I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 122 Save the Shangyuan Naun! (Fourteen! First order more!)

"Where do I want to go!"

Shangji is tightening his arm, a punch, put the big snake's head, watching the Shanyan Sakura and Yishe Sailo: "Fortunately, I have arrived here in time, how many do you have?"


Yiszozuo shook his head. His body was hurt, but he was tangled to the original navigation: "How come this guy here?"

Chunye Sakura is busy helping Sasuke, politely, navigo, nourdened, thank you: "Thank you for saving Ski."

"It's ok."

Shangyuan never looked at Sasuo: "I just said that there was a fierce battle here, I wanted to come to see, I originally encountered the enemy of this level, I don't want to let me help me. Kill the small genius of Uki Porsche is here. "

Of course, the original Needle is not to be charity.

Just he didn't think that after his arm bitted by the big snake pill, he also opened a new attribute template and completed a hidden task.

He added a natural energy attribute.

Hidden Tasks: Get the power of the mantry (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the immortal mode: Deng Shenyi.

Deng Shenyi: When Chakra energy and natural energy value match, you can enter new combat modes through synthetic Xianke Chakra, and is currently the first form of fanaticism.

Shangyuan feels that this immortal model is not authentic, and the endurance immortigation is different. After all, the endurance needs the spiritual energy, the body energy and the natural energy can be synthesized in Chakra into the immortal mode.

The correct formula of Xianke Chakra should be 1 + 1 + 1 = 3.

His Xianke Chakra formula is 2 + 1 = 3.

It seems that there is nothing difference?

Forget it, anyway, he is an injection.

Shangji shook his head, bowed to the place where he was bitten by the big snake pill, there was a sharp blade with wings, but also where he stored natural energy, it was a bit like a blind-sealing.

Shangyu secretly looked at his own property panel. Now the natural energy is full, and it will be slowly drawn after it is used.

Life energy: 9091 (standard movie level 3000 ~ 10000)

Chakra energy: 10145 (not within regular standards)

Natural energy: 10145 (not within regular standards)

Life recovery: 9 seconds

Chakra recovery: 6 seconds

Natural energy extraction: 6 seconds

Skill cooling reduction: 50%

Remaining gold coins: 4430

After Become, Chakra, Shangyuan, added a few times, and took a few bowls. Life energy has also increased a few hundred points.

As for that high gold coins now, it is a bunch of ordinary small mission rewards in the wooden leaves.

Mom, and some regrets.

The wooden opening is the selection!

Shangyuan Nai married a breath, now the most important thing is to solve the trouble of Grand Snake and the seventh class.

Sasuke was rescued by Shang Nai, and he was ashamed and awkward, couldn't help but snort.

Shangyuan Nair is not in the attitude of helping, just looked up at the big snake pill, smiled and laughed: "Yu Zhibo Sasuke, if you can't even be defeated by the big snake pill, and Yu Zhi Subo is still far away!"

"what did you say!"

Yizhi Bozua has certainly can't stand this excitement, cold channel: "I will kill the man!"

Spring Sakura looked up and looked at the original navigation: "Wait, that ... do you know this people called Big snake?"

"Well, the big snake pill can be collected in the legendary wooden leaves, and now it is one of the three S-Class Musical in the end."

The smile on the face was more strong. He continued to say: "It is necessary to mention that the big snake pill is the weakest rebellion, this guy is a waste that is defeated by Uneero."


When I heard the original Needle, Unechebra helped the gods, not from the autonomous turning to look at the big snake pills, he didn't dare to confuse the seventh class of the big snake pill, which was lost under the eyes of Yiszo. .

The gap between them is too great ...

The big snake pills heard the ridicule of him. It seemed to have this kind of thing. It was very normal to see the same example.

The big snake pill trews his own false face, showing a distinctive face, he slowly swallowed: "Need to bother, do you want to bother my good thing?"

"I just came to save people."

Shangyuan Na Ruo took Sasuke and Chunye Sakurarian behind his own body, laughed: "Now, I can still collect a foreign debt."

The big snake pill is a little confused and lifted: "What do you mean?"

Is this guy a lot four years ago!

No, not forgetting.

The people of the big snake pills are owed. Whoever is not allowed. This bastard will definitely remember that others owe him!


Shangyuan Na will be slowly launched his palm, cold channel: "The big snake pill, need me to remind you?"


The face of the big snake pill suddenly changed, and the son sound continued: "I have not fully studied success. When we come again next, you have to give you again!"

After that, he turned away.

Shangqi Nairou loudly stopped the movement of the big snake pill, reminded behind him: "If you dare to lie to me, I will let you swallow a thousand thousand!"

"no problem."

The big snake head didn't slip back.

I don't know if the big snake pill is not a problem. It is an no problem to swallow more than 1,000.

Yizhi Bozuo lifted his head and looked at the original Na. "You and the big snake pill have trading, are you with him? He seems to be afraid of you ..."

"Oh, he is afraid that the ninja half-god pepper behind me is half-hidden."

After the original Nairou took a bite of black pot, he continued: "And this guy has stole two types of curved reels from our Nonesthesis, I have been tracking him, discussing him to take the treated reel "

This is not wrong with it.

Big snake pills are a perfect non-corpse and rogue of the tissue, and the ownership of the reincarnation of non-corpse and the reincarnation should be owned by the organization.

Not to mention four years ago, the big snake pill agreed him.

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled and frown: "Your enemy is still a lot! Yushuo is your enemy, the big snake pill is also your enemy ..."

"Yuxi Board is also my enemy."

After the original navigation, he helped him to add, and laughed and continued: "Said to coincide, the three s sides of your wooden leaves, all have a festival with me ... I am looking forward to you can help me kill Yishe And the two guys who have the soil! "

"Unexpell, I will kill him!"

Unechebra helped three times to be determined, he was a little curious to ask: "Do you know that Yuxi Bo has a secret information? What kind of person is he?"


At the end of the original Nairo, I saw that Yizha, this little guy may be alone for too long, even for a sudden interest from the tolerance, Sasuke thought that the same is his Cooperative?

Shang Nai was settled, and the fantasy of Yuxio Sasuke: "I can tell you a message, Yisi Bo belt with Unexpea to kill the whole village of the same resolution, what kind of person do you think he is? "

"That is a dead bastard!"

Yuxi Bozuo does not bear the expectations of the original naval, and smashed his fists sharply: "Whether it is Yuxi Pub, I will never let them go!"


The original point is nod, and a slap can teach.

Although the Shangyuan has not heard the news of Unexpello, it does not hinder him to continue his eyes.

Shangyuan Nairies clearly saw his main line task progress and increased by 1%. It seems that he is very helpful for his main line tasks as long as you are careful about Unecheo Sasuke and whirlpool.

At the original naval, I looked at a coma whirlley, and the corner of his mouth flashed a smile.

If someone pays attention to the eyes of the original Needle, I will find that his gaze is like a miner to dig out a diamond.


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