I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 101 The pharmacist is not a good person!


The whole ruins set off a vigorous explosion!

The big snake pills and pharmacists looked at the explosion center in a distance, and the mouth of the mouth showed a smile: "Use the burst of the burst of the rioli, and the moment can pass 10,000 out-of-proof, enough to kill any enemies directly."

When the big snake pills learned about the process of reincarnation, naturally did not abandon the study and explosive explosions used in the combination of crimes.

For this talents of Big Snake, it is not high to learn the difficulty of explosion.

The only hassle is that the price of Psychic's detonation is a bit expensive, and for the big snake pill, it is tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of money.

This unfair is too wasteful.

In addition to the study of the explosions, Dabin Pills specially left 10,000 detonation, and at other times he never thought of using mutual explosions.

After all, the most important psychic conditions of the explosions of the explosions are to attract the first one's one on the enemy to trigger a spirit.

If an enemy can be attached to the body, then the enemy is weak to not have to waste the explosion; if an enemy strength is very powerful, then he is definitely impossible to be explosive.

This is a pseudo-proposition in the study of the big snake.

Therefore, the big snake pills are exhausted by each other, but they don't like it.

However, for the big snake pills, there is a special meaning for the disciples who use explosions to kill Xiaonan.

The big snake pill did not mind to give this intern.

By the way, when Xiaonan discovered the original navigation, let her recognize the truly use of the explosion, and the way to recognize the gap between the strong people.

The big snake pill saw an eye explosion and fog was not scattered. He didn't choose to see the body of the original Nair, just out: "Okay, go, let's go!"

"Yes, big snake pills."

The pharmacist has seen a smoke of the explosion, and the eyes flashed in a fear: "It is a big snake pill, and even the explosion can play such a strong force."

"This is not what I invented."

The big snake pill stands, and smiled and shakes his head: "This is the second-generation rigs of the wooden leaves."

When the big snake pills mentioned the second-generation noodles, they were rare and somewhat admired.

The huge smoke of the explosion suddenly came from the Shang Shangyu: "The big snake pill must have a practicing method of explosion in the hands?"

"I have indeed, but this epigladous is too ..."

After the consciousness of the big snake pills, he listened to the voice and was not very strong. He turned his head to look at the smoke.

Shangyuan Na is just walking out step by step.

The Shangyuan took the dust on himself. If there is no matter what to say: "Since there is something I want in the hands of the big snake pill, then you can't easily let you go."

This is said that it is talking about home.

It seems that there is no one in the past.

"whispering sound!"

The big snake's mouth can't help but slap, cold tang: "There is no way to kill you, it seems that even the bubbles of the second-generation rigid adults are also defective!"

"No ... His surgery has no defect."

Shangyuan Needan to make a hand, out the sound, explained: "I believe that it is myself or my teacher, I should all like this kind of surgery ... I think there is a defect, should it be a big snake pill?"

"I dare to spend the big snake pills!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and slammed his hands.

The pharmacist's hand suddenly flashed with light green light, plus the plurophagus of Chakra surgery.

After the voice falls, the pharmacist rushed up in the direction of the original Needle, and the palm of the light green Chakra is going to shake the original neck!

This is the method of combat the medical ninja.

Chakra surgery knife can not only be treated, it is also unfavorable, it is not struggling than suffering!

However, the medical ninja whose Chakra surgery knife is truly applied in the battle, only don't worry about the Ninja, which is like a pharmacist.

After all, the duty of the medical ninja is to save people.

The duties of the pharmacist are all energy spies.

"Down Blade!"

Shangji returned to his palm, and a purple Chakra wide sword fell into his hand, and he immediately slammed his knife to his face!


The pharmacist pockets a foot on the ground, and after the next moment, he appeared behind the Shang Shang.

Shangqi Nai is just to twist the borrowing, and the sharp sword is crossing the pharmacist!

The Shangyuan's hand pointed out a kit, popping up a card, cutting the body bruises, and even two card explosions, positive hitting the body of the pharmacist.

The pharmacist rolled down on the ground.

Big Snake Pills don't seem to worry about your part, I saw the pharmacist slowly disserted his clothes. The injuries on his body were quickly self-recovery, and even seems to be seriously injured.

The pharmacist looked at the other wounds on her body, Shen Sheng: "The big snake pill, please be careful, my whole body is almost within his attack.

The strength of this little ghost is referred to what I have ever seen. Even if the wound is used in advance, some attacks still have no time to guard. "

The wound is getting more than the predicted the enemy's attack position, so as to cure in the part of your injured, thereby minimizing your injury.

It is just the top attack too much.

"Of course."

The big snake pill licked his own lips, and the look is lighter: "The members of Xiaoyu are not a simple role, even if it is just a intern."

Shang Nai took a look at the pharmacist, and the friendly land rushed on him: "Sir, you come over, don't worry, I will only kill you."


Pharmacist is not good.

Is this little guy who said or a human?

"Of course, if you are willing to surrender, I will not kill you."

Shangyuan Needressed his own Chakra wide sword, whispered: "Now kill you, there is no more waste of talents, and we are talented, it is talent!"

"is it?"

The glasses of the pharmacist flashed a bright light. He stood up and stepped forward to the original navigation: "If I cast it, what can I get?"

Looking at him at the last visit: "You can live."

"This price seems not bad?"

The pharmacist took a nod to agree with the last side of the original Needle, turned to the big snake pill: "Sorry, the big snake pill, I must ..."

However, when I didn't pay attention to the original navigation, the pharmacist's hand quietly pulled out a small-sized surgery knife, and slammed his back and neck!


At the end, the Nairou suddenly had a short of the elbow hit the chest of the pharmacist, so that this spy genius curable a blood.

Shangyuan Needressed ignored the pain of the pharmacist, turned to the wrist, remove the surgery knife from his hand, inserted his shoulder!

Under the pressing of the original Nairi, the pharmacist fell to the ground, and widened his eyes looked at the upper appearance of the eyes!

"Do you think I am a fool?"

Shangqi Lu lost his feet to put the pharmacist in the ground, and he snorted "I have long known that the guy who follows the big snake pill is really not a good person!"