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Chapter 110, my name is Shangyuan, Emperor's Green Tea (Second! Subscribe!)

After returning to Yuyin Village, the life of Shangyuan Nairo gradually became regular.

Every day, in addition to cultivating Xiaonan, it is occasionally went to the long door to help him secretly have a few stars, and the remaining time is the accounting of Yuying Village.

This kind of life is quite leisure.

From time to time, I will encounter Ziyang flowers who want to challenge his position. Shangyuan is very long-awaited, I want to become a disciple of Xiaonan.

Shangji is still unwilling to dispense her enthusiasm.

Since helping to manage Yin Yin Village, the most people encountered the most people in the corners of the corners, because the corners always have a channel of money, and the red sand is successful. The man is embarrassed.

The red sand is thrown out of a seal reel, looking at the original Na Rou: "I will contact the gold, extract my experimental funds."

The corner walked into the office of Shangyuan Na, putting a box of money on the table: "I will pay the money, collect the golden gold for sale."


Shangyuan Na fell over the corner of the money, and smoked half of it, the rest was given to the red sand, and took the sand gold scroll of the scorpion: "Senior, the experimental funds you want."

Shangyuan Nairi has passed the sand gold reel of the scorpion, handed over the corner: "The neighborhood, this is the sand gold you want, remember to change some money."

This job makes the original navigation feel that he is doing middlemen.

The red sand and corners are looking at the operation of the original Needle. This guy even if it is a middle business, I don't know how to avoid it?

Once these two people start private trading, Shangyuan Nairou may be acted passive, but fortunately they still have a rule.

After the corner is left and the Red Sand is left, the original navigation began to re-practice the printed gesture, and an uninvited passenger is on the door.

The body has floated the office.

Black desperate is the original navigation, the opening of the mouth: "Shangyuan, it seems that Xiao Nan trusts you!"

"After all, I am a disciple of Xiaonan Teacher!"

Shangyuan Na was slammed, and the figure was gone, the opening: "Senior, are you here to apply for a fund?"

"Do not."

Black shook his head and looked at the original Na Runson smiled: "I want to talk to you, about the future."


Shangyuan Nae Lu jumped, speechless: "I just know a intern, the elder generation is just a caregiver, we don't have to care so much?"

"No, it is necessary."

The black and slowly stopped in front of the original Nairou, and Shen Sheng said: "It seems that there are some things in Xiaoshan who have to hit you, tell you the truth of the organization ... Shangyuan, have you heard of the Yue's eye plan?"


There is a drop of cold sweat in Shangyuan Na, which feels right.

If you don't make a mistake, the long-door and Xiaonan are only resurrected. This super weapon is only black and the land, and the mortillas will know the moon-eye plan extended after the end of the 10th.

Is it a small group who wants to pull him to join the moon?

Now, what should he answer?

ten minutes later.

Half hour later.

after an hour.

Shangyuan Nairou and Darkly talked about the eye plan of the month, it is still unrescated: "I didn't expect to create a new world's eye plan to be the true meaning of peace ..."

"Hey ... the peace that relies on force to maintain peace."

Darkness is a slap in the face, and I got it in the navigation: "Although the big people have died, I will still inherit his will, let the endurance realize this non-shortage of peace ..."

"I will support the elder generation."

Shangqi Nairi is firmly nodded, and the eyes flashed a fanatic fever: "After the merits of the month of the month, this endurance will never have a war, from the dream of the Nature of the Niki, will be in us. Implement in your hands! "

This really tests the acting.

Because I am afraid that I am afraid that I am not careful.

The noble mouth bends, revealing a smile: "Before Unexpello belt is also the participant of the messengers of the month, he is too stupid, so that you don't like everyone."

This is serious about it.

Black is really disappointing, Yisi Bo, which is always bad.

These Unexpea people always like to be self-centered, thinking that the endurance is in their control, what is the result?

It is directly kicked out!

The black is noted, and the top of the Shangyuan is concerned, "continues" "But with soil is also a strong man who can help us collect the tail of the beast.

Recently, I found out his intelligence and found that he did not seem to be very smooth, and he could re-use him to understand the merits of the month and understand the eyes. "

"I think it is like this."

Shangji nodded, a face helplessly opened: "The predecessors are particularly elevated, at least a strong ninja ... but the members of the child are not all people look like I will look at the predecessors like me."

Shangqi Na will bow his head and meditate for a while, and continue to say: "Senior, we can only wait for the opportunity to wait for the Master of Xiaonan about the predecessors about the territory."


Black is not considered to be the first time in the first time.

As long as it is slim, it can re-understand the master in your own hands, at least in convinced the original navigation, no matter how it is a big progress.

Since then, the daily day of Shangyuan Na will have a lot of daily, that is, picking a suitable opportunity to give Unexpello.

Occasionally, the black and sneaked.

Unfortunately, there is no exception, and the green tea-style in Shangyuan Nair has caused a little dissatisfaction in Xiaonan, let the black heard some suspicion.

Until one day, the black finally couldn't help but, took the initiative to ask: "Shangyuan, with soil guys, really hateful?"

"how could be?"

Shang Nai was habitually exposed a smile: "Although he has attacked me because of his disclosure, I still think that the predecessors are not bad, I have already forgive him.

Even if he kills me at the time, it doesn't matter, as long as it can make the moon's eye plan success, let the endurance enter the true peace, even if I sacrifice, I don't hesitate. "


The black look is slightly strange, it looked up at the original navigation, sighed a good way: "With the terrible idiot, it is really annoying."


Shangji shook his head, laughed: "In fact, in addition to caught me, at other times, it should be very lively predecessors."

"No, it is a word."

The black face is a bit indifferent, and the Yishe Bo took the thamin head.

The original naval is so easy to be persuaded by the chess pieces, the brain that belts the soil does not turn it off, just want to kill directly, it is an idiot.

After waiting for the black to leave, Shangyuan Na will go to the full moon.

Shangqi Nai Luo directly gave a task of ghost lights full moon: "Find a chance to go to a misty village, tell Yu Ming, have always controlled the four-generation water shadows to perform a blood fog policy is Yisi Bo belt."

"Is it true?"

The ghost lamp is surprised by the full moon.

So far, the ghost light is still not known to the truth.

This news is only the original navigas and the mortal ghosts know.

"It's really him, ghosts know this matter."

Shangji nodded, Shen Sheng said: "Yuxi Bo has the legend of the legend of the legend of Zhongyu Zhibo, which controls a person's column."

After that, Shangyuan Na will handle a note with a full moon of the ghost light: "This is the information of Yuxi Bo, you can say it is yourself."


The ghost light promised, and the full-scale teeth showed a smile: "I just can take this opportunity to see the water."

He left the fog in the village, and he really thought about his brother.

However, he went at him at the end, and a scoop was poured down: "Don't forget your plan, you can let your brother hate more after this time."

"…it is good."

The ghost light nodded in the full moon.