I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 123 Do you are doing? I want to learn! (15th! First order more! Subscribe!)

The relationship between Shangyuan Needar and the seventh class is good.

Because Shangyuan saved them in the hands of the big snake pill, it also helped Unecheo Sasuke and the whirlpiece, although I saw the original and arrogant look, but now the seventh class feels the original navigation is a very good person.

Sure enough, sometimes you want to see the essence through the phenomenon!

"I didn't expect you to do it."

Yuxio Sasuke looked at the original naval to help the whirlpool, I can't help but say: "I remember that the medical ninja will be protected by the fighting ninja? What about your two companions, how did they be around you?"

When I said these words, Sasuke suddenly turned again, if the original naval and his teammates do the seventh class?

"Don't worry, I arrange them to go anywhere."

Shangji fell to the wind, he took his own endurance package, whispered: "And I have collected the heaven and earth scrolls, I will not have any attempts to you, just because you are Carti disciples, will Help. "

"Oh, is your body with a reel?"

Just cured Unechebra, instantly re-ignited the fighting spirit: "It is better to add one in our agreement, as long as I overcome you, in addition to the information, you also want to give us the reel in your hand!" "

Spring wild cherry is unexpectedly lifted: "Sasuo Jun ..."

Even if the Spring Sakura is very weak, she can feel the strength of Shangyuan Na, which is able to get up. A Ninja, which is going to avoid, and how can it be an opponent?

"Not bad."

Shangyuan Nairou smiled and smiled: "I am very optimistic, even if I know is not an opponent, I have to have a heart that never give up. I believe that you will defeat Unecheo and Yishe Bo."

Yiszo Sasuke heard the appreciation of Shanghao, some proudly opened: "Oh, in fact, I know that my strength is not enough, but I also want you to tell me, how many gaps between me and Yuxi foot!"


After the original Nairu was treated after the whirlpool, I extended the two fingers. "Although we have not fighting, you have two gaps, how can you have seven or eight Kakasi?"


Yischo Sasuke is full of question marks.

Where is this metrology unit!

"Okay, it is too late."

Shangji took a look at the sky, whispered: "You have a few rest! I will catch a few fish to prepare for dinner."

"Ah, are you too hard?"

Spring Sakura was surprised to lift his head and looked at the original Na. "Not as good as I caught the fish, after all, I have no special thing, and you have helped us so much, and help people to treat Sasher help ..."


The eyes of Yuxi Bozuo flicker. He didn't have a self-evident work. After all, the whirlpool and spring wild cherry did not fight, he also left to protect teammates.

In fact, it is the most suitable to catch the fish, the whirlpool is the child!

"No need."

Shangji fell to the wind, and smiled: "I will come back soon, I will go to see if there is any enemy around, in the nearby meal, you will be dangerous."

After finishing, he also refused, left here.

After the arrival of Shang Na, Yischo Saso helps a sigh of relief, Shen Sheng: "I thought that the guy was to grab our scroll or something conspiracy, now what does he seem really want to help us? "

"Maybe Carti teacher?"

Chunye Sakura thought for a while, whispered: "My feelings tell, Kasi teacher and his relationship should be good, maybe because Kakasi teacher, will he help us?"

"Have this possibility."

Uchi Skodo has taken a nod to continue: "But we can absolutely can't relax vigilance. In this forest, anyone is our enemy."

The seventh class is still reasonable.

They didn't think about it now, the original navigation has been crazy about them. However, some kind of kindness is released, it is easy to erode their attitude.

Who will refuse a person's kindness?

Even Yushusuo, it is not easy to refuse.

As for the swirls who are sleeping on the ground, this guy is actually a bloody idiot. As long as someone releases goodwill to him, now the Naruto will believe in almost 100%!

After all, in addition to the seventh class, , deer pill, Ding, Japan, the rookie, etc.


The sun gradually fell.

Everything is not out of the original naval, and the big snake pills have also lurked near the seventh class, because he has already seen the body of Sasuke.

Although Suzhi Sasuke's strength talent is more gap compared to Udi Porsche, but it is the best opportunity to write wheeled blood.

However, when the big snake pill saw the original navigation, he didn't care about the face of the three tolerance. He wanted to secretly launch the seventh class again. The big snake pill still wants to make a curse of the next day.

A long snake suddenly slammed out, bite the big snake pill, and also stopped the move of the big snake pill to attack the attack!


The face of the big snake pill is slightly changed, and the long snake is also pulled out, and the people who have manipulated the long snake attack him. After he read the Qing people, his face showed a smile: "Red beans, still use me Teach you to ? "

"Sure enough, big snake pill!"

The Royal Hand Washing the red bean and flying to the side of the big snake pill, and pushed him to a tree, tightly chained his action: "No matter how far, I can smell your smell ..."

At this moment, the smile on the red bean face will never exist.

At this moment, this liked the female niece who took the three-color meatballs, looking at my old days, my face was more complicated and painful.

Just as the big snake pill wanted to smash and said a few words, the Royal hand washed red beans but slammed a bitter in the big snake pills and her own hand: "Big snake pill, this time will never let you escape! Borrow you! Left hand one! "

"Want to use me to teach your tissue, let us two people do? You are my disciple, but I will never change this impulse habit?"

The big snake pills in front of me suddenly turned into a mud disappeared.

Another big snake pill quietly appeared, looking at some horror on his face to wash red beans, extended his palm, stroking her cheeks: "Is it sad? Is it sadd to throw you?"


The face of the royal hand washing red beans is very gloomy and complicated.

Red beans have really hate the teacher to defend, throwing her own one person left in the wooden leaves, greeting other people pointing out some attention, let her live out of pain.

"Cough cough ..."

A young ninja's movie is at the top of the big snake pill and the royal hand, overlooking the actions of the big snake pills to the red bean, I can't help but say: "Masters love? A S-Jing's abuse and love of his little apprentice? Teach me, I also want to learn! "

"Shangyuan Na!"

The face of the big snake pill change, this king is the eggs of the eggs, the soul is not disappeared!

When there is still other people, the ruins of the Royal hand washed the red bean face faded, she slammed the curse of her neck behind her neck, slammed the distance!

She must have her own wooden ninja!

Moreover, she is the main examiner of this in this way.

"Do I not appear here?"

Shang Nai is looking at the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, and Looks and continues: "It turned out that our main examiner and the wooden S-race of the wooden leaves also have this layer of intimate relationship. It is no wonder that he can sneak into this test. ""

"You don't say hello!"

Royal hand washed red beans coldly looked up at the original navigation, cold channel: "Into, here is very dangerous, you can't leave here, I can can't help you! Wait ... You are just a rain, how to know the big snake pill?"

When the Royal Hand Washing Red Beans, I remembered the name of the Shang Snake Pill, she thoroughly responded, turned to the big snake pill, I saw her own old teacher, her face was full of gloomy and vigilant The rain hidden!

This is a bloody idiot that has just been in the collection.