I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 120 makes people tired teammates, let people like the opponent (12th! Subscribe!)

Deepening of death forests.

Sandy Village, I love, the speed of the Jiulang and the handcuffs quickly, the regular ninja is not their opponent, plus my love is not willing to meet the original navigation.

Handcuffs faintly know that I Ai Luo may be afraid that the guy who is called Shangji, but she doesn't dare to ask, I am afraid that I will arise from my love.

When they came along the death forest, they met a team of torque, I love Luo directly opened the ring: "Sand water funeral!"

A group of yellow sand mixed with bloody rain!

Once it is wrapped in Huangsha, I love, there is absolutely no chance to counterattack, this team is killed.


A drum applauded in the forest.

Shangqi Nai fell to the palm of the palm appeared in my love of the three people's sight, the mouth smiled: "Ha, it is still so weak, I love Luo ..."

"What are you doing!"

I love Luo Face, and I have become more indifferent, manipulating Huangsha appears at their own feet, cold channel: "Do you want to capture the reel in our hands?"

I am very clear in the heart of love. He is now facing the original Nair's fortune is very low, even if you call a tail, you may be fine!

Some enemies are not a bloodthirsty violent.

I am very sensible. What kind of person can be clear in his heart, can't make it, Shang Shang, a guy who killed the four generations!

"I have already joined it."

Shangji shook his head, his eyes slowed down, looked at the Jiu Lang, and looked at the handcuffs: "I am just very interested in your brother and my sister ... I am not as good as I will give you a chance, I will later after ten seconds Start attack, see who you can protect? "

"Hey, you think they will be free!"

I love to snort, I don't care about it. "Anyway, you have killed Luo Sand, and if you want to kill them, it doesn't matter."

"what did you say?"

The handcuffs did not dare to pay their own brothers, she reached out to the original navigation: "I love Luo, is this person killed the murderer of my father?"

"Oh, yeah!"

I also looked at a hand and said: "Masaki has never let me tell you, now you have seen it, I want to revenge, I will kill the man! Anyway, I have no interest in helping to help Luo Luo! "

"It's ruthless!"

Shangqi Needan lamented, and the palm suddenly stretched into the direction of the handcuffs and the Jiu Lang: "Go out, sand!"

A sandbird suddenly appears behind the handcuffs!

When the spear of the sand soldier stretched out, the handcuffs slammed the three-star fan on the back, blocked the attacks of the sandy, and slammed the sanders!

Unfortunately, Jiu Lang is not so lucky. A spear of a sandier directly pierced his crow, hurt his lower abdomen.

After Shangyuan Nairi, the moment of instant appeared in the back of the Jiu Lang, a whip leg kicked him to the side, and these speeds were slow!

Sprotte is almost nothing, and it will be dizzy.

"Search Jiulang!"

The face of the handcuffs suddenly worked anxious, she slammed the huge Samsung fan: "Feng Xiu · Cashoth!"

"The speed is too slow, the power is too small."

At the end, I fell out to avoid the wind, and he bowed his head on the gods of the gods, and slammed his palm: "! Blade!"

A purple Chakra wide sword appeared in the hands of the original Needle!

The handcuffs don't care about the original navigation. It is only to look up at the Shangyuan Na, the sky is looking up, and the eyes flashed a crazy, and then set off the Samsung fan in his hand!


The speed of Shangyuan Needs is faster!

The purple wandering in the upper hand slashes the three-star fan of the handcuffs through the pendant, and the fifteen-year-old girl is hitting.

When I was going to the handcuffs, I suddenly wrapped around the ankle of Shangyuan Na.

"It's almost here!"

I looked at the original navigation coldly, stopping the original navigation, I want to continue to attack the attack: "You can kill the Jiu Lang, the woman is still worth the value!"

The handcuffs lifted their heads, suppressed the instinct of the body and wanted to vomit blood, and the eyes were complicated to look at their younger brother: "I love Luo ..."

