I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 125 Dummption of the Pharmacist! (First! Subscribe!)

It's getting late in the sky.

The pharmacist is sitting in a tree.

In accordance with his strength to participate in this kind of tentative exam, it is a pediatric department. He participated in many middle and tentative exams, and only this endurance test suddenly had more dangerous.

The mood of the pharmacist is somewhat.

The overlapping of a card has appeared around the pharmacist. When he was in his heart, he saw the figure of the original Needle.

This is a time-space style!

The pharmacist immediately recorded this information, and the original naval returned this guy and hidden when she was spatied, and she was absolutely be careful about this guy.

"Pharmacist, are you willing to be my spies?"

Shangyuan Needan is not a non-discolvenation, directly open, I will come to Ma Wei: "Goyal to me wholeheartedly, becoming the nails I am ambush."


The pharmacist is thinking about a while, and the original Needar is not the same as the Red Sand, what is the same?

Fortunately, the lake sand sand sand sand in Red sand is broken by the big snake pill, and now he doesn't have to be controlled by the scorpion.

But now I'm asked, I didn't dare to refute him in the pharmacist, but I thought I can take the opportunity to make a double-sided spy, looking back from the original navigation here.

Thinking here, the pain of the pharmacist floated a smile: "Of course, I can become the spy of Needar, is my honor."


Shangyuan Na Roked his head and looked at the pharmacist, looked at his system panel, and suddenly throws a golden Chakra light in the pharmacist.

It is time to post back.

The effect of time inverting is that as long as the pharmacist dies within 5 seconds, he will re-resurrect after death.


Justice the pharmacist looked at the golden light of his body in a witland, and the original Nairi did not reverse his neck!

Behind it is.

The pharmacist who lying down and returned to the life. He touched his neck, and some did not reply to raise his head: "This is ... reflowing? No, my body is normal, this is resurrection!"

The eyes of the pharmacist flashed in the eyes, and he looked up and looked at the original navigation. The voice was a little trembling: "Nai Lu" ... This is really ... Do you really master the sickness of people who can make people who are dead? "

"Roughly the same."

Shangqi's frowning interrupted the drug teacher, waiting for the cooling of his skills, whispered: "You didn't really want to be my department, this is a warning for you, I can let you live, you can die. "


The pharmacist is honest.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai stared tightly, cold channel: "I know your respect for the big snake pill, I will let you do my nails around the big snake pill, not to harm him, but to help him."


The pharmacist looked at the original navigation.

Is it a problem with his ear?

A person plays a nail in another person, is it to help him?

Especially the relationship between the original Na Raoli and the big snake pills cannot be places such as water, but at least there is a big enemy with hatred, how can I help the big snake pill?

Is this bullied by his pharmacist?

However, the pharmacist will find a while, willing to open the mouth: "I believe that Nerat of Needers, I will become the most loyal part of Nairo."


Shangnai Looking at a task on the system panel, the brow wrinkled, whispered: "You wait for a while."


The pharmacist has a full face question mark.

Let him wait for a while, this is what he will wait?

Of course, the cooling of the postal backflow skills!

After Shangyuan Needle, after the cooling of the light, the pharmacket was given a layer of golden Chakra, and the neck of the pharmacist was twisted again!

After that, the pharmacist has re-resurrected again.

This time, the pharmacist paid a resurrection seems to have psychological preparation, and there is nothing fear for death, just feel that he has a pain.

Mood, there is also a bit bad.

The pharmacist looked up at the eyes of the original Needle, more fear and turns, he felt that if he really refused to go to Shangyuan Na, he won't be tortured between life and death.

The original Nairi is bored to look at the pharmacist, whispered: "Want to clear? I didn't want to know you will wait for a while."

"I want to be clear."

The pharmacist looked at the original navigation and looked at the original navigation: "I am willing to become a chess piece of Needar, and I will never betray it for you to monitor the big snake pill."

Wait a minute?

What are you waiting for?

Waiting for death!

"Then you will wait a while."

Shangyuan Na Lu also looked at the recruitment of the label on the system panel, continued: "Take the time for a while, let's talk about it, the big snake pill is looking for a suitable container that does not have a corpse." "


The pharmacist did not open the opening refuting, but the consciousness touched his neck. He didn't understand why he didn't believe him.

At the end of the mother's movement, there is a bit impatient in my heart, and I don't know my meaning directly: "According to the part of the branch of my base, I doubt that the big snake pill didn't go wrong. "

This is not to be twisted.

Since the rushing of the big snake fled, he left the material in Xiaoji, which was locked into the ban in Yuyin Village.

And Xiaonan and long gates do not prohibit him from learning any surgery.

Shangyuan Needa did, but he didn't understand some.

When the pharmacist pocket, I can't help but laugh. I hope that there is a doubt in the eyes of the original Nairi, I can understand the notes of the laboratory this year.

Some pharmacists don't understand them!

What's more, those who have left in the big snake pill must be some wrong ideas. The big snake pill has already gotually abandoned the ideas on the study notes.

Thinking of this, the eyes of the pharmacist flashed the admiration of the big snake pill, because the big snake pills have already improved the surgery without the corpse!

Moreover, the big snake pill has been determined that the reincarnation is successful.

Just when the pharmacist is still admiring the big snake pill, Shangyuan Na Run is directly lost, and then reached out to reverse the neck of the pharmacist: "Time is here, wait for you to resurrect. "

Behind it is.

The pharmacist is not good.

What time is this time?

Why didn't I believe him, I can't believe in him, and I can't change his neck. I can't change my own death. I will make people have a psychological shadow!

In just a few minutes, he has died three times!


When the pharmacist took the resurrection from the ground, Shangyuan Na will drop a reel to the body of the pharmacist.

Shangji fell in the mouth of the pharmacist: "Here is a white body, white is a magical creature, which can simulate anyone Chakra.

I privately fused the experiment in the empty body, it should be able to fusion experiments with any blood, even some powerful blood junctions ... "

When I said here, the eyes of Shangyuan Nai stared tightly, whispered: "This also means that it can integrate the wood, do you understand what I mean?"


The breathing moment of the pharmacist promoted.

Although he suspected that the original Nairi's biological science foundation,

In case of the white in his hand, it is really able to fuse any blood, and it is not possible to get any bloody boundaries of the endurance, and even the blood is eliminated!

"Don't think too much."

Shangji fell to shoot his palm, let the pharmacist touched God: "It is a white body, but you can study it with the big snake pill ...

If the big snake pill really wants to do not have a corpse, he can catch a white, and then reincarn it into the body of the body after training, and the white is not resistant to the reincarnation! "

This method is simply a double carving.

It can solve the help of Daba Pills, and let the big snake pills and black and the sluggish.

As long as they fight, Shangyuan Na will quietly with the name of the big snake pill, there is no hi-born, and it is reversed, reveals the true face!

Mom, he is really a black hand in the scene!