I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 107, the name of the group is still very easy to use!

The old Harbor is a lot of conditions.

The face of Zhun Group is still smiling. After waiting for the Hai Tibet, he will only open: "Your price is too high, it is not as good as us, wait for us, waiting for us to support Yu Yin Village to attack the country Talk again? "

"... Are you not paying?"

The old town of Hai said, the expression became very good.

If it is not the four generations of wind, he is too lazy to pay the envoy!

It is really a small person who is sophisticated by the most sophisticated and humble people. It is not good to use this set of fire. This guy is not good sooner or later.

"First, help you say and rain in the village."

When the Zhidun group told this sentence, his face was slightly red, but it was not obvious under the night. He continued: "Yu Yin Village has a genius ninja that defeated the four generations of wind shadow and its guard team. The war is very high, you can get peace is not easy. "

The sea is a little dissatisfaction: "Tibet, your wooden leaves are the allies of sandy village, is it solemn?"

The Zhidun group hit a road: "When the four-generation wind shadow invaded the country, I thought that the wood is a sandy allies? In short, I can only guarantee that the war will not happen!"


The old town is caught in the sea.

After a while, he finally nodded helplessly.

This time's sandy village experience must not be turmoil, as long as it can get peace, it is full of satisfaction.

Since you can't get any results, it is better to take a loss. Wait until the future sandy village will be strong, and you can take the excuse of the four-generation wind and death.

"As for the task of the country of the wind ..."

The Zhidun Group is clearly mentioned that a topic of the sea is very concerned about. After all, there is no golden gold in the four-generation style, and Sha Yin Village can only rely on the task to change funds.

Zhi Village is hidden in the sea, and continues to say: "Your sandy village will also support a period of time? After a while, the time is mature, I will return your mission after the timetry, I will return your task. "


The old Tibetan Tibetan is investigating a strong untrustworthy.

This endurance dares to trust the village group, almost no one can fall, the sea is the old opponent, and naturally will not believe in the oral promise of the group.

"This way, I will give you an information?"

The finger of Zhidun Tibetan hiped the desktop, whispered: "The rushed tolerance in your village is the spy being controlled. He should be controlled by the latent braided sand, so that the people behind, don't use me What is it? "


The old face of the sea is large.

Zeng is that they are responsible for peripheral defense in their sandy village. If they are controlled by people, they are almost unfair in Sandy Village.

Moreover, the slowdown of the labeling has always been a secret technology of the Sandy Village.

The general genius is unlikely to come into contact with these. It is very little teacher who can learn the latent sand sand, but the sea is just knowing two people.

One of them is his sister.

Obviously the millennium is impossible to use this tentative to treat the village, then it can only be a grandson, red sand.

"This news is as a gift!"

Zhidun Group is slowly standing, whispered: "If you agree with our deal, you can put the scriptick on the table tomorrow, I will send people to take."

Zhi Village Tibet has walked to the door, opened the door, and opened the door: "If you don't agree with our transaction ... No, I believe you will agree, because everything we do is for each other's village."

"I promised your deal."

The old town has turned his head and looked at the village group to hide some old body. I asked curiously: "But when can you only get a shadow?"

"Do not worry."

Zhi Village Tibet has gripped his arm, and said seriously: "I should be sixty-five years old this year, it should be soon."

Hai Laibang: "..."

This fucking is going to the soil!

Didn't this year, I still tossed!

Only, he got a message from Zhun Village is enough to pay the price of yourself, and the sea is also too lazy to attract the task behind the next.

Anyway, it is going to negotiate with wooden leaves or later.

It is better to listen to it when you listen to it, you will listen to it!

Zhidun group hiding did not use it, and the opening continued: "The martyr is in the years, strong, even if I seventy years old, I will definitely become the fire of the wooden leaves!"

Hai Laibang: "..."

How do you still have a set?

How can Zhun Group Tibetan this old thing can become nig shadows!

The negotiations were successful, and Zhidun Tibetan seems to have a good mood. He continued: "It is certainly not easy to be accepted by my age, then it can only rely on his own strength."

The sea is old and shaken.

Telling true, he is still a little less believed.

Zhun Village Tibetan seems to know the heart of the sea, suddenly: "If the Millennium is willing, will she become the five-generation style of Sandy Village?"

"I probably ... I understand what you mean."

The voice of the sea is suddenly laid: "Even the three-generation fire image is the same as the four generations of winds, the woods are talented ..."

"I will kill those competitors."

The voice of the Zhumi group said that he was very strong. He looked at the sea. I will return it to you. "


Some of the sea is somewhat unclear.

"Okay, I will go first."

Zhidun Group has slowly stepped out of the door, cold channel: "If someone deceives me, I will let him realize that the power of the wood is not a weak rivine."

"rest assured."

The sea is old and shakes his head: "We are all ejaculation."

Two old people who have controlled the darkness in the village, the negotiations between them seem to have been very successful, they have got all the things you want.

The old Hai Tibet goes back to the night, please ask his sister to unlock the lanes and sandsticks, and learned from the good mouth.

In addition, Haodao Tibetan main and Zhidun Tibetan transactions.

the next day.

This oasis in the village of the Oasis.

A young ninja stepped into the door, picking up a scroll from the table, showing a mysterious smile from the corner: "I didn't expect Zhi Village, this guy is still very easy to use, and there is no mental obstacle, Anyway, he has been washed clean, and it doesn't matter how many mouthfuls of black pot! "


The person who negotiated with the Hai Tibet of the sea last night was the Zhizhun Tibetan, who was originally used by the natural illusion, and he used his superb acting to conquer the sea.

"Sure enough, I am genius."

The smile on the face is getting a lot of laughter.

Branch Task: Get your own reincarnation (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the skill time backward.

Time flies: Put the time spell for the protection of the target for 5 seconds; if the target dies within 5 seconds, the target's life status is turned down to resurrect, and the skill consumption Chakra 125 points, the skill cooling time is 60 seconds.

This skill is not a real time backflow, but a resurrection skill prepared in advance, which is a true God.

Unfortunately, people who can't resurrect death.

Can only be prepared for the living in advance.

"Gold body stagnation, cell division, time backflow ..."

Shangyuan Needs, I can't help but smile: "Now there is so many defensive skills, really want to die!"

Most importantly, this skill can be used to protect others. When you are in danger of you, you will be in danger.

Shangyuan Na was touched the ring on the hand: "Hey, this harvest is enough, the return of the rain hidden village when I am."