I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 103 Heroes ... debut! (Seeking the recommendation!)

The white phosphorus seems to have no movement.

The brow of Shangyuan Nair wrinkled, and the look is somewhat not very nice. He kicked the head of the white phosphorus with the foot: "Will it be so dead?"

In the next second, the face of Shangyuan Na Lu suddenly changed, he slammed the purple Chakra wide sword, the white phosphorus big snake was just a empty shell!

What joke is open?

The big snake pill directly became a white phosphorus, leaving such an empty shell, is it necessary to escape?

The underground suddenly reached a hand, tightly grabbed the ankle of Shangyuan Na, "grabbed you, the little ghost! Soil, the heart!"

"It's too dangerous!"

Shangyuan Nai is not as good as defense, was pulled by such a C-class tolerance to the ground, leaving only one head and on the ground.

Mom, there is still this kind of thing.

He actually in his heart.

Shangji Nai is running out of a little blood, I have seen the genius ninja in Sui Zhi Booi, how can I fight with the big snake pill?

This guy can be more sinister than Uzi.

"I am not willing to kill you, little ghost!"

The big snake pill is just a loud laugh, after licking his lips, the whole person suddenly became countless small white snakes, and the top of the ground is flocked.

The big snake pill wants to absorb the original navigation.

In the next second, I saw the white snake bee went up. Shangyuan Na, on the ground, no trace, the White Snake group can only re-gather into the appearance of the big snake.

The palm of the big snake fly quickly, perceived Chakra in the earth, his brows couldn't help but wrinkle: "What is going on? I can't feel the little ghost Chakra?"

A purple radiance suddenly reflected in the eyes of the big snake!

The purple Chakra wide sword slammed out from the ground, and went to the neck of the big snake pill. After he was in danger, he also cut a long wound in his chest, blood is almost spurt. Out!

A detonator also arrived at the wound of the big snake pill, and thought it was a big creation.


Shangyuan Na Roung reappeared in front of the big snake pill, even the explosion of the explosion of the explosion.


The detonation is instantly cracking!

The whole people of the big snake will be fried out, and the blood is broken!

However, one of the top ten detonatics after a detonator was detonated.

When the big snake pill saw ten detonatics, he almost dared to confuse his eyes, flashed in a fear: "This is ... Take the explosion of explosions?"

"I don't know what to take each other, but this is my own tips I play the explosion."

Shangji set up his palm, a very large appearance: "The seniors of the big snake pills have just given me 10,000 detonatics, and the people we know are never owed, now I will give you ten times. Two are flat. "

Ten explosions were psychedelic, and this area was turned out of 100,000 detonation in this area, and it was closely surrounded by the big snake pill.

The big snake pill is a bit helpless: "I thought you were overateed enough, I didn't expect ..."

At this moment, even the replacement of the big snake can not protect him!

Then there is only the last one that absolutely can't die!


The body shape of the big snake pills instantly expanded it, and it turned into a tens of high-grade snake. The eight big heads were constantly shaking, they came back and forth in a body!

This is the ultimate ban!

The strength of the eight-seiphest is comparable to the tail beast. As long as there is a head, it will not die. It is the bottom gas of the big snake pill to fight each other.

At this moment, the big snake pill is an eight-bifid snake.

After the explosion of the explosion resounded, a head of the eight-bit snake fell on the ground, one of which spit out the body of the big snake.

It's just a little weak, and this trick is expensive to spend his a lot of Chakra and physical strength.

Shangyuan Na Lu is quite interested in the opening: "I thought that the seniors of the big snake will attack me with such a powerful surgery!"


The big snake pill just biting his teeth did not answer, and he took the palm of his hand to start the spiritual print: "Take the spirit of the spirit!"

Now, he is still unable to use the eight-seiphest surgery, it is easy to cause the body to be uncontrolled and there is a collapse, and it is better to call another big guy with it.

"Go out! Wan snake!"

The big snake pill was coldly gazing in the original navigation, and the palm was shot on the ground, and a huge psychic lacquered print appeared in the ground.

A huge sample is jumped from the psychic mantra!

Huge Wan Snake spitted the snake core to sweeping the battlefield, its eyes revealed a fierce and cruel: "The big snake pill, what is it? If you can't let me satisfaction, now I will kill now Fall you! "

Wooden three-necked and their psychic beasts, only the relationship between the big snake pills and his psychic beasts is very bad.

This is also related to the nature of the snake.

It doesn't have any loyalty.

"Hahahaha ..."

I still don't wait for the big snake pill, I'm laughing at the arrival: "Seniors, the elders of the big snake!"


Wan snake is slightly lower, seeing small Shangyuan Na, swallow his snake core: "Little ghost, what are you? Did you say this in front of me ..."

Shangnai is slow to fly to the air, watching the peeled eyes of the thousand snake, his palm slowly starts to join hands: "What do you count!"

"Is this little ghost to summon Payne?"

The face of the big snake pill is a little less beautiful. He is in a hurry to sit in the top of the 10,000 snake, start to restore his own Chakra, prepare for his best attitude.

Shangyuan Nai raised his head and looked at the tens of thousands of big snake pills, and the mouth was slightly hooked: "Don't worry, the seniors of the big snake, since you have to choose the spirit of the beast, as an intern, I naturally To meet your wish. "

The brows of the big snake pill wrinkled, whispered Xiao: "Is it only shark that can solve the soul? Wan snake should be able to solve the shark ..."

"Tolerance, Tongling!"

Shangyuan is completed its own psychic printing.

A light appeared from his hands and shot into the air.

Shangyuan Nai is a little crying: "How did this guy still bring an animated effect?"

When the big snake pill is a little surprised, he also saw an imaginative spell appeared on the earth!

The scope of this spell is enough to be a few kilometers, then what monsters do you want to come out?

Is there such a big spirit beast in the world?

"Heroes ... debut!"

A dull voice is like fried thunder, which is generally in the ear of everyone!

A tall figure flew like a meteor, it didn't seem to be very high, but it made people feel full!

When it landed over the center position of the spell, a few kilometers of spells between the moment!

No, broken is not a spell, but the whole land!

On the land of several kilometers, whether it is a mountain tree or a boulder beast, all the power of this tall humanoid hit the ground to fly to the air!

Broken land is also shocked by countless earth blocks!

Wan snake can not be surprised to be shocked, and even it is nothing to make any action, and the body is already uncontrolled.

The eyes of the Wan snake showed a fear, panicked, high voice: "The big snake pill, what is the guy? What monster you have in the end!"

"I do not know either…"

The big snake pills have shaken his head, but when he saw the body of the pharmacist, he still reached his arm and saved the pharmacist.

Fortunately, the drug teacher has been awakened by this shake, but there is a fear and panic between the gods: "Cough ... big snake pills, what is going on?"

The big snake pill did not answer, just watched the original Nairi's body flying to the high body shadow appeared on the ground, Shen Sheng said: "What is the fantastic spirit ... What is it?"

The dust of the ground vibration gradually dissipates.

The spiritual beast of Shangyuan Nae also exposed a true face.

Shangqi Nairou stood above the summoned psychic beast top, his smile was somewhat brilliant, and he sounded in the direction of the big snake pill and the role: "Let me introduce you, its name is Gario. "