Didara is a bit not very sensible.

Shangnai, I heard this guy, I heard my own brow, I was embarrassed, "Don't be too lively, it is easy to die."

"Are you this attitude towards an intern?"

Dida La said on the white clay giant bird and slowly flew to the top of Shangyuan, holding his shoulders: "If this guy is willing to ask me, maybe I will help you catch the floor. Two people, interns! "


Shangyuan Na is rushing his head.

Is this Didala not wake up?

Last time they were next to the bodies of the mountain pepper, Didara had been sinned to him and Xiao South, and it is really not because Didara guys are new members. It is estimated that his grave grass should be sprouted.

One of the people killed by Unechebra, dare to provoke him?

"Shut up, Didara!"

Red sand scorpion has stopped their conflict. He knows the relationship between Naja and Xiaonan. I know that the woman has more pets her little disciple ...

He doesn't want his new teammate to be a sinner.

Although Didara has a little waves, it is still very qualified as a teammate.

The scorpion of Red Sand is looking at the two people in the air, and I asked softly: "Shanghao, how can you give you a risk?"

"... Hello, I am Ninja!"

At the end of the black line, I looked at the red sand, my eyes moved slowly, staying on the big snake pill and pharmacist, as if I saw a lot of treasures.

Some despections among the Maji eyes on the ground.

I didn't expect that they fled to escape, and they have encountered the enemy.

Along the way, Shangyuan Na Ran is like a cat to catch the mouse, followed by his back, Masaki can only take me airside, always prepare for death.

When Maji saw someone fighting in the desert, they thought they might encounter the ninja of the village and immediately rushed to get support.

Results The ninja here is also an enemy.

Is there anything more desperate than this kind of thing?

However, when Masaki saw the bobbin standing by the big snake pill, the face was suddenly surprised and happy: "That is the three generations of winds!"

Although I don't know why missing three generations of wind shadows will appear here, but at least a hopes of escape to Maji, the three generations of windings may be a big one!

And if the three generations of wind shadow is really able to return, whether it is a very fortunate thing to escape to the village!

After the four generations of winds have just war, Sandy Village will soon face a situation where there is no suitable candidate.

I didn't expect the three generations of winds to appear.

This is the ninja named the strongest wind shadow, or is it expected to rejuvenate in the sand hidden village?

After the four-generation rigs of the neighboring wooden leaves, the three generations of fire shadows flying in the temporary shift, and their sandy villages can also do this.

"Is it the ninja in the village?"

The three generations of wind shadow heard the voice of Maji, and looked up and saw the ninja care on Maji, and saw the red-haired little boy around Maji, and the gray face was a little quirky.

One is the rebellion in the village.

One side is a big snake pill of the three tolerance.

Although I don't know why they fight, but the truth of the city gate and the truth of the pool, the three generations of winds still know.

Perhaps the big snake pill and Red sand scorpion in a short period of time, but they solved a passive sand, still very relaxed.


The eyes of the three-generation wind shadow are slightly rotated, watching the big snake pills open: "Let's do a transaction! I can do not get rid of your control, but you have to help cover this sand and his child."

Original three generations of winds do not want to be mixed.

As a result, now I have encountered the child in Maji and the village being chased, then he can't stand by.

"This difficulty is not low."

Big snake pills looked at the three generations of winds, and they had an opening: "But it must be hidden from you, take them away."

When I saw the original Needle, the big snake pill didn't want to stay here, and the transplantation of the duplete is still out of control. What should I do with Payne?

But the three generations of winds actively choose to cooperate, so you can manipulate.

The big snake pill also wants to see what the strong combat power can be played after the past three generations of winds, in case there is no chance to fight against Payne?

The three generations of windings are slightly stable.

The eyes of the three generations move, looked at my love, Shen Sheng: "Hey, why did you bring a child? After you fight, you will take your child immediately, I will cover you! "

"Three generations of wind shadows!"

Maji rushed over with my love, hesitatedly did not answer my love, but opened his mouth: "Do you want to go back with us?"

"I have already died."

The three generations of wind shaking shook his head, and the sound was slight. He continued: "Now I am a dead man who is being resurrected by the big snake pills, may be heated by his manipulation, this time I can help you, say it is an enemy."

Hearing the explanation of the three generations of windings, Maji is somewhat desperate.

The three generations of wind don't know the trouble of Masaki, just continue to ask: "What is the current situation in the village? Who is the fourth generation of wind?"

"The situation in the village can now ..."

Horse's face is a bit heavy, and the days of sandy village can still have a period of time, but with the death of the four-generation wind, the future days will certainly not be better.

However, mention the topic of the four generations of winds, Masaki finally biting his teeth: "The four generations of winds are Luo Sand, two days ago, in order to cover us, in the rain of the rain."

Three generations: "..."


Pharmacist: "..."

This news is a super news.

Maybe it is very likely to detonate the fourth endurance battle!

"Hey, don't be so hard."

Shangqi Nai Fei fell around the side of the Red Sand, looking at the opposite person, the smile in the eyes couldn't convinced: "I have the body of Luo Sand in my hand. Do you want to take it again?"

How many branch tasks can you complete?

Even if it is a horse, there is a branch mission!

Don't do the important roles such as the big snake pills and pharmacists, every mission on each wooden leaves is only a lot.

Ma Ji looked at the original navigation, Shen Sheng explained: "The three generations of wind shadows, this guy, killing Luo Saha ..."

"No, can this interns also kill the wind?"

Dida La has fallen from the sky, and the face is very surprised. After a while, his mouth has revealed a smile: "Ha, everyone can't look small, it looks like everyone is a monster! One day I also want to Try ... "

Didara guy is a dog?

How is your face be so fast?

Shangji, I'm looking at my love, whispered: "If you want to kill the wind, it is more simple, you will have a chance to have you late."

"Shangyuan, do you really kill Luo Sand?"

The red sand is a little surprised. He slowly manipulated the

Shangji was shot and shook his head: "Give me a reason."

The red sand screamed, there is some dissatisfaction in my heart, but I want to think about the two people behind the original, which one he doesn't do.

, or explain: "His magnetic sand gold can provide us with a lot of money, Xiaonan will agree."

... "

Shangyuan Na was rumored, throwing the sealing reel.

The reasons for Red Sand are really sufficient, even he is a little refuting, after all, in addition to the reincarnation of embarrassment, only the people who have the people can maximize the use.

The most important thing is that there is something he gave, is it still dare to turn your face and don't let him catch the big snake pill?