I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 116 You know the original naval, is it me? (Eighth eight! Subscribe!)

The night is gradually.

The fire is full of fire in the office.

"A lot, this person is still too young."

The flagmarks nodded, Shen Sheng: "According to the information I have analyzed by my own, the civil war in Yuyin Village will definitely have greatly weakened, causing them that they can only choose to send the original navigation to participate in the level of this level. Army competition. "

After that, Kakasi opened again: "Undoubtedly, Shangyuan Na Raised strength, four years ago, I saw him with one person to kill a border whistle in a misty village."

"What is his personal tend?"

I fly, I'm a smoke.

The border of the rain and the country of the wind, the country of fire, the country of the country.

The attitude of Yu Yin Village determines whether the wooden leaves can maintain the defense advantage of the northwest border, if there is a chance, the Feifei must not mind support from the Yinyin Village of the Leaf Alliance.

Today, the day of the sky, secretly heard the original Needle, and the age of the mountain pepper is indeed very old. The next generation of Yuyin Village is also imminent.

"Hard to say."

The flag-like Kaki shakes his head and explained: "Although from the current point of view, Shangyuan Needar to the mounted macro, but before the big snake pills and ... with soil, it should be an indelible damage to Yu Yin Village. "

The two guys can be the rebellion of their leaves.

In the future, you have to pay to your young people. "


No responds in the west of the flag on the West.

I was about 40 years old, and I have been sixty-nine years old this year, but the fifth generation of fires have not yet established.

If the leaves are left behind, they are the most suitable candidates; if they are refused to come back, the wooden leaves are also able to take a few people who can serve, even a few parties Uneven.

Unless the elf is tall, pull out a flying Asma.

After all, the disciples of the Fei Fei Asma are the three parties of the pig's deer butterfly. This is also normal, the Warring States era, flying a family and the pig deactor tribes are allies.

"You go first."

,, "" "


Flagkarcasi withdrew from Huang Shadow Office.

the next day.

Shangyuan Na Ruo put the chaos of the millennium, white and brilliant night Jun Ma Lu, who wandered around the wooden village, and plan to meet a few people with head.

Unexpectedly, after the original navigation opened the destiny skill, it was found that the guidance of today's wooden leaves seems to be open.

"It's really not a chance!"

In this case, the last time I can only wait for the formal start of the exam to begin to harvest his reward.

In just two days, the harvest of Shangyuan Nae is not small.

Originally, he had two thousand gold coins in Yuyin Village, just look at the scenery in the village, drink some ramen, eat a series of three-color meat, etc., even gains One thousand five hundred gold coins.

And the task of a Le Roz is very out of, for example, the big stomach mission inside, Shangyuan Nairou took advantage of the twelve bowls, got the 600-point life energy, this reward made Shang Shang's intestines regret Cyan.

I knew that the big stomach challenged a bowl of landing rewards 50 points of life, and Shangyuan Needs to eat more bowls!

Mom, it's really eating face.

The wooden leaves are really free.

If it is calculated according to difficulties, Yu Yin Village is a last day, and the leaves are simple people's daily.

It is the home of Ninja.

And as the host of the Chinese tolerance, there are more than seventy-five people who participate in this tolerance exam. This figure is more than other nuts.

Shangyuan Na is not known, this number is more than a squad.

Wait until the wooden leaves confirmed the list of Chinese tolerance, all the tentative exams were officially opened after all the rivotes participating in the exam.

At the time of the original naval, Lu Ma Lu and Bai rushed to the examination room, and the end of the tentative exam was gathered here.

It is not enough to put it right, and the nine newcomers graduated this year will also participate in the exam.

Seventh class: Swirvon, Yuxi Bozuo, Spring Sakura.

The eighth class: canine teeth, oil women, day to the young.

The tenth class: Nara deer pill, Ding Ding, the wild in the mountains.

Perhaps they first participated in the Chinese tolerance, and these newcomers were talking about a seniors, and it seems to have some news from the senior port.

From their voice, obviously they have received a lot.

Just right, I will also know the so-called predecessors, and one of the superior of the Shangyuan is about to stay.

Big snake pills, pharmacist.

After the big snake pill and pharmacist escaped from Shangji, she arranged the pharmacist to sneak into the wooden leaves, and participated in the neutral test of each year. Collect some talented Ninja.


The pink hair girl Sakura suddenly opened: "I still want to ask another person's intelligence, he should be the end of Yuyin Village, the name is called Shangji."


I heard the name of the original Needle, the action in the hands of the pharmacist could not be blocked by autonomous, and pushed his own glasses.

This name, the pharmacist has not heard it for a long time.

Whether he is still a big snake pill, they have not mentioned the name of Shangyuan Na, that time they lost too much.

The pharmacist has lowned, and I don't want to see his face on his face: "How can you know this name?"

"Kakasi teacher mentioned ..."

The Spring Sakura has promoted his brow. This rain-hidden name is flagmark Cassi specially tells them, especially reminds people who need to be careful.

Even if the flagmithios think it will not hurt the killer, it is inevitable that these little guys do not know the sky.

Yuxio Zuo will stand around Spring Sakura, cold channel: "Just, I also have a little curious this person's intelligence, after all, can let Carti teacher think that we have the strongest opponent in this. "

"Your guidance is correct."

The sound of the pharmacist is somewhat low, his fingers are gradually stiff: "If it is the person I know, he should be enough to easily kill the present."

"What joke!"

Yischo Saso will not be happy.

Even if the guy in Kakasi is strong, can you still kill hundreds of belongings with a self?

However, after listening to the pocket, Spring Sakura, Sakura, Mountain, Wellong and Nara Lougsu, etc. have become more dignified.

"You don't have to worry, maybe just the name ..."

After that, the pharmacist took the lead and looked at the collection of the tentative exam, and see if there is any traces of the original Nair.

When the pharmacist did not find the original navigation in the examination room, the heart was slightly relieved, maybe it's really a heavy name?

Da da da…

A buzzset fell into the ear of the pharmacist.

This group of wooden newcomers can't help but look up, and I looked at a young ninja with rain hidden, stood behind the pharmacist.

The original nice low-headed pockets, smiled and smiled in the mouth: "Take it, see if you know the original naval, is it me?"