I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 108 on the shelf testimony

Send a statement in advance!

At 12 o'clock on Friday, it is tomorrow, this book will go to the shelf.

This book has grinded a period of time and got a profile, and some manuscripts have been written, because I want to write that it can be accepted by everyone.

Thank you for your support for two months.

I am very grateful to all my book friends to give me a recommendation ticket, thank you for rewarding me, this is the driving force I can write.

Tomorrow is the time being acceptable!

I hope everyone will support it, and all the waves can be opened.

Probably update will be more.

First, let's take a look at it first.

Then add three more, repay our head cool wind, empty and rudder, Murong Iron Eggs, the rewards of Feng Scrovski, and other books friends zero scattered reward!

That is to say tomorrow, it is thirteen (I added another)!

Next, I start talking about adding more rules.

It is my own problem.

This book begins with the first order, set a target, the first day is within 24 hours, this book is about 2200, this book's score should be better than the top, if the first subscription is directly added to one more This can only be pleased.

Secondly, the addition of rewards, 30,000 points reward, add one more, 100,000 points to add four more, I hope everyone will hold it, in case, there is a big this book!

The author's written book is mainly to subscribe, book friends reading is mainly for exchange comments, so I hope that the book friends have interacted more interactions in the V chapter comment area. After all, there are a few good.

Everyone is the second time!

By the way, I also cry.

In October last year, life was basically in the crash stage, once thought that he can't resist, until I wrote a book, barely maintain life.

There are still several book friends who know my situation privately encourage support.

This book will continue to be carefully grinded, strive to write a good book of the boutique, I hope everyone will support it, subscribe, let its data can look good!

At present, our book's collection is the top page of this issue, and it is also the highest when you want to subscribe!

Milk pour, thank you thank you!

Or, I will give you a year in advance?

Happy New Year! Hahahahahaha (Yuxi Bo Laughing)!