Although I saw that I was willing to protect her a little gratified in life and death, I support the enemy to kill his brother. Jiuiro ...

Is it a bit too much?

"I can understand that you want to stop me?"

Shangyuan Nae lost his eyes, the next second, his figure suddenly disappeared in the original place, using the shadow to rush to my love, a punch will fly: "Who gave you the courage, or Who do you think you are? "


I loved the armor on the body of Ai Luo instantly broken, forcibly spurting a blood, his mind has an idea, and the power of the original naval is stronger than the past!

I didn't have memories, I don't know the top of the top, and I can directly defeat the crane!

When I was defeated by my love, I picked up the collar of the handcuffs. After a punch, after dizzy, slowly turned and left the scene.

I loved his back and biting his teeth and manipulating the yellow sand to move himself to the side of the handcuffs, check the injury of the handcuffs.

I found that his sister didn't have a very big life risk. I love Luoqiang a sigh of relief, after a while, he pulled the Jiu Lang to the side, leaving the Jiu Lang was thrown into the body after being punctured by the Salie Clean it out.

Fortunately, they didn't die this squad.

It's just that I loved some unclear. What I want to do in Shangyuan Needs, just come to play them, highlight your strength?

Unfortunately, this answer I love forever.

Now I will go to the original navigation and look at my own gain.

Branch mission: Defeat the handcuffs (11), the task has been completed, and the reward skills hurs.

Hurricane whistling: With a hurricane through the accumulated vacation, it destroys everything on the road of hurricane, and the minimum skill is consumed by 60 points, and the cooling time is 6 seconds.

Branch mission: Defeat the Jiulang (11), the task has been completed, and the gold coin is 100.

The eyebrows of Shangyuan Nai wrinkled, before he defeated my love to reward the Saxie's appearance, it is a very easy to use group attack skill, just defeated the handcuffs to reward the hurricane whistling, how to get the Jiulan is 100 gold coins?

This brother and sister are too big!

"It's also very normal. After all, the strength of this guy is too weak."

Shangyuan Nai Lu quietly sighed, opened the new hunting law, the figure quietly disappeared in the original place: "The next squad is very weak, this will not reward one hundred gold coins?"

Death forest bushes.

Nara deer pill, the mountain in the mountains and the autumn channels hide here.

Whether it is with their situation, they think that they should hide in advance, after the dangerous people leave, they will find a team of weaks than their weak.

After a while, Nara Deer Pill confirmed that after the safety outside, he turned his head to the Torendo Ding Ding, and wiped the sweat on his head and nodded.

The Diner Ding is suddenly put down, and the heart is full of feet, and eats it happily. His belly is hungry.

A young ninja suddenly appeared from the air, standing around the Ding Ding Ding, and asked softly: "Your potato piece, is it delicious?"

"Well, um ... ..."

On the side of the Qiudao, I nodded, and I stuffed the potato chips on my mouth. I suddenly reacted it. This voice is a bit strange!

"Deer pill, there is an enemy!"

"Hey, you know, you are quiet!"

Nara Lu Pong took a Dikidin, led to a fight for a fight, and took a frightened mountain in the wilderness, let her wake up.

Telling true, there is such a teammate, Nara Lu Pill is a bit heartbeat.

Unfortunately, the pig's deer is not a family, this is the inheritance of the Warring States era, because their secret cooperation is very fit, and it is definitely not that he can easily change.

Otherwise, Nara Laoli is a bit of a little wanting their good friend whirlpiece to replace the position of the pig, after all, Wiko's woman is very troublesome.

"It is very sensible than I have to bear it."

The youth ninja has reached his palm in Nara Lu Pu, which is polite. He looked at the gaze that Lu Pong revealed his appreciation: "Self-introduction, my name is the original naval, it is your next opponent."

Shangyuan Needs like this opponent like a three-person group of pig deer butterfly.