I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 115 I am the hope of the village (seventh! Subscribe!)

"Naruto adult!"

When the banner of the three-generation rigs, the flagmica was condensed, and the look slowly slowly, pointed to the original Na Rong: "This is the Shangyuan Nairo, which is Yuyin Village. We have encountered the task. It is time. "

"Ha? So?"

Shangqi Nairou took the shoulders of the flag wooden Carti, some dissatisfaction on the face: "I have told you a lot of information, just treat your old friend?"


Flagkarton is not allowed.

How is this Ninja called the original nas?

It is not the same in the mood of the Japanese and the flagmark, but he already knows the willingness to participate in the inner and tentative exam, but the district has a small riva to promote the genius in the village.

The heart of the day is slightly stable.

As long as this unope is not a big chaos, it doesn't matter.

Let the arrogance of the day, it is that the gains of Shangyuan Needs and the flagmarks seem to be some insecure.

According to the observation of the day, this rainy rain, the rain, the rain, it looks good for their leaves.

A genius rain hidden in the wood leaves, if he will inherit the position of the rain in the future, it cannot be better for the leaves.

When you think of this, the smile on the old face of the day is more rich: "Welcome to the wooden leaves, how is the scenery of our village?"

"It's very beautiful, it is the scenery I have never seen."

The original neighborhood is half-half vacation, because he still saw the scenery seen in the animation, and seeing the scenery can also complete the branch task.

: "Hello is the team to endure this rainy village to participate in the test of the test? I have long heard that Yu Yin Village has a genius ninja ..."

"Hey, I am just a bitter."

At the time, I was a moving face in a timely manner: "And I have to participate in the tentative exam after the treatment of the wood, can be promoted."

"The real power often does not distinguish between positions."

is still very peaceful: "There are some strength to endure in our village. In fact, their strength is not up to the top ..."

This sentence is indeed true.

The wooden leaves are really nothing to do.

It doesn't say that the Metai, aunt, aunt, and the death of the Mc., single only is the whirlpool and Yuxi Sasuke, the future achievement is not too scary.

Shang Nai's face revealed a smile, did not go to the phone, but said softly: "Yes, I just didn't expect that the three generations of fire sore sore, like rumors, as the rumor."

"Hahaha ..."

, , Turn it! "

"Yes, Naruto."

The flagmarks nodded and looked far away.

After that the old man left, the flagmithius did not mention that the proposal of the original navis did not mention it, quietly changed a topic.

"Your guy has changed greatly. When you have a country in the country a few years, you suspect that I have a treasure of you, let me roll away from the momentum?"

"At that time, it is too mad!"

Shangyuan Nai was calm, quite a little missing: "Sometimes things have experienced, it will have to become round, and I really think that wood and rainy village are beneficial to our two countries. "

The flagmarks nodded, but it was a bit sympathetic. "" Peace is not easy, you really need everyone to cherish ... "

After all, when I was in the country of Water, I was in the original Nika, and I went to command a group of foggy villages to attack the big snake pills. Watched the wooden leaves to bear the eggs ...

Just I didn't expect that in just a few years, the years were grinded flat.

But for leaves, this is also a good thing.

Only the heart that really has fearless, it is not afraid of any difficult difficulties, it can become more powerful.

In the foot of the flag, Mikcati, Shang Nai is actually spent on his talent, so soon his strength will arrive in the upper limit, which is in many ordinary ninja.

"Hand hit the boss, the money is placed on the table."

After the arrival of the original navigation, I took a chance to press the table. I had to pull the flag-likekkasi to go: "I heard that there are a lot of delicious, take me! "

Such as three-color meatballs, what is the sweet chestnut juice ...

These are general food, but they can't stand the meaning of them.

When the flagmacquesun slammed from the ground, he saw the detonation of the original navigation, scared his eyelids: "What does you mean by left a detonation here? Want to destroy this Does home? "

"I am used to it."

Shangyuan Na was in his own body, and he looked at the flagmark, there were some innocent: "I don't have money in the door, all the money of the teammates, usually spend explosions, Kakasi Do you have money? "

Because Xiaonan's education is strictly in his education.

Every item of wood leaves is absolutely not allowed to touch the original touch. Even if the original Nairou is the accounting of Yu Yin Village, there is not much zero money on the body.


The flag-like Kakasi god complicatedly looked at the original navigation, after leaving a banknote, sighed a little: "I am seriously suspicious of you is coming ..."

"I didn't make a mistake, is you take the initiative to send it?"

Shangji fell to the eye opening: "Go away, take me to the intersement, by the way, help me pay a set of books! Then we go to discuss!"

"what book?"

"A set of books streamded by the ninja."

Shangyuan Nair is close to the flag-like Kaki, suppression of his own smile, next to Kakasi: "Anti-helicic heaven, have you heard this book?"


The younger God of Kakasi's eyes is more and more, and he is now a bit to show off the signature collection version of his own, and then bring the original navigation to buy ordinary version.

Just watching the original naval, there are some young faces, the flag-like Kakasi frown: "Are you 18 years old?"


"The minors are not allowed to love books."

Flag Kakasi has an exercise to stop the idea of ​​the original Needle, and use yourself: "When I was 18 years old birthday, I received a gift that I sent to me."

The "Anti-Heat Paradise" in Kakasi is limited to the Signed Collection Edition, which is also given to his birthday gift.

Shangyuan Nai married a breath: "Don't you discuss it? This book is very difficult to buy, if you can't buy it, I don't know when I can buy it ..."

"no way."

Flagkakasi pulled his face mask and whispered: "Maybe wait until you are 18 years old, I can help you apply for a signed version of the adult."

... "

Shangyuan Needs to lament.

If you don't do anything, this is a tentative exam, perhaps he really has the opportunity to see it.


Shangji took the shoulders of Kakasi, touched his own chin: "The scenery of the woods has been seen, let's see a few little guys in your class, let them meet my opponent in advance? "

When I heard the original Needle, the flag-like Kakasi's gods were not very beautiful. They shook their heads to refuse the Shangyuan Na. "" Still waiting for your exam, avoiding them to see you in advance, lose their participation in the interleaving test. confidence."

The strength of this guy is too strong.

In case the strongest Unechebo Saso, the seventh class, I wanted to challenge him, and what if I was played?

The seventh class is estimated that there is no confidence to participate in the test.

"In fact, I have no confidence."

Shangqi Nairou reached his back, hugged his back, sigh, sigh: "This time the endurance test should be the biggest one in these years? The hopes of the village are in my body, I hope I can I will bear it. Good grades on the exam ... "

"Don't sell it!"

Flag Kakasi can't help but help himself: "Although this tentative exam may have a lot of interesting newcomers, but no need to win this monster!

Four years ago, after I left a bump, I estimate my own battle, even my own whatever I want to defeat your fortune. "


Shangyuan Na Rou quickly shake his head, seriously analyzed: "Do you want to overcome my probability, at least 50%?"

"Your guy is really welcome."

The corner of the flag wood Catsu can't help but shake it.

Have to say, the lively of Shangyuan Needs is easy to make people have some close feelings, and the flagmarks slowly reduced a warehouse for the original Na.

In the face of the original naval opponent, the flag-like Carti originally made a thorough mind, let the three little guys in their own class truly see the terrible of the Treatment.

Just when they talk about one day, after the two people were separated, they will look at the figures of the flag wooden Carti, and the mouth is slightly hook.

"The vigilance of Kasi this guy is too strict. If you want to contact the whirlpool, I really can only wait until the end of my test ..."