I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 106 is time to let a person back black pot.

State of the wind.

Sands outside sandy village are still very large.

Red Sands used the lake sand sand control Masaki and the end of the two sandy villages. From then on, it was almost the news of Sandy Village.

And the influence of Masaki and the two people, after the four generations of wind shadows, Sandy Village is temporarily successful, give up the investigation of Yu Yin Village, so as not to cause war.

The most important thing is that the can control the news of my love.

Wait until the future, there will be an intelligence to collect all the tail beasts in the future.

"You go back!"

The finger of Red Sands is moving, controls the direction of Masaki and It is rigid to the direction of sandy village, seals the memory in their brain.

"It's a good thing to be Ah!"

Didara's technical praise for Red Sands: "Although it is not as good as my explosion, there must be a certain thing."

"... don't talk, shut up."

The red sand is dissatisfied with Didala.

Since the perfect solves the four-generation style scenery in the country of rain, Red Sands and Didala are not hesitant to leave here. Go back to Payne.

By the way, Payne will pass the original Nairi news, let the little ghost you return to the country, don't have to come to Shain Village to find trouble.

"ok, ok, I got it."

Didala is embarrassed to touch his back, rushing to the red sand: "Respect the old man and the predecessor, I still understand very much."


The red sand is boring in the belly.

Didara guys look like a heartless lung, after a sentence, after a sentence, the hand throws out his own white bird: ", let's go!"


The red sand screams, slowly climbed the white bird of Didala, and the two sat on the white bird and slowly flew up, and slowly disappeared outside sandy village.

When they leave.

A figure is quietly emerged from the ground.

Shangyuan Na Ruo looks at the white big bird, I can't see my brow: "This guy did not see his grandmother?"

I didn't expect Red sand to do so.

Shangyuan Nai went to the hard work of the big snake pill, and the red sand has solved the trouble of Sandy Village. This is not very good.

This directly disrupted the top plan.

"In this case, it can only make someone black pot."

Shangyuan Na's finger knocked on his arm and looked up at the sand hidden village, and his body was re-entered into the ground.

late at night.

Shangyuan Nair secretly touched the situation in Sandy Village.

With the death of the four generations of wind, there is no ninja that can be slammed into the girders in the entire sandy village, plus them in the rainy country, and the sand is only invited to re-rosion.

The prestige of the Millennium Mother-in-law is still, she will temporarily take the counsel village with the counsel. Wait until the future selection of five generations.

The sea is also the original position of the shadow, and has received his original position and re-serving as a sandy high level.

The night is getting deeper and the moonlight is getting brighter.

The moonlight moved into the house of the sea, and a palm quietly floated from the wall, put a note on his desk.

However, when the palm returned to the wall, the hand was thrown out, awakened the sleeping old man.

Even the old age is old, his heart is still unpaired.

In the next second, this old man turned over, a handle had nothing to fall into his palm, and the eyes that have been slightly smoothed at this moment are extraordinary.


After a while, the sea is alert to the house, and the eyes stopped on the desktop, his face turned into the moment.

Who is it, I diven his room?

And in the case of God, I left a note on his desk, and if I have a room for the ninja in my village ...

In case of the enemy ...

That is too dangerous for the sandy high level!

The world is not as expected.

When the sea is open, the look is incomparably ugly, and a drop of cold sweat appears on his forehead, because the note is painted behind a simple swirl mark.

That is the marker of Woody Village.

The old Tibet is silent for a while, decided to implement it on the note, he shaped his own clothes and decided to rush to the mission place on the note.

Among the oasis of sandy village.

It was originally a hidden spot in the sea and a thousand generations.

Since they returned to Sandy Village, this place will soon be blocked, waiting until the future, the Qian Dynasty and the sea are retired.

Today, I ushered in a rapid guest.

When the sea is coming from the village, I saw an old man sitting in the room with a half-length band.

The first leader of the roots of the roots

Zhi Village Tangzang is the biggest opponent in the past, which is also the darkness of the crisis of the crisis in the crisis.

The sea is slowly sat down on the table, and the sound is somewhat. "I haven't seen it for a long time. I didn't expect you to meet, I met."

"Sandy Village is weak."

Zhidun Group hidden slowly poured a cup of tea, put in front of the sea: "If it is not the four generations of wind, even if the people I sent to you, I am afraid here, I am afraid now. Will it be surrounded by the dark? "

The old Hai Tibet looked at the tea and did not choose to pick up.

Zhi Village Tibetan seems to be aware of him, laughing and laughing: "Don't doubt, this time I am coming to find you, the young people are tempering, always thinking that cooperation will harm their interests, in fact Cooperation can achieve a win-win situation. "


Hai Lao Tibet was silent for a while, and sighed a little air: "If there is something to say, my old age is, can't stay up late."


After the Zhidun group was nodded, Shen Sheng said: "I want a thousand generations to study myself."

"How do you know ..."

"This is what it can't know."

Zhidun Group looked up and looked at the surprised Sea old Tibet. You said that the four generations of winds have warned in the country, this intelligence I have confirmed, your sandy village I am very clear about the amount of task. If you want to maintain sandy village, you can only rely on the manda of the wood to give you the task of the country. "

The sea is hidden, and the proposal of the Zhun Group is refused: "Do you have this ability? The old man is still in the old man, the wooden leaves are still doing the Lord!"

"As long as the sky is dead, the leaves will naturally be the Lord."

Zhidun group revealed a secret smile, as if everything was in control: "And the wind is dead in the country of rain, you must have evil in the country of rain, you need to help you talk, I and The relationship between the half-hidden adult is nice. "


The old fingers of the sea slowly knocked on the table leg.

Today, Shah Yin Village has just passed a resolution. It is intended that the four generations of winds will be issued in Yuyin Village to the rainy village. If you try to threaten it, you will get some interests.

As for the war, sandy village is definitely impossible.

However, this is also to see if the mountain pepper is half-Tibet to agree with their negotiations, and even half hidden may attack Sandy Village.

After all, the current sandy village is unprecedented.

"I want yourself to reincarnate, I can give you."

The sea is slowly looked up and looked at the Zhun Tuan Tibet. The word said: "Wood leaves to support our negotiations of the country, return the country of the country to take the country of the country, support the country A certain amount of grain ... "