I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 93 Don't talk to a ninja, he may be secretly reply

Shangqi Neede flew out of the golden ball, the purple energy in the eyes slowly retired, as if they had just traced their anger.

Next second, a purple wandering appeared on the top of the top.

Shangyuan Nairou suddenly rushed to Luo Sand, raising the downtown blade in his hand, suddenly opened a thin layer of sand gold defense before Luo Same.


Luo Sand was flying out by purple sword!

However, this four-generation wind shadow regards the injury of himself, just wiped the blood of the mouth, and the eyes flashed a fan: "That is ... ?"

I didn't expect to have an unexpected harvest!

Original Luo Sum is only to see the illusion of the original navigation to control the tail beast. Now he finds that this little guy seems to have a strange blood session.

There are not many dyshillics of the entire endurance.

Undoubtedly, the role of pupil is very powerful.

The two major guys in the village of Woody Village are both dupraick, and the shadow of other rigidas can only look at the water, but it is not easy to do.

Now, a pupil ninja appears in front of Luo Same.

"Kid, I want to get you more."

The four generations of winds ran forward their palms, and the sand gold started to gather. He loudly said: "Even now I can't seize you, I will also make the mountain pepper half-hitting you to Saha Yin Village!"

"Do not worry."

Shangyuan Na will slowly stretch his arm, slightly sneaky to look at Luo Saica: "If I can't even kill, what do I think in tolerance?"

Looking at the four generations of wind shadow, Luo Sand, a stable, and the original, I think I am too low?

How can I find someone to win him?

The wind is always being killed, and I feel that he can play him. He is a member of Xiao, and it is a craft man who is good to kill the shape!

The three generations of wind shadow were in the hands of the scorpion; the four generations of winds died in the hands of the big snake pill; the future five generations of winds died in the hands of Didara.

Several murderers are touched in a well-being.

"Water resulin · !"

Upper, a hundred-meter-high waves rose, he raised his own Chakra without reserving the skills.

If the enemy facing the enemy has a wide range of defensive tattoory and offensive, if you want to defeat them, you will use more powerful tolerance than enemies!

If you use Wan Lei Tianjian, it is not necessary to break the defense of the golden gold, and it is not as good as the power of the grizzle.

The scramble of the current role is enough to kill a rush!

Even if it is a mountain, it will be destroyed by this wave of waves!

At this moment, the face of the four-generation wind shadow Luosha is finally changing!

Luo Sand looked at the waves that were continuously climbed, and he took a drop of cold sweat: "It can use this level of water, even the spray of foggy villages may not be able to do it!"

"Ha, water shadow?"

Shangji, I remembered the sauce who died under his hand, smiled and said: "This is the strongest rush to Ninja, but not the spray of the village!"

After the Shangyuan Na, after the end of the words, both hands flipped!

Hundreds of meters high haroles roar rushed to Luo Sum!

Such a high waves can easily submerge a rivy, its impact is enough to cross the defense of the gold, break everything!

Unless Luo Same can become a Three Gorges Hydropower Station ...

Shangqi Nai Lu rushed over this thought, concentrated on the direction of the waves and rushing towards Luo Sum.

"Magnetic sand pad!"

Luo Sand looked at the unsatisfactory unsatisfied, his palm swayed, a group of sand goldenated sand pads, flew with his mini.

Now he can refine the sand gold, which cannot be condensed into a wave of dams to a hundred-meter-high-powered waves, so it can only find ways to bring your own department to the height.

With their flight speed, it is impossible to fly over the height of the waves before the waves come.

"Magnetic, sand gold burial!"

Ground sand gold flashes, there is a deep pit!

There will be a deep pit between the waves, and it seems that it is not hindered at all, and the waves rolled forward into the end of the end.

"Hey, don't escape, so fast!"

Shang Nai, followed the spray flight in the air, chasing Luo Sand and a sand, opening tried to attract their attention: "Hello, see such a grand water, you are not happy?"

I am also the first time I am fully released, such a powerful sickness, you are the first to see it, will n't you praise a few words?

Hello, give me a good fortune!

At the very least, you should also drum your palm? "


The sand is listened to the original navigation, and the brows hop at the same time.

Even if they are already a mature ninja, the emotions are also stimulated, they are too urgent, they are too urgent, they want to look back.

"Don't pay attention to him."

The look of Luo Sand has gradually calmed down. He has some smart to open his mouth: "The little ghost's Chakra has been exhausted, as long as we can defend this attack, he can only be slaughtered by us ..."

After that, he told him that: "Everyone now takes a deep breath now, I have to build a golden word defensive tower!"


All sand has followed the command of Luo Sand immediately, even if I loved the situation, I also took a deep breath.

However, a green rays rose from the waves, which flows into the upper organism, which is the sandy ninja that has just been killed by the roarness of the roar tricks triggered the restoration effect of the gas.

At the moment, the large number of Chakra, which has been fully released, the original nerves, the large number of Chakra, which has been released.

This can also make the original battle.

Even if he is also besieged by thousands of people like a three-generation Lei Xing, it can also fight, not because of our truth.

Of course, it will definitely not be so bad ...

He is a man who wants to be a black hand behind the scene. If there is a thousand ninja to play him, Shang Shang will dance in the surrounding circle of tens of thousands of ninja like Yisi speck.

"Magnetic, sand gold!"

Countless sand gold flew in Luo's manipulation.

A triangular vacuum pyramid consisting of sand gold falls from the sky, covering a group of sands on the ground, and the waves sweaters!

Rosha's stupid approach is really good.

These condensed sand gold conjunction with yellow sand has a thickness of ten meters, and the impact of the underwater is not particularly large, so that they have extended the raging waves.

A group of sands squats on the sealed pyramid, feel the tremor of the earth and the waves, waiting for the waves to flow.

After waiting until the sand gold, the waves were passed, Luo Sand slowly evacuated sand gold, which deeply buried the ninja under the sand gold to see the day.


"It is worthy of the wind shadow ..."

This group of sands hid a robbery and slowly.

When they were amazed, when the four generations of windphones were strong, Luo Sand's eyes turned sharply, and quickly reminded: "Be careful!"

However, after all, all Ninja can maintain the original super high vigilance after robbery, Huangsha is quietly gathered behind them.

A sandbar who holds a long gun has quietly emerged from the foot of this group of sand, and then tatched the long gun in his hand!


A rod sand can pierce a sorbic chest!