I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 111, my name is a whirlpool, escaped the party! (Third! Subscribe!)

The waves of the death of the four generations of sandy village have not faded, another news completely detonated the entire endurance, this news comes from the misty village far overseas.

The fog hidden village released a wanted order for Unexpello.

So, the misty village is also announced, such as age and photo, and his kaleidoscope writes the eyes.

In addition to these, the misty village simply puts Yischo's land to the three-generation noodles, and thereby negotiating with the leaves.

The fog hidden village believes that Yisi Bo belt should be the ordinary manager of the wood, after the third endurance war, controlling the four generations of water shadows in the foggy village, mainly to win the Sayways in the four generations of water shadows. .

A focalhead in the wooden village.

If the next day, he is not allowed to support the flag-like Kaki, which announced the S-class wanted order of Uneclass.

Between the night, the people of the country finished the people in the country.

Since they know that Yischo has the ability to be soil, a person alone faces Unexpello belt, and there is no power, and several nature are beginning to be alert.

Unexpello belt really became a ninja for no cone.

In the small cave of a white.

The face of Unecage Board is very good. He has long unexpected that he will have this day. I didn't expect this day to come so fast.

Originally, he still wanted to get everything in the future, and the momentum was argued to the entire endurance, but now he has been listed as an enemy.

"How did the village of fog hide?"

Yisi Bo took the soil grabbed his hair, thinking about where he leaked the flaw: "White, will it be a changer to fight me?"

After Yuxi Bo took the soil, after the hair, the eyes looked down on the side: "I still say ... Do you also betray me? Black."


The dark face is not very good.

This' also 'is also useful to use this'.

Is it really necessary to continue to cooperate now? If you don't move, you will be suspicious, and it is a ninja that Yisi Bo is born.

This is that Unexpello is too much to be too much.

Yuxi Bao is all believed to be his own will.

However, things have developed into this step, and Yisi Bo is so angry. Suspected that this suspicion is also normal, after all, his photos are printed on a wanted order.

A mask, one is not wearing a mask.

These two photos don't know which balance is provided.

"Tracing information disclosure root causes can only come slowly ..."

The black sighed, looked at Yuxi Bo Tongyao: "Next, you are inch inch inch, and then I can only lurking me to collect information."


With the terrible and hate, a punch is on the table, Shen Sheng: "This intelligence is that the fog hidden village, the three tiers and seven people are likely to be a traitor, don't take them three Let's die! "

"With the territory, Xiao Xiao is not yours."

Black shook his head, looked at Unexpello to land, sigh: "The five major people are looking for your drops, outside is your wanted order everywhere."

"They can't catch me."

"But it is very likely to hinder our plan."

Dark words are somewhat dissatisfied, and the hoarse voice: "This time, this time it is obviously rushed to you. They may not know the truth of the merit plan, we must hide the intelligence, lest us all People are exposed. "

After the black stunned, after decided to make your own killers: "In case your active is involved in the tissue, implicated my exposure ... With the terrestro, do not do the impulsive thing, absolutely can't destroy the plans, "

"I know."

Yischo's face has a gloomy place nodded.

After the black left, his hand moved to his own chest, and there was a spell in this heart.

This spell can only make it temporarily patience.

Wooden village.

Nights in the office.

The mood of the flag-wood Casisbi Zhiwei Board is poor.

"Carti, I understand your thoughts."

The three-generation rigs have a slightly old voice flowing in the Huang Shadow office, and his tone is full of regrets: "If the land is still going to go wrong, we can't indulge him again."

"I know, niriefly."

Qikaki pushed his ninja care, whispered: "I applied to trace the trail of the belt, arrest him back ..."

"Tracing things about Urcho, I have been appointed to others."

,,, ..


There is a little hesitial in the face of the flagmarks.


"…I know."

The flag-like Kaki is unpaid to stand up and leave the Huang Shadow office. He suddenly turned around before he left: "The three generations of adults, if the students do not meet the Ninja standard ..."

: "Kakasi, you are guiding tolerance, there is authority to decide whether they graduate can become qualified ninja."

When the flagmarti left the Huang Shadow Office, he hit a single-eyed elderly who wrapped around, which made Kakasi's mood.

Since the residence of the Village, Zhu Zhu, since the release of the conflict, it is active in the leaves. According to Kakasi's guess, the village group should be the person in charge of the Bi Fei Day.

When Zhidun Tibetan Tibetan and flagmica were shop, suddenly opened him: "Kakasi, don't have to regret your past friends, a traitor in a village, not worthy of a wooden The future of the leaves. "

"What do I mean if the group is adult?"

"I mean very simple."

Zhi Village Tibetans slowly turned around, looking at Kasi's back: "I hope that you have not involved in the past."


The flagmarks will be silent for a while, and they did not answer the village group. He left the fire building directly. He needs to find a place to think about it.

Kakasi has reason to suspect that the Zhun Town will be climbed to him because of the land of the village.

The new darkness is coming soon.

After the peace of the endurance has not started, it has been chaotic again, and no one can easily leave this vortex.

Woody monument.

When the flagmarks came here, I just saw a few people who were digging the tomb of Uki Bo, and removing his tombstone.

Since it is not a leaf hero, it is naturally not qualified in the comfort.

The flag-like Kakasi is sighing, putting a bunch of flowers in front of the tombstone of Yeyuanlin, kneeling down to support his forehead: "Lin ... what should I do now?"

Just when Kakasi wants to be quiet here for a while, a burst of noise interrupted his thoughts, and it seems that some people have a dispute.


"This is too much!"


"People are dead!"

I don't know when it, I suddenly appeared a lively yellow-haired little boy, he should be often playing here, nor fears here.

Unfortunately, those who are responsible for excavating the tomb of the ground, but they pushed the little boys, and they were still awkward.

"Rolling away!"

"Hey, how can you like this!"

The yellow-haired little boys waved their own arm, and some indignant: "How can I take some tomb of others!"


Digging the graves simple.

Some people can't help but push down the yellow-haired little boys.

The flag-like Kakasi frowned wrinkled, walked to the little boy, stopped the dispute between them, finally let this land calm down.

The yellow hair is sitting around Kakasi, and it is still a little dissatisfaction: "How can they dig the tomb of the person!

Flagkarcasi did not answer, just look at the little boy in the yellow hair: "The ghost this age should be in the ninja school?"

"I escaped! I Luka teachers are very bored today!"

The yellow-haired little boy seems to be more proud of the escaping. It is not aware of the severity of the escaping.

The flag-like Kakasi has a shot, and it took the forehead. He said: "Can you escape from Iluka class ... You really can't afford!"

This little ghost, in addition to the long-term, others are really like his father, Huang Mao's father is called the presence of perfect ninja.

"You also think that I am not found!"

The yellow-haired little boy smiled and smiled. He looked at the flagmark: "Seniors, my name is whirl, what is your name!"

"... you will know later."


When the young whirlpool tonar suddenly, he just looked at those tombstones to smash the tombstone with soil, and couldn't help but somewhat dissatisfaction: "Seniors, why they want to dig this!"

Flagkartia touched the little boy who touched the yellow hair and took a sip: "Because that person does not stand here."