I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 124 will someone surrendered between life and death? (16 more! First order! Subscribe!)

The royal hand washed red beans and picked his eyebrows.

It is clear that she should now be the weakest side, but it is the first to ask: "The big snake pill, do you know this guy?"

"Still so stupid! Red beans."

Big Snake Pill Answer, but looked at the original navigation in cold and looked at the red bean, his face flashed a brutal smile.

"I am very glad to abandon your idiots. For such a long time, you have not changed, I finally realized that some people are stupid is unhappy ..."


Royal hand washed red bean and turned angry!

Shangqi Naqi flying in the side of the royal hand washed the red bean, and slammed the movement of the red bean, pushed the woman to her body.

The original Needs, I feel that the big snake will have some cats.

Throughout the snake pills, he rarely initiates personal attacks on the weak, which deliberately irritates the movement of red beans, it seems that it should not happen.

Shangyuan Nai touched his own chin, laughed: "Big snake pills, do you really hate our primary examine? Such a lovely girl, no more ..."

"But she is too stupid!"

The smile on the face of the big snake pill is more cold: "I actually put you, I and the old man in the old man, the old man in the dead forest ..."

"Yeah, it shouldn't."

Shang Nai nodded, took the shot next to the mantra, the royal hand, which was curse, unable to resist, and whispered: "I will count, I am a heart, I want to become a neutral, but the father and big snake pills can They are not in the exam, they have a conspiracy! "


The royal hand washed red beans, and he looked at the original navigation. "What is your guy!"

"An ordinary rain is hidden."

Shangyuan Na Run, after introducing it, squinting, smiling: "Okay, the main examiner, you leave here! I will help you solve this guy!"

Shang Nai, looked at the royal hand washing red beans, and he didn't want to leave. He got a red bean neck and said: "You have no combat power here, your strength is still so bad, it is better to help me with the three generations of fire and Carti. Aid ... "

Whether it is three-generation rigid or flag-like Kakasi, I know that the original Nairi's iceberg is thinking that he is a kind of rain that is good to leave the leaves.

The Royal Hand Washing the red bean is obvious, some don't believe it, but she doesn't have any power now, staying here is just waiting for death.

Shang Nai fell to shoot the shoulders of red beans, a green rays entered the body of red beans from his palm.

This is the treatment of Stars and Chakra recovery.

According to the original Nakra volume and life energy, the number of people is almost filled with the body of the royal hand washing red beans.

Shangyuan selection treatment of red beans, on the one hand, for brushing, on the other hand, in order to allow the Royal hand to wash red beans to help him say a few words.

"This kind of Chakra!"

The royal hand washed red beans to feel the body's Chakra, and her face was shocked, with Chakra re-suppressed the power of the mantra.

The eyes of the royal hand washed the red beans. I quickly became firm. I turned to the big snake pill: "Hey, I don't leave, I must kill the big snake pill ..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

Mom, this red bean is a bloody idiot!

The expression of the big snake pill is a bit ugly, but his look will become rebound soon, he quietly erected two fingers, a yellow giant snake suddenly appeared, and the Royal hand washed red beans to travel!

The smile on the face of the last navigation is a little meaningful, staring at the big snake pills: "Big Snake Pill, are you afraid that I kill her?"

The big snake pill is so laughing and asking for a sentence: "Nairu Jun did not help her treatment? In case I want to kill her?"

Just at this moment, Dashan Pill did it feel that I have been thinking through my mind.

Shangyuan Na was touched his own chin, slightly, the topic of the royal hand washing red beans: "Well, we don't mention the woman, I will warn you, I will not interfere with what you want to do, but you don't want To bother my tentative exam. "

Nairu ... "

The look of the big snake pill gradually became a little dangerous. His fingers crossed: "You should know that I have a desire to write my eyes, you have interfered my plan ..."


Shangyuan Nairou looked at the big snake pill: "I just accidentally disrupted your plan, what do you want? Do you want to do it?

Friendly reminds, although I am not asked for you, but I am very good at eliminating my enemies directly from the soul level ... "


This fucking is already better than the union!

Big snake pills began to think, he should study some surgeons that can protect the soul. For example, he remembers that the thousand hands seems to be left to have an even fleshy death, and can ban the soul in the body.

Shangyuan Nai leaned against the trunk, looked at the big snake pill: "The big snake pill, I will give you a lot of more ... As for the little guy, wait for me to use him, just how to deal with him."

"How long is this time?"

"Are you very anxious?"

When Shangji lost his big snake pill, his mouth suddenly revealed a smile: "Oh, I understand, you want to use it without corpse to replace the body, right?"

The members of Xiaoyu basically know that the big snake pills have been resected, after all, this is a banner that can prolong life.


The big snake pill does not denial, Shen Sheng: "I need a suitable thing, let me play all the strengths and even further body, Unexpea Sasuke has the most top-eyed eyes, Nairo, Will you miss this opportunity? "

"It doesn't miss it."

Shangqi Nai lost a laughed, looking at the big snake pill opening: "What can you do? How can you cut out? I believe that you will definitely not vent your information, let me catch you in the end of the world. ? "


"Okay, just right!"

Shangji took a look at the big snake pill, and smiled and said: "Pay attention to your own], you are just a traitor I deliberately let go, don't think about it, I will not anger, I will not anger. One more than you. Strong ten times a hundred times of enemies? "

"…I know."

Seeing that the original naval seems to have a sign of turning face, the big snake pill does not hesitate to recognize, he doesn't want to interrupt all the plans now.

The wooden crash plan is the core.

If you want to get Unechebra, you must continue to endure, the big snake pill can not believe in the end of the Testament, you can still stay in the wooden leaves.

Ninja, it is to bear the pain that ordinary people can't endure.

Shang Nai, looking at the figure of the big snake pill quietly disappeared, his face flashed a smell, he was really worried that the big snake pill is turning his face, and it may disrupted his plan.

Just between the must-have, Shangyuan Nairies remembered the death forest, and there seems to have a person who can use.


Shangyuan finally decided to gamble.

Now the pharmacist is really irrelevant to the little chess. If he can make the pharmacist becomes your own, you can guide the big snake pills with the help of the pharmacist.

If the pharmacist will not agree, then simply kill him!

Hey, can you try another way?

Shangnai, I remembered my two skills, and the corner of his mouth revealed. If he killed the pharmacist, he repeatedly recited a few times a few times ...

Will this guy will promise?

Experience a few deaths, maybe he will recognize himself?