I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 100, the big snake pills, the explosion of explosions (seeking tickets!)

In the endurance, the base of the big snake will be everywhere.

Perhaps it is a unique economic way of Big snake pill. Each base he has established has a relatively perfect facility. Many instruments look like a lot of money.

At the time of the original nerves, there was a little interest.

At this moment, it seems to return to the era of myself.

Although the laboratory of the big snakes seems to be some advanced in the physical chemistry biological laboratory of secondary schools, but does not hinder the original navigation here.

Unfortunately, there is no sickness reel, only a few big snakes experimental diary, and there is a pile of chaos.

Shangyuan Needs also did not understand.

After a while, there was a bit boring.

Shangyuan Na will turn out a bunch of test tubes and beakers, starting their first tolerance of scientists, or may be the last time.

As for what fatal dangers, the top is not intended.

Anyway, Shang Shang may fight some people, arguing with life, it is estimated that the big snake pill is not as good as him.

After a while, the laboratory within the base opened.

When the big snake pills and pharmacists came in, they saw the scene that made two people on the same way.

Shang Nai is holding a test tube, it is going to pour the liquid in a beaker, and there is a wine cylinder below heating.

The surprise and anger of the big snake pills gradually faded, he is a little happy: "Ha, I didn't expect, and some people will interested in these ..."

In the next second, when the big snake pill saw the test tube in the hands of the original navigo, his voice was abrupt, and his face could not help but change.

The pharmacist has interrupted the Shang Shang, he didn't ask why the original na will be here, but it is first sinking: "Please let go of the experimental equipment in your hand."

"Hey, don't speak."

Shangyuan Nairou raised a finger, be careful to open the mouth: "I am doing experiments now, don't bother my interested, your first stay."


This devil is a neuropathy!

Pharmacist pushed his own glasses, cold channel: "I suggest you don't do this, you will explode in your hand, with the speed and power of it, our three people can not escape."

"Reassured, I can't die."

Shangqi Needan, the big snake pill and the pharmacist pocket, his own righteousness, the things in the test tube were poured into the heated beaker.

The big snake pill is in his heart, he is in the heart, and he is rushing to join the printing: "The soil, the soil flow wall!"

I was originally a bit haterpest when I saw the original neckline.

Later, the big snake pills saw the original navigation in his laboratory, and the heart of the big snake pill was more panicked.

When the big snake pill is determined that the original navigation is when it is operational, especially if you use this messy and extremely simple experimental step to waste him refine the precious chemical items, the big snake pill is simply crazy.

The rigor of a scientist is absolutely unable to allow him to be tolerant.

This little ghost is really not afraid of death!


The deafening explosion sounds in an instant!

The entire laboratory is almost immediately collapsed by a huge explosion!

The pharmacist did not deceive the original navigation. He just played the test tube, the liquid inside was unstable, touched the beaker and the inoperative material, not exploded!

It is just that the power of the explosion is too big.

Single only is more powerful than the power of C-class Hao Ball.

The big snake pills hurriedly used the soil of the soil, and it was inevitably received some. When they arrived from the ruins, there were some wolves and the gray face lost.

The original neighborhood was relieved from the stagnation of the golden body, and even a silk hair was not hurt. He even had a good time to evaluate himself: "Hey, a successful blasting experiment, it seems that I have a scientist."

"You think too much ..."

The big snake pill is looking at the original navigation, slightly speaking, talking about the simple and naive little experiment, cold channel: "You can find it here."

"Yeah, let me experience the life of the seniors of the big snake."

Shangqi Nairi kicked a stone, and laughed: "I found that the life of the big snake pills is very interesting. Is there any other experimental base in the big snake pill? I still have a few interesting small experiments. test…"


The pharmacist looked with the original navigation and looked at the whole ruins.

He listened to the original naval or a scientific, but the chaos of the mess did not have a mess, this guy did not have a scientific cell!

The big snake pills stretched out the long tongue licked their lips, glanced around, he didn't see the traces of others.

The eyes of the big snake pill gradually became a little cold: "The courage is really big, it is actually a person to chase us ... I really thought that I can summon Payne, can you want to do it?"


Shangji opened his palm, slightly, sidelinescecatically looked at the big snake pill: "There is a Penne, you can do it for what you want."

It's just that I will open it again. "But I thought about it. If you just face the seniors of the big snake, it is not necessary to summon Payne."

"Little Ghost!"

The big snake pill bit his teeth and slammed his palm, and a brown boa of the snake came to the original tear: "Who do you think you are? Did you have a lot of snake!"

"Down Blade!"

On the front of Shangyuan Na, a piece of purple Chakra has appeared, and a group of python's head is cut off, and even he waved his purple sword towards the big snake pill!

The shot of the purple, the bodies, the body of the big snake!

In the next second, the body of the big snake pill was broken, turned into a piece of dirt falling on the ground.

The soil, the earth.

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

The sound of the big snake pill suddenly sounded on the other side, and a huge python climbed out in the psychic spent under his hand, Zhang opened the bloodpot, and rushed over the original navigation!

Shangyuan Nai flew in the air, and fell this python to the ground!

Shangqi Nai Fei fell on the body of the python, sighed a good air: "The senior of the big snake pill, don't play the snake in front of me, it is not meaningful ... don't have to mention high-end sickness, it is difficult for people to mention you. What is interest. "

After that, the Shangyuan Na is like a thoughts, and the face is revealed: "Oh, I forgot, the big snake pill will only play the snake."


The big snake pill was originally not intentional, his psychological quality is far from the persevere, but he can't help but get the original little mouth too poison.

As a full-time check Krakah body, Big Snake Pills, I really want to learn all the sickness of the endurance, basically the usual tolerance of the five major countries has been well-known.

What is only playing a snake!

Listening to the last ridicule of the original navy, let the big snake pills can't help but twitch: "I really will not respect my predecessors ... Since this is, let you have a big frog in this well. The big!"

The voice falls, the big snake pill is thrown out of the hand sword!

Handleled the sword with a detonator to go to the original navigation.

At the same time, a long snake appeared at the feet of the big snake, pulling the pharmacist, returning to him, apparently he didn't want the pharmacist to be affected.

When I was a little surprised, the big snake pill quickly lifted his head and stared at the original. His eyes suddenly became a dignified, and the palm suddenly closed!

The flash of the big snake pill is completed, the mouth flashed a bruises: "Since you are looking for death, then I use your teacher's favorite tolerance to destroy you! Take the law ... Mrierity!"