?"

"Hey ... Feng Xi · practice blast!"

Whether it takes a crane to spurt the wind, after smashing the plain gold that has come to continue the package, it is also a short-selling empty spot!

Just when the Crane wants to fight with Luo Same, a purple Chakra wanders slammed on its head. The huge body of the crane suddenly fell on the ground, splash countless yellow sand and flight dust!

"What did I see?"

Shang Nai was stopped in the top of the guard, even somewhat flavor looked at the high-definition crane on the ground, and the corner of his mouth came out: "A cute little cat!"

Shangqi Nae lost his head and looked at Luo Sanda, grinned: "The four generations of wind shadow, I still like to raise pets. Are you willing to sell this small civet cat? Maybe I can spare you! "

Today's harvest is full.

I didn't expect my current, I'm already using a fake, summoning the abdomen of her body.

One tail must not be missed easily.

If you have rushed his mission by Luo Sand, Shangyuan Needa will definitely not cry, but it will be more than a few years.

Luo Sand looked up at the original. He didn't speak, but the underground crane was anger by the top.

"what did you say?"

The guard crawled up and climbed up. Its paws instantly split, slammed towards the original navigation, and the speed is so unbearable!

The original waving has played his purple vast sword, defeating the flying paw, his current energy is not weak.

Shangyuan Needle to throw his Chakra wide sword, manipulated this wood man, slammed, and nail it in the body of the crane!

I looked at the heart of the crane, and I got up with a finger on my own mouth: "Hey, the small beaver cat will be abandoned ..."


The anger of the face is more angry!

At the beginning, it was the first to be lost by the six cactors. When the six immortals left the country, the nine tails were laughed with it; although the nine tails of the crane, they also lost their six immortals. The country lives alone.

"Little ghost ... I want to shin you!"

"As a pet, learn to be well-behaved."

When Shangyuan Nai said, his eyes changed, and his hands fiercely explored the direction of the guard. The two Chakra quickly gathered into the brain of the guardian: "Illusion · Silence!"

Silent fear, you can get a dream with Chakra.

Two seconds, a tail guard will experience the most fear of life in life, this time is enough to defeat it.

Luo Sum was surprised to look at the original navigation after the release of words, the guards on the ground quickly fell into sleep, and his eyes suddenly became hot!

This surge is actually easy to suppress the tail!

If they have this type of sand in Sandy Village, they don't need to spend any cost. It can easily suppress the abuse of the rushing crane, and then don't worry about the trouble of people.

After two seconds.

The guard woke up from the fear, and he sent a shocking ground to the sky: "The nine lama, you are a bastard, I have to tear it sooner or later ..."


Aiyi! Book!

Shangyuan Na's body smashed in the body of the abdomen, and he didn't resist this hit by this hit. Perhaps because I loved the body to wake up in the ground, guarding the strain is gradually I started to indulge in my love.

I was looking at my love on the ground, showing a harmless smile, gently pinching her wrist.

Branch mission: Defeat the tail guard (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skill sandback appears.

Salie appeared: Summoned a sandbar in the target area, and the sanders can attack the free charge. Each sand soldier lasts for 9 seconds, summoning a sandfille minimum consumption of 40 points Chakra, sandstone duration and consumption Classical value is related, the skill is free of cooling.