I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 102 does not look down on the white phosphorus?

I can be embarrassed to two people.

The long door will be very pleased that the original is really growing up.

It's just that the big snake pill is not cared, but it is a palm of your hand: "Killing is decisive, it is a small disciple of Xiaonan ..."

"I haven't killed him yet."

Shangqi Na will not stand a good breath, the cold voice is open: "How do you want to redem, don't redeem your most loyal part?"

"His value can be not so high."

The big snake pill shook his head and rejected the proposal of Shangyuan Na.

Shangji shook his head and sighed: "In fact, I think this guy is more than the value of the seniors of the big snake!"

The entire endurance, the ninja is divided into many kinds.

Two of them have climbed from the bottom, they don't neither the strong blood of the family, and there is no superb ninja talent, and only their own.

The first name called Metekai is a struggle for the limit; another person is a pharmacist, relying on his own IQ, step by step to the ninja peak.

The story of these two people is inductively.

"Sometimes I am envious of you can work hard and struggle ..."

Shangqi Needressed hair, the hair of the pharmacist is quite emotionally shakes: "Unfortunately, my talent is too bad, can only be an exercise to maintain life."

Pharmacist: "..."

Although I can't understand the meaning of the original Na, the pharmacist can clearly feel the regrets and pride in the original navigation.

Regret, you can understand ...

But what is the meaning of some pride?

"Forget it, some things can only wait until the future, I will get a little bit of interest from your body!"

Shangyuan brings himself to shake his head, and a punch is on the face of the pharmacist, looking at the pharmacist's thoroughly.

After all, there is a series of branch tasks to get answers from the pharmacist, especially the three major holy cactus models.

However, it is also a task to do.

Branch mission: the espionage (11) of the drug mask, the task has been completed, reward 300 gold coins.

Branch Task: Defeat the medical ninja pharmacist (11), the task has been completed, rewarding skills cell division.

Cell division: After death, the body will directly divide into 4 cells. After 8 seconds, these split cells will start aggregate to resurrect the body, and each survive cell will resurrect 10% life energy and Chakra energy, cooling time 150 seconds. Chakra consumes no.


Shangyuan Needan is also surprised, he has never thought of actually it can get a reborn skill, although this cell division may let the enemy killed four navigation.

The possibility of this skill should be small?

"Okay, I have eaten before the meal."

At the end of the Nairi, kick the pharmacist this toolman to the side, twisted his shoulders, turned to see the big snake pill: "You can eat dinner now!"

"It's really a little you, Shang Shangjun ..."

The eyes of the big snake pills gradually became serious, his fingers were gradually closed, and the next second moved to the last silend of the sword.

The palm of the big snake is completely closed, and the cold voice is said: "Forbearing, the Sword Yingjiao!"

The handle of the flying in the air quickly split into a group of hands!

The big snake pill did not stop, but he continued to cooperate with the printed printed, and he spurted a gapped flame: "Fire, Feng Xianhuo!"

Every group of flames quickly attached to the handle of the shank, flew in the direction of the original Needle.

Even the flames are extinguished, and the hands can also cause the cutting effect.

"Is this not a phenantry flower claw red?"

Shangqi Needan wrapped his eyes looked at the sleeper of the sword, quickly starting the print release, the release: "Wind is the barbed!"

The wind wall is blown up and stopped the sword.

The big snake pill is just a combination of this trick.

Two pythons suddenly flew out from the ground on both sides!

Shangyuan Nai fell to the purple Chakra wide sword, waving two pythons, some are not very happy on the face: "The big snake pill, still don't play the snake in front of you? This will reduce my good feelings for you. "

"Little ghost, don't talk about those nonsense."

The big snake pill snorted. When he saw him, he started shouting, saying that there was a good feeling of him.

The big snake pill leaned over the ground, and the Zhang Dou spurred a countless long snake: "Forbearing, Wan Snake!"

A group of long snakes fly in the direction of the original Needle!

Single only look at their quantity, let the top original feel the first skin!

Usually people see a snake will not want to contact, now, thousands of snakes rushed toward him.

In the middle of the snake, every snake is spit out of the sword, but it makes them look smooth ...

"Thunder, Wan Lei Tianjun!"

Shangyuan Na will raise his right hand, a group of wind turbines quickly gathered, a lightning fly quickly, a few seconds of these long snakes became a coke.

The big snake pill did not scrap his own tolerance, he was attacked by the original navigation. He just looked at the original navigation.

This is really amazing!

The non-printing of the endurance, there is still little, like the kind of powerful thunder, at least more than a dozen handprints.

"Oh, did you forget the printed?"

Shangji wrinkled his own brow, set up his palms, and the sound continued: "Now I have a beautiful handprint to let you ..."

"Do you think I am idiot?"

After the big snake fury, his neck suddenly stretched, whispered: "But now, you already have a different value ..."

A elongated neck flew over the head of the big snake pill!

According to the inbound of Chakra Theory, the Ninja can use Chakra, and they can use the auxiliary printer to reduce the printed gesture according to the use of tolerance.

In addition to certain blood grievances.

The head of the big snake flying over the skull, his teeth gradually became sharp: "Before I get the hidden body, take you as a spare product ... if you can live The words! Illusion, Needle! "

The eyes of Shangyuan Na will fall into confused.

However, the next second purification relieves the control of illusion, and the original neck is flying and kicking to the big pill!


The neck of the big snake pill is kicked by the top!

Soft neck presented an incredible angle, as if it is like a slingshot, bringing the big snake's head and the body while flying together!

The original Nah's face is not very good, looking forward to retransciting the neck of the big snake pill, cold channel: "Don't close me, dirty."

" ..."

The big snake pill smiled and twisted his neck. His body extends quickly, his head gradually became some, and the body began to have a small white snake, and the whole person slowly became a white phosphorus. !

The sound of the big snake pill is a bit rough, spitting a long snake core: "Little ghost, don't worry, we will be integrated in a while."

"Shut up, go to the blade!"

Shangyuan Needle to throw the purple broad sword in his hand!

Chakra wide swords through a arc in the air, when the big snake pill is still talking, it is slammed into his neck, and nails this white phosphorus is on the ground.

Shangqi Nai flying footed on the big snake pill, coldly opened: "The senior of the big snake pill, maybe I will feel trouble ... But do you look down on the white phosphorus?"

This snake does not pack it!

Obviously insulting his strength!